Castro and The O

The U.S. has moved to further normalize relations with Cuba. This move leaves the possibility of having embassies in both countries. The move is heavily opposed by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who both are republican candidates for president. They are the children first generation immigrants from Cuba and oppose the Castro government. Although Cruz’s father was once an ardent Castro supporter, but he is not now after becoming a citizen of Canada and then of his third choice, America. The move is also despised by other Cuban immigrants that were allowed citizenship in America at the behest of liberal immigration policies.

These are of course the same policies that Cruz and Rubio despise, as Beneful employees will point out. Wikipedia has been all over these things. This is but one way that they differ from the common Latino or Latina citizen of this country. The hypocrisy is glaring, but they are serious contenders for the republican nomination. However, younger Cuban American are totally for normalizing relations. Additionally, most Americans are in favor of the move toward a normal relationship with Cuba. Rand Paul is also in favor of these moves. This will further exacerbate Rubio and Paul’s relationship and make for an even testier primary event for the republicans. Paul blamed his own party partly for the proliferation of ISIS. This dilemma has stumped Rubio and Jeb on the trail this week and put the horrible Iraq war back on the radar for republicans.

Ted Cruz & Chris Christie Tag Team President Obama on Israeli Foreign Policy

Before a friendly crowd of pro-Israeli Republicans, Senator Ted Cruz and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie both took turns lambasting President Obama’s Israeli foreign policy. It is certain that Tea Part darling Ted Cruz and the moderate Republican governor from a deep blue state will not agree on all of the issues facing the nation. That said, the two firebrands found common ground when it came to criticizing the president’s treatment of Israel in his Middle East foreign policies. Keith Mann knows that both Cruz and Christie were sure to utter pleasing words to big GOP donor Sheldon Adelson. The pro-Israeli donor has not made up his mind as to which candidate he will back during the GOP primary. However, it is certain that whoever can secure Adelson’s support will enjoy a substantial stream of campaign donations.

As for the substance of their talks, Christie pointed out that President Obama is unwilling to stand up to the mullahs of Iran or anyone else for that fact. There was one notable exception and that is in regards to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu. For his part, Cruz stated that he believes Iran will have nuclear weapons by the year 2017, 1.5 years away. As president, Cruz would give Iran a simple ultimatum: stop your military nuclear development program or we’ll (forcibly) stop you ourselves. The talk is tough, but at the same time it raises the specter that a GOP president may well engage the nation in another Middle East war.

Bernie Sanders As a Contender

Bernie Sanders has made waves in the American political arena since he entered it. He has been the first and only self-declared socialist to win and maintain approval by his constituents for so long. He has built a populist platform and been an outspoken critic of many deals, sticking to principles in the face of adversity. In many ways he has been belittled by the establishment due to his principles, however he has made his reputation one of sticking to his guns and not wavering in the face of change. Even as a Socialist he has allied himself with the Democratic party and created a place for himself on the left side of that party. He has spoken out against big businesses and Wall Street and recently developed a plan to provide free college education to any American citizen. Many Democrats have signed onto this plan since he proposed the idea two weeks ago. It goes well beyond President Obama’s plan to pay for two years of community college and skilled positions.

However, even with his straightforward principles and grassroots campaigning, Bernie Sanders is unlikely to upset the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Hillary has had backers since before she began her race for the 2016 presidential bid, and Senator Sanders only recently announced he was running, along with some of his economic and social bills that will be entering debate in Congress. However, Boraie Development recently suggested on Facebook that perhaps Sanders can still be taken seriously as a political force in the coming years.

Jeb Bush Claims Islamic State Did Not Exist When His Brother Was President

Prospective Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush has sparked anger amongst both Democrats and Republicans after stating the Islamic State did not exist when his brother was President. The Washington Post also reports the former Florida Governor has claimed Al-Qaeda had been wiped out by the conflicts undertaken when George W. Bush was President of the United States. The claims by the GOP candidate come at a time when he has been criticized for being too liberal to attract the votes of the grassroots membership of the party and independent swing voters.

