Eric Pulier and the Astonishing Growth of CSC

Computer Sciences Corporation was founded in 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones to offer information technology services for various federal government agencies. In the early 1960s, CSC was regarded as a dominant force in the IT sector and identified as the largest software corporation in the US. In 1963, CSC made history by becoming the first business of its kind to be added to the American Stock Exchange.

Since the 1960s, CSC has been on the forefront of technological services for the US government and for the commercial sector. The company has gained a reputation for hiring the best and brightest minds in the IT industry. In the modern era, CSC is a global leader for providing a wide range of IT services, such as cloud computing, cybersecurity, application development, mobile computing, data analytics and the outsourcing of computer professionals.

As a multinational corporation, CSC services over 2,000 clients in 70 countries that span across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. The success of CSC is hinged on a sizable staff of over 90,000 people that are dispersed throughout the globe. Despite its wide array of services and locations, roughly 36 percent of CSC’s revenue is generated from federal contracts, like the Office of Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense.

A major contributor to the success of CSC is CEO Eric Pulier who was considered a genius at an early age after he demonstrated an ability to write computer programs while he was in the fourth grade. While in high school, Pulier started his first computer business and excelled as a student, which landed him at Harvard University where he graduated magna cum laude. Pulier has gained worldwide recognition for being a generous philanthropists and for funding charity organizations that benefit disadvantaged communities, physically impaired youth and a number of healthcare initiatives worldwide.

Mr. Pulier has been recognized for his charitable acts and for his advanced knowledge of the IT sector by world leaders. For example, he was appointed by former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore to organize and manage a multi-day showcase of technological progress and projections for the not-so-distant future. The exhibition was hosted on the National Mall in Washington, DC and it was attended by thousands of people, which included members of congress, the senate and the US Supreme Court. The event highlighted the relationship between technology and various industries, such as space exploration, education, government, the environment and more. The occasion included a live feed from the US Space Shuttle, which allowed event participants to interact with the space shuttle astronauts. He also writes for TheCrimson.

Since the inception of CSC nearly 60 years ago, the company has lead the IT industry into the 21st century with innovative concepts and smart, hard working employees. CSC has garnered an honorable reputation within the IT industry for its tradition of excellence. The company has demonstrated an ability to successfully evolve with technology for over five decades. For example, in the 1960s CSC focused on government contracts; in the 1970s, the company expanded its services into the commercial sector; in the 1980s, the company became a global competitor; in the 1990s, CSC was a global leader for outsourcing; and in the modern era, CSC is a Fortune 500 company that is advancing mobile technology and cloud computing.

CEDC Building up Newark

For years, citizens were moving out of Newark. Some were heading for the suburbs in order to get away from the downtown area of the city. Others were moving out in order to head further south for warmer weather. For one reason or another, people were just leaving the area. While not unique to Newark, city council members knew they had to do something in order to stop the trend and to not only retain the current residents but to build upon the residents in place. More residents means more tax dollars, which means more services the city can provide in order to lure additional residents. It is all about a snowball effect. It might start out small, but eventually it is possible to boost numbers to the point of increasing the city population once again. To do this, the city tired to Kevin Seawright and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, or CEDC, in order to built the downtown back up and bring residents back into the heart of the city.

On his Mashable, Kevin Seawright knew in order to bring in residents back to the city it needed two things: new businesses and new housing options. The businesses within the city had been around for years, yet most of the spaces available for businesses remained open lots. Business owners just didn’t want to move into the outdated business spaces where residents were moving out at the same pace, if not faster. So, Kevin followed suit with some of the other major cities throughout the midwest and the Rustbelt area for attracting more residents to the city. It went into construction and renovating new buildings where it was a multi-purpose construction.

A multi-purpose construction typically has business based area on the bottom floor, it might have office space on the second and third floor and then residential space at the top floor. This way, it attracts everyone. This kind of plan started to work with the Newark CEDC as more and more businesses started to open up shop in these spaces. It also started to attract residents as the buildings not only offered direct access to some exceptional businesses, but it also provided a great way to improve amenities, thanks to the services provided by the buildings. Since then, Kevin Seawright and the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has seen a growth in population and a return by some of the previous residents.

