George Soros Airs His Views on Trumps Recklessness and the World Economy

Forbes billionaire George Soros is quite an outspoken individual that doesn’t shy away from sharing with the world his thoughts. He regularly comments on current developments in both the political and economic world. During the ongoing world economic forum in Davos, Soros was interviewed by the Bloomberg TV and made headlining statements on several niches.
During the interview, ,Soros accused the US Republican Party’s election nominee Donald Trump of doing ISIS work. Considering Trump’s views on closing the US borders to Muslims, Soros said that it would act as an incentive in turning them to terrorism. He criticized the campaigns of election nominees; Trump and Ted Cruz not failing to mention that if elections were held in the US, Hilary Clinton would win with a landslide.
On the economic front, Soros was in support of the quantitative easing measures the European Central Bank is planning to institute. The bank is of the opinion that these will cushion the European markets against deflation and recession threats. He, however, expressed reservations with the objectivity of the measures informing that they have a diminishing return in the long run.
About the effects of the Chinese markets on the world, Soros was optimistic that it would not fall. He, however, observed that it might encounter a hard landing in the foreseeable future. This would make it hard for it to bounce back to global economic dominance and in effect weaken its ability to continue driving the global economy.
About George Soros
George Soros was born in Budapest in 1930 and survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary during the Second World War. After the war, he fled to Britain where he graduated with a degree in economics from the London school of economics. In the 1950s, he left for the United States where he started one of the largest hedge funds whose revenues he uses to support charitable courses such as the International Open Society Foundation.
Currently, George is ranked among top 50 of the 400 richest entrepreneurs in the United States. He is very opinionated about the American politics and economy and supports the liberal political wing. Most importantly, he is considered one of the history’s most successful financiers and his economic views are widely accepted and followed throughout the county.
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Darius Fisher Ready with Innovation

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Charles Koch’s Views On Criminal Justice Reform In The United States

Charles Koch, the owner of Koch Industries is working hard to push towards criminal justice reform on both the state and federal level. Mr. Koch is deeply concerned about how unfair the criminal justice system is for people who are disadvantaged and poor. He believes that the wealthy, privileged and well connected are treated very differently in the courts and have an unfair advantage when they face the criminal justice system.

Although the billionaire, declined to sit down and express his views directly regarding criminal justice reform in the country, his spokesperson on the matter Mark V. Holden agreed to an interview on Charles’ view on the matter. Mark agreed to sit down to an interview conducted by The Marshall Project, which studies the criminal justice system in the United States.

One of the key points to take away from the interview is that Charles Koch considers himself a classic liberal, not a libertarian. His view is that there should be less government meddling in people’s lives and greater emphasis on individual freedoms. Our society should be one where opportunities abound for everybody who wants to better themselves and help others along the way.

An interesting point that Mark Holden made regarding Koch’s point of view on criminal justice reform, is that the government spends a staggering $250 billion dollars on the criminal justice system. This includes about $80 billion dollars spend just on incarcerating individuals. The government spends about 3 times less on education than on criminal justice. This is something that has to change urgently Mr. Koch believes.

We currently have a culture where you are incarcerated for even the minor of offenses. A criminal record can also leave a black mark or stigma on an individual even if the offense was minor, hampering the ability of a person to find a job. This is why Mr. Koch believes that the criminal justice system needs a complete overhaul. Another disturbing aspect of the current criminal justice system is that many poor folks decide to plead guilty to crimes they did not commit, because they lack the means to properly defend themselves against government accusations. The wealthy or well-connected meanwhile have the resources to fight and win against the government and even get decisions overturned.

The MIT educated Koch believes that everybody should have a fair trail and a chance at justice, not based on whether they are rich, poor or well connected. He advocates criminal justice reform, by making prisons focus on rehabilitating individuals, being less harsh on minor offenses including drug possession and giving everyone a fair chance of defending oneself.

Keith Mann Supports the NYPD

With criticism of police departments across the country at an unprecedented high, protests and demonstrations criticizing their practices and performance have become the norm in large cities such as New York. Hearing about shows of support for the police are increasingly rare.

