A Great New Hair Cleansing Product, Wen By Chaz

The new range of all in one hair care solutions from WEN Hair have really changed the game of hair products according to Bustle.com. This all in one cleanser is a conditioner, shampoo and a styling solution for hair of all types. One must make sure to try the right formulation to ensure the perfect wanted result.
The WEN cleanser and conditioner was developed by Chaz Dean who has many years of experience in the industry.  He has helped in the formulation of many hair products and has finally taken the next logical step and developed his own line. His products are often seen on QVC infomercials. This same line of products he uses in his hair salon. For this very reason we can ensure that Chaz only wants the best for his customers.

After trying the Sephora endorsed Conditioner Cleanser for several days there was a noticeable improvement in the overall shine of the hair. It allows the natural oils within the hair to stand out. Not only is the hair less frizzy but also much easier to control. There are different recommendations on using the product depending on the length of hair. Short hair requires 6-10 pumps of Wen hair product, medium length hair requires 16-24 pumps and long hair 24-32 pumps. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Chaz Dean’s studio moved from Bel Air to Hollywood in order for his well known clientele to get a break from the paparazzi. Here Chaz see’s to his customers personally making sure he can help them realize their hair dreams. Chaz is continually looking to improve upon his product range and tests it personally.

Learn more about Wen hair! Visit the FAQ page at http://www.wen.com/faq.html..

Brazilian Attorney Luciana Lóssio Earned The Title Minister Holder Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal

Women are still considered second-class citizens in Brazil even though the country’s embattled president is a woman. Women in the legal profession in Brazil are rarely recognized for their talents, but one woman attorney is rewriting the legal history books. That woman is Luciana Lóssio. Luciana Lóssio earned her law degree in 1999 from the Centro Universitário de Brasília, and she decided that electoral law was her main interest. She went to work for the Attorney General of the Republic for seven years. During those years, she worked for Attorney General Claudio Fonteles and Attorney General Geraldo Brindeiro. Both men saw the potential in Lóssio, and they gave her more responsibility. Luciana developed an acute understanding of the inner workings of the Superior Electoral Tribunal and the Federal Court System during those years.

Luciana Lóssio has been called an overachiever by some of her peers. Most lawyers in Brazil have a hard time earning a law degree, but Lóssio earned three law degrees, and that put her in very rare company in the Brazilian legal profession. Luciana developed technical skills that helped her get through the tangled web of laws that bogged down the Brazilian legal system. She became an expert in electoral law, and she represented some high profile political figures during her 17-year career.

Brazil is known for having more lawyers than necessary. Getting a law degree is not that hard, but Lóssio and other attorneys have pushed to get new regulations in place that make law degrees harder to earn. But her main passion has always been electoral law, and in the Brazilian political system, an expert is sorely needed at this point. The word corruption has been used over and over again to describe elected officials and as the minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, it will be Lóssio responsibility to change the way officials conduct government business. The Brazilian political system is going through a major change, and Luciana Lóssio wants to be part of that change.

Lóssio’s role as minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal will help the country regain some of the credibility it lost during the last eight years.



In a sworn declaration presented to a blue-ribbon task force, Gary Delagnes accused the former police Officer Association of being racist and hardly cared about the Police Department. It has always been presumed until recently that George Gascon was very close with the police union. These assumptions have however been questioned recently.


Gary Delagnes said that at one time George even used racially abusive terms in a heated booze-fueled night. Delagnes spent 25 years serving in the force and was POA president before he retired. He spoke of this allegations after the George Gascon had talked to the panel on” allegations of racism and homophobia in the department.”. The reasons Delagnes decided to speak after the accusations made by George Gascon.


George Gascon told the panel that a police chief and the police commission had a difficult time affecting any reforms due to the challenges that posed by the police union. Delagnes, however, thinks that George was the one that impacted the SFPD negatively. Once in a dinner in Cambridge, during a police union leadership, Delagnes asked Gascon to restrain himself. It is said that Gascon was unruly used racial slurs and offended other patrons.


Martin Halloran, who is the current POA president, supported Delagnes version of account and added that the declaration “spoke for itself”.


The spokesperson of Gascon Alex Bastian failed to directly speak on the issue and only claimed that Delagnes had no credibility.


Gascon is said to have had issues with the union during the time that he ran the department.


Delagnes stated that they were close with the chief and spoke on a weekly basis and at no time was any information withheld. All issues that concerned the department he says were discussed.


Chief Gascon and Delagnes also meet for diners and coffee as Delagnes said, and they further implemented disciplinary actions fairly. In all those occasions at no time did Gascon show his dissatisfaction.


Delagnes further claimed that George Gascon never at any of the meeting ever argued that there were any, gender, sexual orientation, racial, or any other bias in the SFDP. Neither was he interested in implementing or improving any diversity at any level of the police department.


George Gascon comments have now put him in a position that he will have to defend his conduct and also prove his allegations.

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The Most Weight Loss With NutriMost

Gaining weight can have serious side effects. Health professionals as well as doctors will tell you extra weight can be detrimental to your overall health. Visceral fat, or abdominal fat, can negatively impact your body’s organs and their functions. Sometimes doctors treat the symptoms of the ineffective organs due to the added pressure from the visceral fat.

Nutrimost, a new weight loss program, helps address the underlying issue. NutriMost first opened it’s franchise in 2014. Dr. Mitch Gordon, DC, is a licensed chiropractic doctor with almost twenty years of practice. NutriMost is a customized program treating individuals. Dr. Gordon’s philosophy is that all people gain weight differently and for different reasons. With this program, patients are seeing remarkable results. Some have lost up to five pounds in a single week. This plan is designed to help individuals loose the weight so they can be on their way to a happier and healthier life. NutriMost uses the best medical information about weight loss and partners it with state of the art technology to create an exclusive weight loss program for each individual. (https://nutrimost.com/members/find-a-doctor/)

Results vary from patient to patient. Since its conception, many people have lost the much needed weight. They are living a much healthier life. If you are needing to loose weight, NutriMostRecipes.com can help you. Visit https://nutrimost.com/members/testimonials/ and read the member’s testimonials.


Thor Halvorssen’s Stand On Socialism

Thor Halvorssen is a member of the Human Rights Foundation and believes in some instances that Socialism can contribute to Human Rights violations. He believes that in some cases such as a Dictatorship, Totalitarian government, and other cases where corruption is present that socialism can mask and encourage human rights violations and crimes against citizens of a country. Thor Halvorssen was explaining that many people consider Socialism, Communism, and Marxism are the same political philosophy, which is absolutely not true.His objection to socialism is that it is easy to mask other selfish or illegal political practices behind the mask of a socialist political party. For instance he uses the example he used the Venezuelan government practice of setting prices which in turn caused a shortage of supplies for the people of Venezuela. This lack of supplies created a humanitarian crisis.

Thor Halvorssen has his reservations about Socialism; he did however contribute the highest amount allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign. He believes that although socialism may not be the answer for the country that he is the most qualified candidate as opposed to the other presidential candidates from the Democratic and Republican sides. he feels that the Democratic presidential front-runner has taken funds from some of the most tyrannical and oppressive governments in the world. Thor Halvorssen’s father was a political prisoner in Venezuela and his mother was shot by Hugo Chávez’s men. Therefore, Thor Halvorssen vehemently opposes these types of dictatorships. He would rather see a Democratic Socialist in the White House than someone who takes money from Dictatorships.

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