Keith Mann Announces Scholarship

Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over fifteen years. He is an expert in staffing and hedge fund compensation. Keith Mann founded Dynamics Search Partners. This is a search firm dedicated to alternative investment firms. He works with firms in Europe, Asia and The United States. He is not only a businessman but he is also a philanthropist.

Keith Mann recently announced that he created a scholarship for professional achievement. They have partnered with Uncommon Schools for a scholarship. They are a non-profit organization based in New York City that consists of over forty-two charter public schools in New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. They are created to ensure that low income students are able to receive amazing education that will help them to be ready for college when the time comes. The scholarship that the Manns and Uncommon Schools are giving will be received by one graduating senior each year who is a part of a Brooklyn high school. These scholarships are meant for low income students who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend college if they did not have the scholarship. The person who receives the scholarship will receive five thousand dollars to attend college. This is a dream come true for many people.

Uncommon Schools is even opening a new Brooklyn school. Many will be helped due to the partnerships of Keith Mann, Keely Mann and Uncommon Schools. They are doing all they can to help in education and ensure that many more children are able to attend college.


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A Short Biography Of Eric Pulier

Mr. Pulier grew up in suburban New Jersey and completed high school in 1984. He graduated from Teaneck High School in Teaneck, New Jersey with outstanding marks and applied to Harvard University as an english and literature major. Accepted into Harvard University, Pulier graduated at the top of his class with a magna cum laude.

In his time at Harvard University, Pulier was an editor of the school newspaper, the Harvard Crimson. He wrote his very own column there as well that was called the Pulier Leg, which was a featured weekly column in the Crimson.

Pulier also studied other subjects while he was enrolled in Harvard. He took computer science courses at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. His study of computer science at MIT would lead to Pulier becoming a pioneer in many computer and technology companies and programs around the world. Eric Pulier also studied environmental science as well at Harvard in addition literature. This helped him gain perspective on the issues facing the world right now.

Eric Pulier’s entrepreneurship and technological prowess dates back all the way to his high school days. He created his first company when he was a high school senior at Teaneck High school in 1994. This company was called Digital Evolution and it programs databases in computers. While finishing his undergraduate studies, in his senior year of college Pulier also founded another tech company called US interactive. Pulier was co-founder in this company and is chairman of the firm.

In 2001, Mr. Pulier created yet another company. This time it was a software company called SOA Software. It was later renamed to Akana. Six years later, Eric now a seriel entrepreneur created another startup which was called Media Platform Inc. He was a co-founder in the venture and serves as director at the company. A year later Pulier was involved in another venture called Desktone Inc.

Eric Pulier shows no signs of stopping his innovations. In 2015, he launched a new company called vAtomic Systems Inc.

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How Do Diversant And John Goullet Help Clients With IT?

Diversant and John Goullet help clients with IT problems by offering the best services and solutions in the industry. Diversant is one of the largest IT services companies in the world, and they are there to make sure that their clients get the help they need with their own businesses. A business can have much better IT services, and a business will be able to feel like it has made the right decision to change the way it handles its IT today.

Someone who loves to manage their company with technology needs to come to Diversant with help from John Goullet. He has a team that will come up with the solutions that people need, and the company will handle everything for the client without any problems at all. Every client is different, but it is very important for all clients to make sure that they tell Diversant what they want. John will put together a plan, and he will put together the team that will deploy those plans.

Someone who wants to be able to use better IT systems in their business should ask Diversant for help. Diversant can make things much easier for the client, and the client will feel like they have finally gotten the help they need to be a more efficient business. Diversant is also happy to alter the existing systems that someone has. There are many companies that are just not happy with their own IT systems, but they can get Goullet and Diversant to come in to help.

Diversant offers better prices and customer service for all their clients. There are many clients who have finally found the right kind IT system for their company, and there are many more people who are in need of some changes to what they already have. The massive resources of Diversant are enough to make any company efficient, and the teams at Diversant will take customer phone calls any time there is a need that must be addressed. Customer service is very important for the company’s success, and every client feels a part of the family.

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James Dondero And Highland Capital Management Get More Involved In Giving

Every large corporation in the world has some kind of giving platform that it uses to offer cash to people who need it. These companies are looking for ways to give their money to the right causes, and James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has been giving to a lot of causes over the years that are meaningful to him. His company is one of the most successful in his industry, and he is now working with Linda Owen to offer better giving in his hometown.

Someone who works with Linda Owen has a chance to get connected with a lot of different causes, and James Dondero wants to make sure that all his money is going to places where it will actually make a difference. There are far too many people in need in the Dallas area, and they all could use the money that people like James Dondero can offer. He is a great person to work with because he is one of the few people in the world that has such a large fund, and he is working with Linda Owen because he knows that he can function well with some guidance.

