Growing Your Wealth With the Experts

A lot of folks want to have a lot of money. But, sadly, most individuals scrimp by on huge amounts of debt and barely make their mortgage payments. They scratch their heads at the easy success that the elite have. This article goes through the tips that the world’s most successful individuals use to grow their portfolios.

  1. Suffering– 9 times out of 10, being wealthy is not a magical thing that happens to a lazy bum on the street. Most wealth comes to those who work hard for it. The ancient Jewish King Solomon once observed that loving pleasure is a quick path to poverty.

2. Generosity– Many poor folk scoff at this idea. What? I give money to get money? It is true, however, that generosity and wealth are connected. If you choose to be generous with the little you have now, it is likely that you will gain more of it in the future.

3. Be Peculiar– Whether it is Bill Gates speeding happily down the interstate in his new foreign cars after Microsoft’s rapid growth, or Warren Buffett having no cell phone, billionaires share something in common. They have peculiar habits that the rest of us do not. Buffett has noted that you should make a list of things that your friends are afraid of doing. This could be hard work, pain, exercise, math, science, unpopularity, etc. Greedily pursuing those things opens up opportunities that the competition is missing because of pride. Also, the reverse is true. What are your friends greedily pursuing? Pleasure, material goods, money, prestige, popularity, leisure, etc. Be afraid of those things. Even if your friends laugh at you, true wealth comes to those who buy low and sell high.

Martin Lustgarten specializes in helping the common man to grow his wealth. Lustgarten likes seeing his clients’ big smiles when they see the secrets of wealth. Many people can be transformed by hiring a quality investment adviser to guide them through the challenging decisions of finance.

Lustgarten is happy to chat with you. He has a LinkedIn account where you can get to know him and his business better.

Helane Morrison Just Like Any Other Chief Compliance Officer Readies for SEC Survey

In the last one year, there have been accusations and counter-accusations between the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Chief Operations Officers representatives. These arise from the recent cases brought about by SEC against individual CCOs for actions committed in the course of their work. I see a growing rift between the SEC and the CCOs that if not tamed can scare away qualified persons from taking over these positions.

On one hand, SEC is bent on adopting a raft of measures in its regulation roles while on the other are CCO groups complaining of witch-hunt from the commission. The groups are especially worried that the rules being proposed by the SEC are intimidating and that it is wrong to charge a CCO individually for mere negligence in the course of their work. By instituting charges and fines against individual CCOs, the groups argue that the commission will only be instituting fear and demoralizing these workers.

Distancing itself from the matter, SEC argues that no new regulations are being put in place insisting that it is only tightening the noose on already existing laws. I also sense impartiality with the body and concur with it when it rules out witch-hunt from its operations. This is informed by the fact that since 2003, the SEC has instituted more than 8,000 cases against fund management firms all of which fall within its mandate. Of these, only five have been against individual CCOs.

The commission further proves that the cases brought forward against the individual officers have been due to complete irregularity or gross negligence. This means that their actions or in actions put the investors’ funds at risk. For instance, Bartholomew, the CCO of BlackRocksAdvisers LLC was charged and fined $60,000 for failing to disclose the portfolio managers outside business interests to the company Directors and clients. Helena Morrison is one of the CCOs to be affected by these strict measures.

About Helena Morrison

Helane Morrison is the current Chief Compliance Officer and managing director of Hall Capital Partners LLC. She also serves as the general counsel for the company as well serving as a member of the company’s executive committee. Helen graduated with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University but later proceeded and pursued law from the University of California.

She has worked in various national and private firms including serving as a clerk for a Supreme Court judge. She also served as the SEC San-Francisco regional coordinator for close to 10 years. This is the expertise both in law and finance that made her a perfect choice for Hall Capital Partnership position.

