Dems Still Chasing Clinton

It is for certain in politics that when you are the front runner people will stop at nothing to bring you down and boost their own image in the mind of voters. With that being said, I have to wonder what voters are truly thinking when Hillary Clinton is the front runner and Bernie Sanders is actually gaining ground on her in second place. Neither one of them is truly qualified to hold the highest public office in our government. Neither one is below the Social Security retirement age. Both are handy socialists at heart, Sanders more admittedly so than Clinton. Sanders does have one problem Clinton doesn’t have getting his name on the democratic primary ballet in New Hampshire. You see in that state you actually have to be a registered Democrat, something he could never actually commit to doing and the reason he was the Independent Senator from Vermont.

But then again many voters are probably asking what about Lincoln Chaffee and Martin O’Malley? Since they both have announced their intentions for running, neither one of them has been heard from since then. It is almost like the announced and went immediately into hiding. Not something either one of them can afford to do given the huge lead Clinton has over them. Chaffee has a lot of the same issues Sanders does, he just recently decided he was a Democrat. While O’Malley has great credentials, but needs to be polling better to gain more financial backing prior to the primaries.

NBC Tells Trump ‘You’re Fired’

Monday, NBC Universal announced that it was ending the relationship with businessman and Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

NBC will no longer be airing both beauty pageants or “The Apprentice.”

Folks at Boraie Development (pressofatlanticcity) have learned that NBC sister station, Univision had put the pressure on to end their relationship with Trump, which was much easier to do since airing Trump programs would unfairly give him more air time and it appears to be a conflict of interest for NBC and the presidential candidate.

Trump was in Chicago for a speaking engagement at the City Club of Chicago and met with reporters. “I had a great relationship with them (NBC) but the network did not want me to submit my candidacy because they’d rather I commit to ‘The Aprentice’,” he told reporters.

Perhaps a bit of spin in that statement?

“With regard to my statements on immigration, which are correct, they (NBC) has taken a different position and that’s OK. I’ve had a great working relationship with the network,” he added.

Initially, NBC merely distanced themselves from the real estate mogul, issuing a statement that Trump’s opinions were his and his alone and not a representation of NBC’s, but with Trump’s candidacy, it made it easy for NBC to pull the plug, since the extra airtime could have been viewed as favoritism.

All the exposure is really giving Trump more publicity, and in the end, if NBC doesn’t run the highly successful ‘The Apprentice’, another cable network surely will.

Elizabeth Warren May Campaign with Bernie Sanders

Although popular US Senator Elizabeth Warren declined to embrace her supporters’ calls to run for President, the American public may be seeing more of Warren along the Presidential campaign trail. Warren recently hinted she may help Bernie Sanders on the road to the Democratic primary.

Warren’s non-commital response to a question about campaigning with the candidate Sanders could reflect concerns about Sanders and his potential for victory. Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination.

Many believe victory in the Democratic primary is Hillary Clinton’s to lose. That hasn’t diminished enthusiasm for the Sanders campaign. Warren noted in her interview that Sanders is “out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about.”

Flavio Maluf said that those discussions could be fueling the Sanders campaign. Polling in the early campaign battleground of New Hampshire found Sanders carving into Clinton’s lead. Clinton leads Sanders in current polling by less than 10 points.

The Fine Print

The Supreme Court upheld two different cases, but with reasoning that most pundits missed. The rulings are telling within the intended purpose of the Supreme Court, but also in the conservative, partisan justices that dissented in both the Obamacare case and the gerrymandering case in Arizona. The spirit of the law is the constitutionally accepted course for official legislation. Currently, republicans and conservatives that cannot accept laws that were officially passed by legislatures at both the state and federal level are attempting to thwart these laws by utilizing small grammatical errors in very small portions of the written laws to effectively strike them down based on technicalities. The dissenting justices have all written briefs and opinions exalting the constitutionality involved in the spirit of the law concept.