Founder of Dynamic Search Partners and avowed philanthropist, Keith Mann, showed his support for the 54th Precinct by treating all officers there to lunch. And to continue his support, he did so again just a few weeks later.

When asked about his motivations behind the gesture, Keith Mann said that officers perform a dangerous and thankless job that is essential to maintaining peace in New York City with little hesitation regardless of their personal safety or family obligations. In his eyes they are risking it all for the greater community.

Over the past few years, crime has been on what seems like a steady incline throughout the five boroughs, placing police in the tenuous position of being both criticized by the public who have conflated them with other police departments in the country and relying on their help in order to combat crime.

Mann has asked that other citizens who support the police to step forward in show of support for the department and to encourage others to do the same.

Dynamic Search Partners, founded by Mann in 2001, concentrates on executive searches, partnering with hedge funds to provide them with the skilled and educated persons they need to run their businesses. This comes after years in the field of finance, working with investors to better understand the complexities of this field.

Aside from his business ambitions, Mann is an active philanthropist both in and out of New York. He has worked closely with Uncommon Schools, a charitable organization that provides young people with supplies and support necessary to find gainful employment in their respective fields of study once they’ve graduated from college. His support has also been lent to Hope and Heroes, a New York based initiative to conduct research to find cures for cancer and blood disorders in children with the help of the Columbia University Medical Center.

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Handy Starting to Dominate the House Cleaning Sector

The online startup,, which aims to be the Uber of house cleaning and repair services, has just hit a huge benchmark of $1 million in bookings per week. With numbers like this, it’s clear that the market for mobile and online cleaning and repair booking services is taking off at a staggering rate. No doubt this is due in part to an increasing number of consumers becoming more comfortable with the idea of booking services online through their smart phones. That increasing comfort level is certainly justified in the case of Handy, as they have mandatory background checks on both the county and national level, in addition to a thorough on boarding process to ensure their professionals are well screened. As of the time of this writing, only 3% of applications have been accepted, making it a tough workforce to break into. Handy also completely guarantees the work done by their freelance professionals, so if a customer is not happy with the quality of the work completed, or if something is damaged in the process, they will cover the replacement costs and refund the money paid. was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, who say the new on-demand service economy offers a more convenient and improved model for service professionals and consumers alike. Some cleaners say the new service is like an ATM machine in their pocket, letting them view available work and book times with just the press of a button. The pay rate for the work is very reasonable as well, with the average hourly wage coming to roughly $18 per hour, fluctuating between $15 on the low end and $22 on the high end. Handy offers something unique and rare in the online service sector to their freelancers: a flexible schedule and dependable pay. Using the service, freelancers can decide when and where they want to work, and know just how much money they will earn before they accept a job.

Handy is currently offering other services, such as house repair work and furniture assembly, but house cleaning still remains the biggest draw to customers. Hanrahan has big plans for the business though, and has the objective to build a brand that does not only cleaning, but handles everything involved with taking care of your home. In his own words, “Cleaning is the entry point. It’s this magical thing that happens regularly. People are happy after it and it allows you to build a brand that people trust. Our vision is not to build just a cleaning company, but a brandy that takes cares of your home.”

Operation Smile Helps Under Privaleged Children Receive Dental Care

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dental professional that is busy at work with his dental practice, lectures, Dental Sleep Masters, and volunteering for Operation Smile. Avi got his start around 1999 when he established his own dental office called Old Bridge Dental Care. He was busy operating his dental office for about 15 years. During this time, Avi won several awards for best dentist. He spent a lot of years helping other dentist become familiar and comfortable with dental issues and sleep issues. He eventually went in with others to co-found the Healthy Heart Sleep business.

In all of his years working as a dentist, Dr. Weisfogel never felt his calling more than he is now. He is spending some of his off time working as a volunteer for Operation Smile. This non-profit organization helps underprivileged individuals with dental issues. People that can not afford to see the dentist can get dental care when they visit the mobile unit of Operation Smile.

Operation smile is a non-profit organization that was started due to the amount of individuals that are unable to afford to go to the dentist. If a poor person needed a tooth filled or pulled, they were in trouble. Eventually, the hope is for anyone that needs to see a dentist will be able to through his GoFundMe page.