Dondero is one of the best investors in the world because he knows when he needs help with his money. He has a great team at Highland Capital Management that makes it easier for people to make money on investments that made through his company. He invests all over the world to help his clients, and he also wants to make sure that all the people he is working with see profits. The profits he makes help to fund his giving, and that is where Linda Owen comes in to help.

The beauty of what James Dondero does is that it will help everyone in the Dallas area. He is working with the best civic leader for giving, and he will make sure that all the money he gives has a large reach. People in Dallas will have better lives because of his giving, and his money will go farther than it ever has.


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Glenn Beck Launches Public Attacks Against Indifferent George Soros

If anything, pundit Glenn Beck’s public attacks against George Soros Nazi seem to have had only one noticeable impact: Soros is not concerning himself too much with a public image as much as being aligned with the right ideals.

Some are calling Beck’s smearing of Soros reminiscent of the anti-Semitic attacks used by the Hungarian far right. Some believe Beck’s statements would be hilarious if his opinion wasn’t so important to such a large audience.

The question if Soros’s indifference to the attacks are a risk remains up in the air. Whether the source is his former country or Fox News, the financier has yet to take the bait publicly, remaining dignified and respectful throughout. Of course, Soros has been in the cross hairs of far worse than the likes of Beck.

There are those that believe Soros should take a stand. Beck would certainly be an easy target. Beck has shown no issue with launching boldfaced attacks against high profile opponents while lacking a full understanding of his targets’s ideals or history. Beck has actually attempted to use the fact a teenage Soros escaped the Holocaust as a weapon against Soros.

At 14, George Soros was a messenger of the Budapest Jewish Council who partnered with the Gestapo to preserve the Jewish community. While Soros was performing his duties, he was actually advocating defiance.

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And Now: Anti-Semitism

Soros appears to be immune to Beck’s taunts. Of course, acknowledging the opinions of a Glenn Beck is probably meaningless to a man that walked the streets a Jew under the Nazi regime.

While the past implies Soros seems to appreciate being vilified and how it fortifies his status as eternal outsider, there are those who believe Beck should not be underestimated. Despite obvious misstatements and lack of knowledge, it is believed that Beck has a huge following that will believe anything he says. And as survivors of the Nazi regime have been known to say, it starts with the words.

Like his peers, including Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh, Beck has certainly aligned himself with the power of words. His is entertainment ground in right wing demagoguery that doesn’t have to be founded in fact or history. It’s about moralizing, debasing and preaching with conviction to an audience that’s already willing to rail against subjects and topics that do not accommodate their politics. From Obamacare to screaming about a shadow government (of which Soros is the mastermind) waiting to overthrow the American system for a single world government, Beck has mastered red baiting. And Soros, too dignified to respond, makes an easy target for rhetoric.

If anything, Soros has to be admired. He acted bravely, secretly promoting freedom and defiance under the eye of a murderous totalitarian state and went on to become, as Beck tries to lament, the “most powerful man on earth.” Soros’s life is a fascinating one and a testament to how success and greatness is in all of us. However you may feel about the man, his high level of achievement and dignity is to be admired.

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Is A Cleansing Conditioner Right For Your Hair?

There are many reasons why a cleansing conditioner maybe the best choice for your daily styling needs. If you have fine hair, you may worry before trying a product when you don’t know if it will leave your hair feeling greasy, and limp. It is important to select a cleansing conditioner that is well formulated, and sulfate free so it will gently remove any buildup, while maintaining your hair’s natural oils. Believe it or not, but, a cleansing conditioner will completely replace your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner.
If you’re like most people you are looking for the right hair care line that can be used on a daily basis to provide salon results at home. You will be hard pressed to find a cleansing conditioner that gives your hair the shine, and body you’re looking for better than Wen by Chaz. This revolutionary hair design line was created by the celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean for his posh clientele in Hollywood, California. With this line the humble hair stylist created a product that has been able to help people all around the world with this simple haircare routine that provides optimum results with minimum effort.

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After three weeks of use, Wen hair users feel that it leaves them with hair that is shinier, looks thicker, and behaves more manageable than in the past. This well-balanced formulation includes natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extracts, and panthenol. These ingredients along with the sweet almond mint scent provide high quality results that last until your next wash. By simplifying your hair care routine, and adding a sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner to your life you will give yourself the gift of having gorgeous hair, as well as, the time to enjoy having such immaculate locks.

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Dick DeVos’ West Michigan Aviation Academy: You’re Going to Love This School

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter school established by the billionaire and former President of Amway Corporation Dick DeVos. The tuition-free institution was established following encouragement from DeVos wife, Betsy DeVos. Following Dick and Betsy’s enthusiasm for education and aviation, they both established a school in the fall of 2010 locating it on the grounds of the Gerald R Ford International Airport.


History of West Michigan Aviation Academy


West Michigan was instituted in the fall of 2010 when 80 freshmen were admitted into a 25,000 square feet renovated office space that functioned as the first school edifice on the airport grounds. The school didn’t last for long before expansion plans were drafted.