Yeonmi Park’s Dramatic Escape From North Korea, To Be Told At Depauw University

This morning I was enjoying my first cup of coffee and checking the news, when I came across this story on about human rights activist Yeonmi Park, and her upcoming visit to Depauw University. For those of you unaware her story, she escaped the brutal, totalitarian dictatorship of North Korea. Her upcoming book will catalog her emotional escape from the most punishing regime currently on the planet. This comes ahead of her book release, now available for preorder on Amazon.

The telling of stories like hers on The Guardian is vitally important. They help to shed even more light on just how terrible it is in North Korea. It is known how barbaric the regime is, particularly among women, but what is missing are more personal accounts of defection. Yeonmi Park will supply this much needed story. Her heroism, despite her enormous disadvantages, is something to be looked at with awe. Personally, I cannot fathom, even in the darkest recesses of my mind, just what this magnificent women had to go through on a daily basis. The visit at Depauw will be a lecture, with question and answer session to follow. It will be a night of heartfelt sorrow, followed by cheers of happiness as her dream of escaping her homeland becomes reality.

She says on her website, simply enough, that her dream of defecting began by watching the James Cameron movie, The Titanic. Almost all movies produced in the west are banned in North Korea, and this movie was no exception. The idea that a man would sacrifice himself for the love of a women was a completely foreign concept to Park. A dramatic escape including, eluding capture from Chinese authorities, and the eventual reunion with her sister, are just the warm up parts of her story.

Yeonmi Park will be the youngest speaker in the history of the Ubben Lecture series. She shares the stage with such notables as: Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Tony Blair, Ralph Nader, and General Colin Powell. These events are always free to attend, and open to anyone who wishes to come. Ms. Park, at the young age of 21, is blossoming into one of the world’s leading human rights activists. Come and share her story. She has gone through so much, and all she wants to do is give back, wanting nothing in return. It will definitely be a memorable night, October 5, at Depauw University,

Highland Capital Management Creates a New Vision of Investment

Apart from traditional banking, investment banking is usually a big mystery for non-economists. People know it is important in some way, but they are not sure what investment banks or institutions perform.
No matter whether these institutions finance large projects, or perhaps, sell companies, sometimes conduct mergers and acquisitions, or offer asset management and brokerage services, the impact they produce on the world we live in, is, in one word – enormous.
Highland Capital Management is a prominent financial company, established in 1993 in Dallas and specialized in credit investments. Now, it holds the offices in the United States, Singapore and London. The company successfully manages hedge funds, structured investment and distressed investment funds and, in preference, invests in hedging markets, global public equity, fixed income, etc. This company literally developed the so called Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market and credit oriented solutions for many institutions. Apart from that, the company offers plenty of other prosperous products, like institutional separate accounts, private equity funds, mutual and hedge funds, real estate investment trust and exchange traded funds. The annual report of Highland Capital Management from December 31st 2014, shows approximately $18.7 billion of assets under the company’s management.

However, the person in charge of this notable company is definitely Mr. James Dondero. This man has more than thirty years of background in the credit and equity markets, mainly focused on high-yield and distressed investing.
With his colleague Mark Okada, Mr. Dondero is a co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, and also the founder and president of NexPoint Advisors, L.P. and a chairman of NexBank. Actually, Highland Capital Management, NexPoint Advisors and NexBank are all affiliates of one institution – NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. In addition, he is a chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and also employed as a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios.
Mr. Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia in the United States, with eminent honors and started his career as a trainee in Morgan Guaranty Trust Company. Now, he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and has earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
Additionally, his portfolio management background includes emerging markets, derivatives, mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporates, leveraged bank loans, common and preferred stocks.
Many of the world’s most successful organizations and corporations rely on Mr. Dondero’s respectability as a global manager in investment banking. His consulting and capital-raising services are recognized as being among the best in the business world. But, most importantly, when it comes to his personal life, this man is a well-known philanthropist and is actively involved in many non-profit projects and supports many areas in social and public fields.