GoFundMe is a page set up where individuals can go and make a donation to the cause. Operation Smile is a great cause to help out. This cause not only helps poor people to receive dental help when they need it at no cost to them, but it also helps children that are born with things such as cleft palate or holes in their mouth due to birth defects. Avi and the other dental volunteers are hoping to raise a large amount of money that will help many people in need. His dream has always been to help people have a better smile. It is also a dream when he can help an innocent child get the surgery or dental work they deserve.

Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

Stocks Finally Have their First Positive Week

Stocks in the U.S. closed last week Friday on a high note. This is the first time they are positive this year. It has be driven by the oil recovery and the hope for a stimulus package.

S&P 500 closed the week 2% higher than the 1,900 level. The stimulus package announced by the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, who said they would support the markets.

Oil closed at $32 for its highest rise since January 8th. The energy sector led the way at a gain of 4.3%. It settled at $32.19 a barrel up by $2.66 representing a 9% gain. This is its biggest gain in a day since August last year. At 9.4% up, it was also the highest weekly gain. U.S. oil rigs now total 510 falling by five.

Dow Jones industrial average closed some 210 points above 16,000, though it had earlier gained over 250 points. Apple made a high gain of 5.3% ahead of its next week earnings report. This is on the back of the iPhone 7 launch expected in September. The highest fall was from American Express whose fall was 12.1%. The strong dollar harming its overall result. It plans to cut its costs by a whopping $1 billion by end of next year.

Nasdaq composite closed at more than 2.5% being the best performer among the U.S. averages. The IBB (iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF) gained 3.3% to end up 1.35% for the week.

Against the major currencies, the U.S. dollar held by close to 0.5% and the euro below $1.08. The yen was 118.82 yen against the dollar. Hopes that Bank of Japan will announce more easing, boosted Asian stocts. The Nikkei 225 rising by 5.88% and the Shanghai composite closing at 1.25%. STOXX Europe 600 rose 3% and the German DAX closed at 2% higher.

According to the head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management (HCM), Joe Sowin, the weeks rally was largely due to short covering. He noted that the beaten down stocks like energy and materials which hit there lows on Wednesday have now led most of the recovery. The President of Highland Capital Management James “Jim” Dondero who is also the co-founder has led the firm in focusing on high-yield and distressed investing. Jim has over 30 years of experience in the credit and equity markets.

Since its humble beginnings in 1993, HCM has now grown to be a pioneer in developing credit oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors around the world. Its product offerings include institutional separate accounts, Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLOs), hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, REITs, and ETFs. Jim is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Follow Jim on Facebook and Twitter.

Behind Magic Mike XXL

“Magic Mike XXL” is the name of a comedy drama-based film that debuted in July of 2015. The film is directed by Gregory Jacobs and stars Channing Tatum, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello as the leading roles.

“Magic Mike XXL” is the sequel to the original Magic Mike movie that came out in 2012. Coincidentally, this movie takes place three years after the events of the first movie where Mike, played again by Channing Tatum, has retired from his life as a male stripper and now works at his own furniture business. Things are going fine for him for the most part until at random his former co-worker Tarzan, played by Kevin Nash again, calls him up and leads him to believe that their old boss Dallas died at some point. Mike goes to a hotel and sees his old co-workers, the “Kings of Tampa” and as it turns out, Dallas isn’t dead but rather he left the country and started up his own stripper show in Macau. With this in mind the Kings tell Mike their new plan is to go on a road trip to Myrtle Beach, where a stripper convention is being held and that will be their grand way of ending their careers. Mike is reluctant to do so at first but after giving it some thought he eventually decides to join in.

Though Channing Tatum fills out the leading male role in the film, other actresses also hold a place, one of them being Crystal Hunt. Hunt plays the character of Lauren, and is one of the ladies who ends up helping Mike and company to the convention in the first place.

Aside from an appearance in the movie, Crystal Hunt has shown that she is not new to being in the entertainment industry, as far as movies and television go. Hunt’s most well known role came on television where she played the character of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap opera “Guiding Light.” For this role Hunt was even nominated for an award in the form of Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Soap Opera. Hunt’s other big role also involved a soap opera, this time playing as Stacy Morasco in “One Life to Live,” where she made appearances on the show for three years. Most recently, Hunt is one of the stars on the reality television series “Queens of Drama.”  Check out her Facebook, as well as her Instagram account to keep reading about where Crystal is going next.