All you Need to Know about Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando was born in 1971 to Laura and CK Fernando in Denmark. His parents moved to the United States when he was just a year old. He is a famous businessman who is based in the United States. Raj is also a respected philanthropist and political fundraiser and donor. At the moment, he is the CEO and chairman of a startup known as

Raj grew up in the US, and he went for his college education at the Beloit College. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and Economics. Later on, he went for further studies at the University College in London.

When Raj Fernando was still in school, he decided to work as a volunteer at an organization called Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After his education, the same organization offered him employment, and he managed to work in several roles. He also worked at the Chicago Board of Trade at one time.

After working in the employment industry for some time, Raj Fernando felt that he was ready to start his trading company. He had acquired enough experience, having worked in the industry for over ten years. In 2002, Chopper Trading was founded.

Chopper Trading is a recognized proprietary trading company that is currently based in Chicago. The company focuses mainly on areas of equities, fixed incomes, and several other products. Raj Fernando worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise.

When Chopper Trading was developing, Raj Fernando was responsible for several duties. He implemented, designed and even managed the complicated risk management, trading, communication and source code security operations. Under his leadership, the company grew significantly. The institution was able to trade in the international largest exchanges such as ICE, CME, LSE and the Eurex. By 2010, the company had given more than two hundred and fifty people employment opportunities.

Last year in January, the businessman decided to sell Chopper Trading to a firm called DRW Trading Group. After the successful sale, he decided to start, an online startup that serves consumers from different parts of the globe. Raj serves as the CEO and chairman of the startup.

EOS Lip Balms Keep Lips Soft, Smooth, and Beautiful

Don’t allow the harsh elements to leave you with dry, cracked lips. Evolution of Smooth lip balms packed with rich anti-oxidant Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter keep lips looking luscious, soft, and smooth all year long.

The many flavors of the hypoallergenic lip balms are available in smooth spheres or sticks. The balm softly glides over lips for smooth, clear, long-lasting moisture. The twist-off tops of the spheres or sticks, along with their compact size are ideal for carrying in your pocket or bag for a quick burst of flavor and moisture throughout the day. Smooth spheres are available in nine luscious flavors that delight the senses.

EOS lip balms aren’t only for daytime moisture. Shimmer Smooth Spheres in sheer pink or pearl, add a hint of color and shimmer to lips.

Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres add immediate nourishment for visibly softer, more beautiful lips. The smooth spheres, packed with natural conditioning oils, Vitamins C and E, and shea butter, are available in Vanilla Mint, Coconut Oil, and Blackberry Nectar flavors.

Those that lead an active outdoor lifestyle enjoy the benefits of EOS Active Protection Lip Balm in Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit Flavors. Lemon Twist contains SPF 15 and Fresh Grapefruit contains SPF 30 to keeps lips hydrated, soft, and protected from sun damage.

Multi-packs, available in several different size sets, are ideal stocking stuffers or gifts for unexpected guests. See:

All EOS products are gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, and phthalate-free. Stock up now to keep lips looking soft, healthy, and beautiful every day. To learn more about the EOS brand, visit their Facebook page and YouTube channel.


Latest Changes in the Fashion and Technology Industry

The fashion and technology industries have undergone several changes over the years. The changes in one industry affect the other in a way. For instance, the technology industry has become very fashionable. People are now using devices that are better and effective. On the other hand, the fashion industry has embraced technology in most of its activities. Christopher Burch is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the world, and he compared the present and past of these fascinating industries.

According to Christopher Burch, the boom box was the latest technology in the 1970s.
People who love music were given an opportunity to listen to their favorite stations and tunes. After several years, the cassette deck was invented, replacing the boom box. The cassette deck was better, allowing its users to listen to music on one side and record on the other side.

In the 1980’s the two cassette technology was introduced into the movie industry, and consumers enjoyed watching their videos. Things got better with time, and in the 90s, the Walkman was invented. This device was more advanced, compared to the rest and consumers could listen to their music in a more personal way. After the invention of the Walkman, technology got better, and a smaller iPod was introduced. The iPod is loved by most of the consumers in the market because it is smaller and more fashionable compared to the other devices used in the past.