Citadel LLC; World Renowned Financial Iinstitution

Citadel is one of the world’s largest global financial institutions. It was established in the year 1990 by successful businessman and philanthropist Ken Griffin. It is based in Chicago, Illinois and has additional branch offices in New York City; San Francisco, California, Boston, Massachusetts; Hong Kong; London; Houston, Texas; Toronto; and Greenwich, Connecticut.
Citadel LLC manages hedge funds in addition to client focused portfolios to its numerous clients around the world. Its long success as a hedge fund can be seen in the fact that Citadel is in fact one of the only three percent of hedge funds globally that have continually existed for over 20 years. The firm invests in stocks of companies that operate across diverse sectors. It makes its fixed income investments mortgage-backed securities as well as government bonds. It also invests in commodities, derivatives such as reverse repurchase agreements, repurchase agreements interest rate swaps as well as futures and options as part of its alternative investments.
To make its investments, Citadel employs numerous strategies that include credit arbitrage, event driven and structured credit strategies. This has seen the firm’s capital market platforms and hedge funds deliver satisfactory and meaningful results to top investors all over the world, which include foundations, public institutions, and also sovereign wealth funds and corporate pensions among others. In order to create its investment portfolio, it employs an amalgamation of fundamental and quantitative analysis with a bottom-up stock picking strategy. This has seen Citadel achieve immense success and as of May 2015, it is one of the largest asset managers in the world, ranking globally as the eleventh largest fund manager.
The CEO of Citadel is Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin, a successful businessman and philanthropist. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.
He is also the founder of the company, and has led it all the way from inception to its current success. Mr. Griffin has made various philanthropic ventures including sponsoring the scholarships for students attending Harvard, from Illinois and Europe and also for students that attend some four designated prep schools in Chicago. He recently made a large contribution of $150 million to Harvard, which was mostly for scholarships. In recognition of this historic gift to Harvard College, the institution officially renamed its financial aid office in honor of Ken Griffin’89. He has also invested $10 million in the Griffin Early Childhood Centre in Chicago Heights.
Mr. Griffin is also a member of a number of business organizations such as G100, the Economic Club of Chicago and the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago. He also actively supports cultural and civic institutions of Chicago and is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Chicago, the Museum of Contemporary art as well as the Whitney Museum.

How CCMP Keeps its Game on the High

The global economy has changed and the new trends coming up in the market have created an unmatched necessity for capital management strategies. This is where individuals like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital comes in. he is the founder of the CCMP Capital a financial advisory company that deals with capital management among other financial services. The death of the respected financial adviser came as a surprise and it saddened most of his admirers and colleagues. However, he has left a legacy that will remain in the lives and hearts of people and generations to come. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on linkedin was well known for his ambitious personality and among his achievements while serving as the CEO at CCMP he drove the company to great heights of achievements.

CCMP is a capital management company as aforementioned and it has been in the industry for several years now gathering unbeatable experience in the field. The company deals with financial issues in big companies and corporations with its list of clientele including governments. The company was founded in 1984 but at that time it was branded differently from its current brand name. Before settling for the current name, the company has gone through a number of changes in terms its brand name assuming a new name depending on its current owner. This means that CCMP has gone through a series of different ownership.

One of the greatest reputation of CCMP is in the way the company treats its employees. The company has actually made the great strides in terms of development due to the policy that the management has adopted regarding innovations and new idea. Employees are allowed to be creative and apply their innovative ideas. This kind of support gives employees the morale to be innovative and it also gives them the assurance that their ideas are valued. One of the greatest ways to yield the maximum potential from your employees is by making them develop a sense of ownership.

CCMP has grown to become one of the most respected companies in world and the company is currently the most reputable capital investment and financial adviser there is. This has been possible due to the company’s policy on research. The company has a team of dedicated researchers who keep looking for investment opportunities in the global and local economies. This helps the company to cease and react fast to any upcoming opportunities hence enhancing its success in the industry. Opportunities come once in a lifetime and they are only accessed by the vigilant few who keep watch of the trends in the market. With such an understanding, CCMP keeps a regular search on investment opportunities to make sure that the company is the first to know of any new markets or deals.