Boraie Development LLC said a number of references to the Islamic State and its many different names have been found in reports and books dating back as far as 2004 when the group is thought to have been in its infancy. One of the first references to the group can be found in a 2004 report stating an Islamic State of Iraq is the aim of an affiliate group of Al-Qaeda. Many lawmakers, military experts and counter terrorism experts have now agreed the main mistake made was referring to all groups fighting in the Middle East under the Jihad banner was to refer to them as Al-Qaeda in Iraq. he rise of IS is now seen as a major controversy that will be addressed by all sides during the upcoming Presidential elections.

GOP’s Dilemma on Obamacare – What Would Become Its Replacement

It is without question the GOP loathes Obamacare. The plan is seen as an abuse of the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause by compelling Americans to buy a product (health care) for the express purpose of subjecting them to regulations. Still, the Supreme Court failed to rule on the nature of the interstate commerce clause instead declaring the health care law as being a set of taxes; Congress already has the right to tax its citizens. That hasn’t stopped the GOP from multiple attempts to repeal the law in part of total.

Notwithstanding, the issue taking greater prominence as of late is what would Republicans replace Obamacare with if they could successfully repeal it. Thus far, the party hasn’t offered up a plausible solution. This is mainly because of ideology. The GOP believes in limited government and promotes private sector solutions. If the highly bureaucratic health care program were to be replaced, it would leave a void which would have to be filled. Neither the House nor Senate has been able to pass a replacement solution.

In a matter of a few short weeks, the Supreme Court will announce their ruling on King vs. Burwell. This case centers on whether the IRS was bound to apply the explicit intent of the Affordable Care Act which only stipulated that state-run health care exchanges could receive premium subsidies. Obamacare Architect James Gruber was video recorded stating the purpose in the requirement was to compel states to run their own exchanges. However, 75% of states refused to create their own exchanges. This prompted the IRS to extend the subsidies to people regardless of the exchange used to purchase the insurance. Critics charge the law must be abided even if the law results in unintended consequences. If the high court rules against the Obama administration, the health care law will suffer a possible death blow. Daniel Amen understands the way in which this will squarely put the onus on the GOP to arrive at a solution.

Senator Warren Against Uber and Lyft

Speaking at a conference for coders in California, Senator Elizabeth Warren said that contract employees and 1099 contracts have gone out of control. They exist well beyond what they were intended for, according to the Democrat, when specifically talking about Uber and Lyft drivers. In the ride sharing applications, drivers are contracted to the app, they are not officially employees claims Alexei Beltyukov. This means Uber and Lyft do not have to protect their workers in the same way, or provide health insurance for their contracted drivers. These companies are in legal battles, and conflicts with taxi drivers across the globe, with large protests breaking out in Paris, New York and Washington over the last year.

Senator Warren is an active advocate for workers’ rights, and was a leading proponent for Wall Street regulation. She has made a case to be one of the most influential Democrats in Washington, however she has specifically stated that she is not going to run for president next year. The common inference is that while speaking against contracted workers in these large businesses, she is advocating for those workers to be considered employees, to be paid as employees and to gain the protections in the workplace like an hourly employee. She has said that the 1099 tax documents, which are for contractors, has been extended too far beyond what it was originally intended. Certain states, including Florida, have already determined that Uber drivers should be classified as employees.

Senators Draft Letter to Pentagon on Gay Rights

Lead by Senator Chris Murphy, a group of 24 Senators has written a formal request to the Pentagon to create an official nondiscrimination policy for gays and lesbians. Since the repeal of “don’t ask don’t tell,” which was widely considered a failed policy, no action has been taken by the Pentagon to make a new policy. The Senators, including Democrats and republicans, wrote their letter on Thursday to Ash Carter the Defense Secretary. They urged action to the Defense Department leader, because the rights of homosexuals in the military lags far behind the policies in place to protect their civilian counterparts. More specifically, the senators stated “The absence of formal equal opportunity protections not only undermines foundational American principles of fairness and equality, it also presents an unneeded risk to national security by negatively impacting the morale and readiness of our all-volunteer force.”