This prevents grammatical and spelling errors from circumventing the legislative process by considering what the writers intended instead of what grammatical errors may make it seem. As Mann knows well, the entire Supreme Court respects the spirit of the law, and it is also why all legal minds were stunned when the Supreme Court took the extraordinary step to circumvent lower court rulings and hear the Obamacare case based on four words within the entire law which is thousands of pages long. The Arizona case was also based on a very small group of words within thousands of pages. Had the frivolity prevailed, 7 million people would have lost their healthcare, and millions would have lost their voting rights.

The Nightmare Is Finaly Over With The Capture Of Escaped Convict David Sweat

New York State Police shot the escaped convicted murderer David Sweat near the Canadian border on Sunday. Sweat is listed in critical condition at the Albany Medical Center. In a news conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated the nightmare is finally over.

Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility over three weeks ago with Richard Matt. Matt was killed by law enforcement two days ago in Malone, about 40 miles away from the prison and about six miles south of where Sweat was shot. Authorities believe they were attempting to cross the Canadian border.

Sgt. Jay Cook spotted Sweat in the town of Constable, less than six miles from the Canadian border. He thought Sweat looked suspicious and ordered him to “freeze”. When Sweat did not stop, Sgt. Cook shot him twice in the torso to stop him from running into the tree line.

The escape of Sweat and Matt is the first escape in over 100 years. Governor Cuomo stated anyone found to have cooperated in this escape will be fully prosecuted. He further added these men were really dangerous men and they could not tolerate them being on the run.

The extensive search for these two began on June 6 when they were able to cut holes in the backs of their cells with power tools. Folks at Amen Clinic have learned that there has been an arrest of two prison workers in connection with this escape. An instructor, Joyce Mitchell worked in the prison’s tailor shop and had been planning to be the getaway driver for the two, but got cold feet. Gene Palmer, a prison guard was also arrested for promoting prison contraband. Palmer says he allowed the prisoners out of their cells and provided them with supplies, but never thought they could escape.

Members of the nearby communities have expressed their thanks to the many law enforcement members who have spent the last three weeks away from their families to track these dangerous men.

Rand Paul Wants The Government To Get Out Of The Marriage Business

Brad Reifler tells us that Rand Paul recently said the founding fathers went to their local courthouse to marry not to Washington D.C., so the government and the Supreme Court should stay out of the marriage issue. Paul said marriage is a contract between two people, and the Supreme Court is picky when it comes to granting equal contract rights. He said contracts regarding wages were not treated the same way by the court or government. He said the government is stepping on religious liberties by lifting the ban on same-sex marriages, and that is wrong.

Rand believes that the Supreme Court is changing the definition of marriage. Paul also believes that the government’s intent is only to tax marriage, regulate it, and redefine it.

States like Alabama want to get out of the marriage business. Some lawmakers in Alabama are calling marriage a contract between two people. Rand agrees with that, and he thinks that should be the direction for all states. Paul believes the states should make marriage decisions as long as the states protect the right of all citizens.

The Standoff in Texas

The country is still reeling from last Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court justices decided that it was unconstitutional to deny gay and lesbian Americans the right to marry. While much of the country is celebrating and rejoicing in the decision, there are still incredibly vocal citizens who are voicing their disdain on the matter. Whether or not American citizens agree with the decision, the law is the law. It has been noted that several large counties in Texas are refusing to obey the request of the Texas Attorney Generaland are handing out marriage licenses anyway. On Friday these counties began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples hours after the US Supreme Court’s ruling. The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, told county clerks and justices to wait for his direction in handing out the licenses. State District Judge Dennise Garcia did not wait to the Attorney General’s orders and came back from vacation early to officiate the ceremony of George Harris and Jack Evans. 82-year-old George Harris and 85-year-old Jack Evans have been together for 55 years noted Amen Clinics. Harris and Evans are credited with founding the North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir is among many of the officials who have decided to defy the Attorney General and hand out licenses instead of stalling for time. It is unsure how the Attorney General will respond to these incidents.