The fashion industry has not been left behind. Most of the professionals in the fashion department have decided to embrace the modern and latest technology to make better items for the consumer. These designers are excited that the customers have received the items well. Thanks to the use of technology, the products released by the fashion industry are better in functionality and are created using high standards.

Anouk Wipprecht is one of these fashion designers, and she compared the fashion and technology industry to a playground that is designed for different experiments. According to Anouk, as the professionals dive deeper, they can come up with better and beautiful possibilities.

Chris Burch is a respected businessman who has made a difference in the lives of many people in the recent times. Burch worked in the industry for over forty years, and he uses his experience to help upcoming entrepreneurs in their business. Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He also serves as the CEO of the successful company.

James Dondero Launches $1 Million Challenge Grant to Finalize $16.5 Million Campaign of the Family Place

James Dondero has officially announced that Highland Capital Management has donated $1 million to support The Family Place, a Dallas-based organization that assists victims of domestic violence, accumulate the closing $2.8 million within the next six months. This month, The Family Place hosted its 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon at the renowned Dallas, Texas-based Hilton Anatole. Additionally, the generous support from HCM was publicized during this conference.

HCM is intending to use its philanthropic arm, the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., to administer the grant by matching 50 percent of the money collected for the campaign. The Highland Dallas Foundation will raise the $1 million starting from October 2015 to April 4, 2017. Since the announcement was made on October 4, The Family Place has managed to raise an extra $200,000 plus $100,000 from Highland’s Grant in support of the Legacy Campaign.

The Family Place is aiming to raise $2.8 million to achieve the campaign fundraising target of $16.5 million. Thus, Highland’s challenge grant will make sure The Family Place meets its target. According to Dondero, the grant is a response to call to action by Dallas leaders such as Mike Rawlings, the Mayor, and David Brown, Police Chief, for the community to assist in solving this dangerous issue in Dallas.

Brief details on James Dondero

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management (HCM) in 1993, and he is the current President and CEO. Armed with more than 30 years professional expertise in equity and credit markets committed entirely on distressed and high yield investing, Dondero is an astute hedge fund manager. He has led HCM in developing credit-oriented solutions and creating Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) for corporate and private investors worldwide. HCM’s unique product offering consists of CLOs, Private Equity Funds, REITs, hedge funds, CLOs, and separate accounts.

Dondero majored in Finance and Accountant. He holds professional certification such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and the prestigious Certified Management Accountant (CMA). He enrolled in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program in 1984 to sharpen his credit analysis skills. He was part of American Express serving as a Corporate Bond Analyst before ascending to the position of Portfolio Manager (1985-1989). Dondero expanded Protective Life from infancy to $2B (1989 and 1993). Originally posted on PRNewswire:

Talk Fusion: The New Wave of Video Marketing

Owning or running a business is big business. It’s a full time job that’s requires strategic thinking and employing effective marketing strategies. Did you know that half of all small businesses fail within a year’s time? That’s right! Unfortunately these businesses just didn’t have the knowledge or know how to keep themselves out of the red. Luckily there is a new and fun way of marketing that’s taking the industry by storm and it’s known as Talk Fusion.

Business success depends on many factors such as effective marketing, knowing who you’re selling to, and implementing strategic actions to get and keep people interested. That’s where Talk Fusion comes into the picture. Talk Fusion is video marketing at it’s finest and has begun revolutionizing the game. Unfortunately the majority of marketing tactics doesn’t bring in enough interest to the product or service that’s being advertised. There are the tried and true radio, television, email, and print advertisements out there, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. Talk Fusion’s focuses on video advertising, but not the same video advertising of television. This advertising is more on a personal level that’s speaks directly to the consumer.