Services Provided At Highland Capital Management As Envisioned By James Dondero

The essence of any business is to make profits. With the growth of the investment industry, there has been an increase in the demand for investment services and products. Highlands Capital Management is an investment manager. Its function incorporates management of accounts as pooled investment vehicle. Besides managing accounts, the entity provides investment services to insurance companies, foundations, investment corporations and individuals with a high net worth. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has been involved in managing structured investment vehicles, hedge funds, mutual funds and structured investment vehicles. The leadership of the company emphasizes on the use of research driven and value based approaches in making the best possible decisions in investment matters.
Highland Capital Management is known for offering multiple equity strategies that are geared towards achieving equity-like returns that have low risks. Through its balanced and disciplined approach towards investments, the corporation has managed to generate strong and consistent outcomes in different market environments. Its alternative equity strategies are anchored on risk management and preservation of capital. The macroeconomic data and the existing risk buckets determine how the portfolio manager will make capital allocations.
Since inception in 1993, the corporation has pioneered the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The firm has been on the forefront of designing and developing innovative products and services aimed at providing credit solutions to the diverse client portfolio. The investment firm has been involved in seeking to achieve great returns from real estate debts and equity. In order to provide better services to its real estate clients around the globe, Highland Capital Management has been creating innovative financing options that meet the needs of their consumers. The corporation functions through different subsidiaries with the view of ensuring that its services reach most consumers in the market besides allowing such subsidiaries to specialize in one area of service provision.
James Dondero is credited with co-founding Highland Capital Management. Currently, he serves as the president of the investment firm. His position at the firm has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the corporation. He is responsible for making determinations and ensuring that the strategic investment and operational excellence are achieved. The University of Virginia graduate boasts of experience spanning three decades. His vast experience has seen him chair different boards like the MGM Studios and the American Banknote Corporation. At the Protective Life’s GIC, Dondero served as the chief investment officer. Between 1989 and 1993, Dondero played a key role in growing the business concept of GIC from a written plan to having an asset base of $2 billion.
The accounting and finance graduate has been quite involved in areas of mortgage backed securities, leveraged bank loans, derivatives, emerging markets, common and preferred stocks. Dondero serves as the chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare’s board of directors.

James Dondero: The Financial Investment Guru

Globalization in the economy calls for a dire need of experts that can assist individuals, organizations and governments in raising financial capital. There are several ways to attain this and the most popular one in the contemporary world is by underwriting or hiring a client’s agent to issue securities. Investment banks do exactly this. Unlike commercial banks who receive deposits and offer loans at an interest, investment banks primarily assist companies in a number of activities.

Investment banks assist corporations in mergers and acquisitions, retail and commercial banking as well as sales, trading and equity research. They help companies, governments and investors buy securities, control financial assets, trade securities and offer financial advice.

Investment bankers don’t deal with investors directly but rather provide advice to corporations and government in the capital market. They undertake all the activities that reside in investment banking. They merge those that have surplus funds and those that have deficit funds while creating market to distribute capital and manage prices in such financial transactions. The success of such institutions is determined by the move and decisions they make. When capital markets perform well, investment bankers are likely to do well because they can raise more revenues from various operations they engage in.

All these roles require an expert in the field who is well equipped with relevant knowledge on finance services, mergers and acquisitions. Adept skills are essential since financial matters are very sensitive and crucial to all institutions. Among the pioneers and prominent figures in Collateralized Loan Obligation(CLO) is James Dondero, the Dallas-based investment banker. He has over 30 years of incomparable experience in aligning capital markets financing for his clients.

With more than three decades in credit markets, Mr. Dondero has earned several awards to acknowledge the distinguished contribution to the credit market such as Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation all being in 2014 among others.

As part of his obligations, Mr. Dondero has helped lubricate the wheels of the capital market by raising capital in the most rationally efficient manner. Since the industry is dynamic and characterized by flux and transformation, James Dondero has been versatile in his leadership techniques. He has always been competent and ahead of the convoluted financial intermediaries to get on track with the squalls of innovative financial instruments.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia majoring in accounting and finance. He is an approved Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and holds the patent to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Brian Bonar Encourages Exceptional Customer Service Among His Employees

Leading executive, Brian Bonar believes developing growth through promising
companies is essential to prospective business opportunities and
creativity. Currently the Chief Executive Officer and President of
Dalrada Financial, this renowned businessman is always actively
propelling both small and large corporations in order to expand his
portfolio of experiences while simultaneously contributing to the
prospective company’s bottom line. As an experienced director, Bonar
excels in implementing affordable and extremely effective business
solutions, which ultimately result in increased sales and
productivity. Moreover, his former leadership positions along with
extensive educational training have greatly impacted Dalrada
Financial’s philosophy: to provide exceptional business solution
programs to corporations worldwide. Most importantly, his admirable
expertise as a seasoned leader enables him to motivate his employees
to become outstanding figures in the business industry.