Pitcairn Island Legalizes Gay Marriage

Pitcairn Island is located in the South Pacific, and it’s so tiny that it only has 48 people living there. It seems like a small slice of heaven on earth, but it would depend on who you ask. Although the island has no gay people at all, they have legalized marriage equality, and gay couples can get married on the island if they want to. Island Legalizes Gay Marriage. The island had planned on releasing this information to the general public via social media, but they were having technical difficulties doing so.

Now that they have legalized gay marriage, anyone who wants to visit the tiny island, they can go there and get married in a beautiful tropical setting. The island is 3000 miles from New Zealand, and it doesn’t even have its own airport. All of the island is extremely beautiful and quaint, and implies that it is still making strides that many places which are several times bigger have not made. States in the USA still have yet to legalize gay marriage, so why has this tiny island that’s unheard of, legalized it?

Many may say that the island is trying to get more tourists, but even if that’s the case, they are still making a great statement. An island that has no homosexual at all, they’ve chosen to accept them with open arms, whether they are getting married or not, so what about the rest of the world?

Jindal Makes Excellent Point

In most areas of the world, people are described by their national status. Yet, in the United States, people are labelled with terms like “Caucasian-American,” “African-American,” “Indian-American,” et cetera. One of the current Republican presidential hopefuls, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, emphasized his problem with these labels during a campaign speech on Wednesday, June 24th:

Jindal stated that we are all “Americans” and that people in the U.S. should not be identified by their “origin, ethnicity or wealth.”

Although some people online took his comments to mean that he does not have pride in his heritage as a son of Indian parents, many political experts, historians and journalists agree that the strange way in which Americans label themselves should be considered as outdated as flying a Confederate battle flag. After all, one of the biggest reasons that divisions over race still exist in the United States is because there is so much emphasis placed on people from different ethnic backgrounds presenting themselves as a combination of their ethnicity and American status rather than as simply “Americans.”

People in several ethnic groups, especially many African-Americans, Irish-Americans and Asian-Americans, feel that it is absolutely necessary for these labels because it empowers them and raises them above their previous status in this country. MarketWired and Brad Reifler say it is fairly obvious that instead of promoting ethnic and national pride, these labels place too much focus on dividing Americans by their differences.

AnastasiaDate: Connecting Couples Worldwide

Anastasia Date, a premium international dating portal, is the next generation of modern romance. As society becomes more mobile and the internet breaks down cultural barriers, developing relationships across borders has become an exciting and viable option for many single men tired of the stressful American dating scene. With approximately six thousand marriages a year, the company takes great pride in its success rate in finding love interests for their clients abroad.

Founded in 1993 by a Russian woman in an international marriage of her own, the company began as a specialty tour operator shuttling American men to meet Russian women after the Wall collapsed. After ten years of steady growth, CrunchBase indicates that Anastasia Date entered the online world and soon expanded their Eastern European focus to embrace complementary websites featuring Latino, Asian, and African beauties. With the recent launch of free mobile apps for iTunes and Google Play, Anastasia Date’s cutting-edge dating service allows interested parties a streamlined, effortless way to browse profiles, share photos, and engage in live chats from their choice of over 20,000 women abroad.

To further encourage burgeoning relationships, the online dating portal provides multiple additional services. The website has links through which flowers and gifts can be sent to preferred matches. Anastasia date holds tight to their roots as a romance tour operator by continuing to organize yearly social activities on 3 different continents. Since cross-cultural conversations can frequently slip into lifelong relationships, travel, lodging and translation services are also available for individuals, should clients of anastasia date wish to meet their potential life partners face-to-face.

With over twenty years focused on supporting international dating, Anastasia Date continues to lead the pack in facilitating overseas connections. Currently, over 4 million users in 110 countries take advantage of the service to seek beyond national borders for that one beautiful, exotic, perfect match. According to Lawrence Cervantes, Anastasia Date’s CCO, the company strives to keep in step with the evolving world of online dating “so that Anastasia Date can match the lifestyle of our users.”