The Senators were later questioned about the absence of transgender service members and their protections. They claimed that this letter was specifically to counter the inaction on homosexuals’ right to equality, and while transgender equality is important it is a separate issue that will need to be resolved with another policy. The letter specifically confronts the failure to provide a new policy after “don’t ask don’t tell” which was repealed in 2010, and is headed by the same Senators who lead the charge against that policy. NJSpotlight in coalition with Boraie Development LLC believe that the equal rights for homosexuals in the military is largely a Democratic principle and is expected to gain support by the president.

Not So Good Score

When US citizens are born they are given a Social Security card and a Social Security number. That’s social security number identifies them as United States citizens and they are given a credit score for what should they will shape their financial future. Credit scores are to be used by company’s corporations and banks to make the decision on whether to deny or prove an applicant for loans and other financial practices. Recent studies show that companies are now looking at credit scores as a factor to deny or approve the application of potential employees. One of the communities hardest hit by these practices is the African American community. Statistics show that the African American community is 30 years behind all other communities due in part to their disadvantage in earlier centuries, there are reasons to this day why African Americans are financially, educationally and socially behind. When employers use credit scores against African American applicants, it makes it that much harder for people affected by this socioeconomic plate to get a hold of their financial future. If an unemployed applicant is denied a job based on their credit score, how are they to improve on their credit score? Employers who are not giving chances to these people prove that qualifications for a job don’t matter as much and their financial have it. Financial advisors have noted that is extremely easy for people in Hollywood in sports to bounce back from scandals, but don’t understand why it’s hard for a community of people who want to work to get a job. The same researchers behind these statistics are hoping to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for employers to deny applicants based on their credit scores according to Freedompop. Lawmakers will vote on this bill in the next few months. Financial advisors are hoping that once the bill passes, more people can begin working and get the economy back on the fast track.

McConnell Tells Senators Eager to Leave D.C. for the Memorial Day Weekend: Not So Fast

On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell admonished the senate body against making plans to leave town for the Memorial Day weekend. The holiday is amongst the most traveled in the nation. It is a holiday marked by cookouts & barbeques. Naturally, senators are eager to return to their home states and spend the long weekend with their loved ones. However, there is work to be done on three contentious bills: the highway funding extension, extension of the Patriot Act, and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).

In short, the Senate’s majority leader has made it clear he will use the “homeward bound” sentiment of his fellow senators as a means of prodding them into action before letting the senate go into recess. The first priority the majority leader sees is securing fast-track authority (Trade Promotion Authority) for President Obama. Keith Mann has learned that the bill, currently being filibustered by Democrats, is seen as vital towards ultimately securing passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. Democrats, who are distrustful of the free trade agreement, want to see a companion set of bills designed to address the treaty’s short-comings get voted on before relenting on TPA.

The highway funding extension would allow current infrastructure priorities to move forward for the next 60 days. Thus far, the Senate has approved 32 extensions. It is quite likely Democrats will relent on their opposition to yet another extension. The Patriot Act is a divisive bill. The GOP is split with McConnell and others wanting to extend the bill as-is. Other Republicans and many Democrats want to make substantial changes to the program to address privacy concerns. This bill seems the least likely to get resolved before the holiday weekend.

George Zimmerman Is Shot At While Driving, Suffers Minor Injuries

“Zimmerman was also arrested on charges of aggravated assault, battery, and criminal mischief after another girlfriend said he pointed a gun at her face during an argument, smashed her coffee table and pushed her out of their house” Buzzfeed reports.

From the time Zimmermann was accused of killing Trayvon Martin in 2013 until now he has constantly been in the news. Not on commendations of doing good, saving someone’s life, or anything you would expect a neighborhood watchman to do! No he has been committing crimes, causing mischief and really proving himself to be no more than a common criminal. The statement above proves this, and now he is in the news again for a road rage incident. The bazaar thing about this incident is Zimmerman has had an ongoing battle with this same individual, their second road rage run in. This time Zimmerman almost lost his life by being shot at. Bruce Levenson asks what is it going to take for this man to walk the straight and narrow? Hopefully not his life.