Presenting realistic financial assistance programs with an effective
and streamline strategy will definitely encourage most companies to
pursue Dalrada Financial’s unique services. Moreover, this prominent
business strives to offer customizable solution packages in order to
appeal to a variety of local and global corporations. For the most
effective results, Bonar always advises his new clients to outline
their goals and expectations to ensure maximum productivity by
employing the appropriate resources. In addition, the prospective
company should disclose former sales history and forthcoming order
projections which will allow Dalrada Financial representatives to
utilize the most effective package. Notably, Bonar believes open
communication is extremely imperative because the collaboration
ultimately facilitates increase sales.

An efficient client consultation should also discuss potential
financial and business solutions which will propel a company.
Moreover, these assistance programs usually vary with each company’s
goals and expectations. For example, a client who is interested in
combining a small and medium sized business will most likely benefit
from the mergers and acquisitions package which typically includes
guidance in due diligence, temporary staffing, and PEO (professional
employer organization). Conversely, a newly formed business may choose
to pursue a program which encompasses services like human resource
administration, employee benefits, worker’s compensation, and payroll
processing. Regardless of the chosen package, Dalrada Financial seeks
to develop coveted operations and essential business practices for a
variety of corporations.

Notably, Bonar (LinkedIn) hopes to inspire his employees and peers with his well
proven solution driven offerings. Because of the company’s competitive
packages, this prominent figure demands outstanding customer service
from each worker on the Dalrada Financial team. Since 1982 Dalrada
Financial has outsmarted their competitors by presenting unprecedented
business solution offerings to companies across the United States and
abroad. Their goal has always involved reducing business costs which
correspondingly increases sales and profitability. Most importantly,
the team proudly strives to improve each company’s bottom line which
ultimately results in happy customers.

The History of the North American Economy

The economy of the United States of America has existed long before settlers came for the purpose of conquering. Economy existed way before any “civilized” world touched on American soil. Economy was about bargaining and trading during the time of the Native Americans. There was no bank, no dollar, and no capital investor.

Ever since the colonization of the United States began, there has developed a new economy that is the form of stocks and bonds and currency. The economic performance, above all, has been affected by the progress in technology, as well as the distribution of Federal power.

From the 1600s to the day of the U.S. independence, Britain had control over the U.S. economy. Importing and exporting was what drove the economy of the east coast. The economy during this period, in the United States, was based upon farming. Grain, corn, rice and other products were all sold to boost the local economy to promote wealth.

After the Revolutionary War, the first bank was created in the United States of America in 1791. Wars during this time both strengthened and weakened the U.S. economy. by the 19th century, transportation, textile manufacturers, and the cotton gin made a huge impact by boosting the economy through the industrial revolution. Labor, roads, canals, railroads, and many more industrial made items helped increase the power of the North American economy.

In present day, the United States economy relies heavily on imported goods from China, Brazil, Mexico, and many other countries. With the westernization of the world, the United States only exports a little bit of the world’s oil, cars, as well as Space Craft technology.

By 2008, the world’s economy had popped. The housing market was especially affected. The solution was signed in 2009, when President Obama signed a bill that would attempt to stimulate the economy through tax cuts as well as spending. This economic crises, though had recovered, never recovered fully. over 58 percent of the jobs that were recovered were minimum wage jobs.

It is the current job of American economists to boost the economy and to increase the value of out currency. Economists such as Christian Broda are trained heavily in the art of social science in the branch of economics. What an economist does is try and solve the economic problems through developing and testing theories. This includes testing theories from past economists as well as developing their own.

Christian Broda is an Argentine who has extensive experience with the subject of economics. He is currently at Capital Management and is testing several theories for the purpose of strengthening the Argentine economy. Ever since the recession in 2008, Broda has been creating, developing, and testing theories to boost the economy.