After a period of 2 years, the school had acquired over 240 freshmen, juniors and sophomores in a brand new home measuring 42,500 square feet building comprising classes and offices. This new environment enabled not only growth and expansion in space but also curriculum, aviation programs and students life. This new building also provided WMAA a capacity to educate 500 students.


By the beginning of 2013-2014 year, West Michigan Aviation Academy was looking to increase their enrolment to a maximum of 400 students. Their first group of students graduated in 2014.


The mission of the company is to offer rigorous academic programs, through an aviation focus, preparing them for potential opportunities including career success, college achievements and engaged citizenship.


About Dick DeVos


The husband of Betsy DeVos, former chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan, son of Amway Corporation and founder of Richard DeVos. DeVos is significantly involved in matters of education, particularly the privatization of public schools. He has used his family’s fortune and name to establish a national network of federal groups, and political action committees that endorse the political arm of the school voucher movement.


Dick DeVos begin his career working for his dad’s company, Amway Corporation in 1974. Ten years later, he was appointed vice president to oversee the operations of the company in more than 20 countries.

In Entrepreneural Broadcast Sanjay Shah Talks Solo Capital & Autism Rocks

In an an article on PR Newswire, the contents of a recent interview on Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio with Sanjay Shah was given. Shah was interviewed by Eric Dye in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is a radio show that serves as a major broadcast venue for the world’s top business creators and operators. Through this world-wide media, top entrepreneurs share inspiring stories, live events, and business advice, cautionary tales of troubling transactions, and other information.

Autism Rocks and Solo Capital are both Sanjay Shah’s inventions, the first is his charity to benefit basic autism research as part of his philanthropic efforts from retirement. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects the whole lifetime of those who have it. The second is his London brokerage that Shah expanded into multiple businesses in several locations on the globe. He was already very respected as an enormously successful businessman.

Now Shah is being lauded as a most-worthy contributor to a cause that is quite near and dear to him, personally. He has a son who was diagnosed as being autistic. Autism is an increasing problem, with 1 out of every 68 people born with it now, which is a huge 30 percent increase in only 4 years! Find out more about Autism Rocks at their web site: Autism Rocks is a private charity music concert venue to fund a Cambridge University study of the causes and treatments for autism.

As far as business advice, Shah said that many people underestimate how much capital is needed to successfully launch a new company. A second piece of advice: do not think you can do everything by yourself. This April, Autism Rocks put on concerts with Tyga and Flo Rida. Past concerts have featured the late Prince, Snoop Dogg, Michael Bublè, Drake, and Lenny Kravitz.

Sanjay Shaw built Solo Captial after being suddenly downsized during the crazy days of the financial crisis on Wall Street in 2009. He founded the business from his original Aesa S.a.r.l. company. Since then he has bought and started several other businesses in diverse locations, such as Luxembourg, Malta, Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. He even got back into the hedge fund business with his purchase of Old Park Lane Capital. He earned over £19 million pounds from these companies in 2011, bringing his estimated total net worth to approximately $280 million USD.


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Bernardo Chua and His Rise to Fame

Bernardo Chua has become a famous executive, and much of his fame is linked to his ability to do what many people cannot do. He has been able to thrive in the direct sales industry. This is something that every business leader cannot do. There are only a couple of people like Bernardo Chua and Vijay Eswaran that have this ability to successfully lead business where direct sales are vital.

OrganoGold is the business that Bernardo Chua has built, and he is doing all that he can to make sure that this business gets global attention. He has won awards for this diligence, and he still feels like there is a lot of more work that has to be done. That is something that has made people appreciate his hard work ethic. When he won the National Consumers Quality Award in 2014 he could have stopped, but he stayed on course with improving his products even more. This is what has driven Chua to the top. I think that this is the same thing that drove him to continue the expansion of his product line even after he had already locked down the coffee market.

Bernardo Chua has been able to build a successful career because he knew what he needed to do in order to get the product out to people. Chua would use his marketing genius and tap into resources like social media to promote the product. The website would be lined up with details about the ingredients that his products contained. All of this would be valuable in helping Bernardo Chua reach audiences outside of Asia.

I know that Bernardo is someone that is able to build a brand, and I am really interested in seeing what his next endeavors will be. He had spent decades perfecting his coffee and skin care products. He has mastered the art of appealing to a large crowd. This would all be in vain, however, if people did not know the advantages of buying products from the Bernardo Chua chain of healthy beverages and lifestyle products.

Chua has been able to make it easier for people to appreciate his products because he has spent time educating people on the products. Once people recognize the benefits of the products it is much easier for them to embrace OrganoGold. Bernardo Chua realized early that this was the key to his direct marketing success.  As a 5 time people’s choice award winner, Bernardo Chua definitely knows what he’s doing.