Ricardo Guimares Launches A New Bank

Many ceremonies to honor Mr. Ricardo have been held in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte to appreciate all the efforts he has been making to improve the lives of the people. It is a fact shared with his partner in Business, Marcio Alaor.


Ricardo Guimares has been in business for a long time now. It has grown from a small miners based lender to become the largest consigned credit bank in Brazil. He has seen the bank grow from a having a market capitalization of $ 300 million in 2004 to $ 2.1 billion in 2010.


Ricardo Guimares is a right banker. According to him, be efficient and work hard. It will take you far. Guimares has used this strategy with devastating effect. He hires the very best and pushes them to work very hard.


Ricardo Guimares is also a football fanatic. He is a big fan of Clube Atletico Mineirão.It has seen him serve as the club president for five years. During his tenure, the club got more revenue streams and climbed three divisions to the Brazilian elite league. Today Guimares is a legend at the club. His generosity at the club will always be remembered, and the three orange stripes of BMG fly high at the club.


Banco BMG sponsors many players. It has built a reputation as a sports-oriented bank that leverages its financial position to market itself. Today, over 100 teams fly its flag high. It has also started sponsoring tennis star Marcio Melo.Melo will wear the three stripes at this year’s summer Olympic.Melo has earned a lot of accolades last year where he won 4 majors titles.


Ricardo Guimares has been awarded thanks to his credentials severally. Guimares has an honorary degree from Town Hall and has a food court named after him.Guimares joins Marcio in the growing list of BMG employees who have been awarded.


Banco BMG has grown a lot. It has 5 million customers with 3000 branches. It also has 50000 employees spread across every municipality. It has patterned with Banco Itau to create a new payroll outfit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to help the country as it seeks credit facilities in the personal credit demographic.


Brazil is currently experiencing an economic crisis that has hit its banking sector badly. Personal credit is today very expensive in Brazil and interest rates of up to 30% are not unusual. The new outfit will leverage the expertise and experience of the two banks to create a unit that is sustainable.


BMG contributed $ 300 million to the new bank while Itau contributed $ 700 million. The new bank will be leveraged 11 times as per Brazilian federal reserve’s regulations.

Go Fund Relief: A Campaign for Nepal

In 2015, Nepal was struck by two earthquakes in consecutive months, April and May. The tragedy resulted in numerous deaths, and victims left without homes, food, or hope. Many have promised aide and started efforts to raise money to assist the people of Nepal who are still feeling the after effects of these natural disasters. One such campaign is the Go Fund Me organized by Chicago real estate investor Majeed Ekbal.
With over 15 years experience developing global marketing campaigns and initiatives, Majeed Ekbal is using his expertise to help his friends in Nepal and provide relief to the country. He studied at American University and went on to work in high level positions and as a consultant for various companies. In 2012, he was listed on LinkedIn, the social media website for professionals, as being in the top 5% of most viewed profiles, giving him the title of Influencer. And Ekbal is certainly that.

Source: New Story Just Out: Indian Capital Suspends Odd-Even Car Experiment To Curb Pollution

Since 2011, Majeed Ekbal has also devoted his time and efforts to humanitarian efforts. Among his projects are helping women and children have access to education and empowerment. He fights child slavery and abuse around the world, and has now added the Nepal earthquake relief to his docket.
The goal of Ekbal’s Go Fund Me is to raise $1 million dollars. These funds will be transferred to another campaign that has already begun, known as the #MillionDollarChallenge. Organized by the Little Sisters Find, the founder hopes that, upon reaching their goal, the U.S. Government will match or exceed this donation amount. All proceeds will go towards medical and disaster relief for the victims.

Majeed Ekbal’s Go Fund Me is an extra push to ensure that all victims of the Nepal earthquakes will be provided the necessary funds to rebuild their lives and survive. With his work as a business mogul and humanitarian helping him, Ekbal will do whatever it takes to see his campaign is a success.