How Effective Is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion uses the power of video by adding them to newsletters, emails, Blogs, online chats, or webinars. This is targeted marketing and not just a bunch of email blasts. Personal videos do a great job of engaging potential prospects much better than the status quo. Engagement Rates increase to 44% when being implemented into emails and most consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after viewing. The success is undeniable and gives you benefits of:

Attracting and Gaining Customers
Keeps consumers Attention
Increases Sales and Profits
Effectively Gains The Edge Over The Competitors
Puts You On The Map

This is the epitome of Digital Marketing and more business owners are jumping on board. Need more customers or sales? This (All-In-One) format is the wave of the future and can potentially bring you back to black.

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Diversant, LLC Has Grown To Be One Of The Largest Minority-Owned Enterprises Thanks To John Goullet

Diversant, LLC is a premier IT staffing company that connects individuals with the proper credentials to IT companies looking for their expertise. The company was founded by Gene Waddy and John Goullet back in 2010, and is based in Red Bank, NJ. It is a model for how staffing can be done while saving client companies money, and diversifying their workforce. Diversant’s goal is just what its name implies, to give people of all backgrounds a chance to find their place in the corporate world. Diversant runs a talent referral and recruitment initiative that helps keep their employment retention rates high.

Diversant also has several benefit programs to help IT consultants hired at their firm advance their training and inspire hard work from them. Consultants are given health insurance and 401k options, as well as paid vacations and assistance for tuition payments. They also help veterans who are coming back into the civilian workforce through the STAR and NOVA programs, where veterans can receive training and on-site job experience. In addition, Diversant has given back to the community through scholarship programs, such as the Marion P Thomas Charter School grant, and the Harlem Business Alliance community.

None of what Diversant has done today would be possible without the work of John Goullet, the current Executive Principal of the company. Goullet started off as an IT consultant himself, working for several New Jersey companies like the Constell Group, 3D Information Services, and TSR Consulting. He soon started moving into the staffing solutions industry, and in 1994 he founded his own company called Info Technologies. This company became quite a game-changer when it came to pairing up consultants with fortune 500 companies, that it grew its profits to $30 million by 1999, gaining recognition in Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing staffing firms.

Info Technologies continued on its successful path until 2010, when Goullet decided to bring his company together his friend Gene Waddy’s company, another IT Staffing firm called Diversant, Inc. The merged company became Diversant, LLC and it grew stronger than ever. Diversant has opened up offices all around the US from New Jersey to California.

IAP Worldwide: Military Backed Contractor

IAP is the leading worldwide logistics, facility management, and advanced professional and technical service provider. IAP is located in over 25 countries across the globe and has continuously provided public and private sector clients with top notch service. With high ethical and professional standards, IAP has an extensive history as a trusted partner with the U.S. military on IAP prides itself on providing its services to clients in even the most difficult and tumultuous environments, noting its humanitarian efforts in war-torn and environmentally afflicted areas throughout the world.

IAP Worldwide employs a wide variety of experienced professionals in the areas of “General Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Operations, Program Management, Accounting/Finance and many other fields and specialty areas,” according to its career page. IAP values its workforce and contributes its longstanding success to the ingenuity and problem-solving skills of those it employs. IAP is an equal opportunity employer who is dedicated to providing its employees with the most competitive employment opportunities on Facebook, including unparalleled rewarding experiences for all who dedicate their time and expertise to IAP’s mission.

The company has a well-defined list of core values that help its current and prospective employees to fully understand their mission. IAP exercises a keen focus on ethical balance, stating its desire to “act with Integrity and Humility,” and to “Partner with colleagues, customers, and community for our mutual success.” IAP focuses on its systems-based approach to problem solving, which allows employees to rapidly and successfully resolve issues on IAP currently employees around 1600 employees throughout the world.

In July, a division of IAP took over the development of Afghanistan’s air traffic control system in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. IAP’s contract demands them to work in harsh conditions. However, IAP has a history of successfully meeting the militaries heightened contingencies. The airport system is an important asset to both the U.S. military as well as Afghanistan. It will likely generate millions of dollars in revenue that will support the militaries efforts and generate a massive boost in the country’s struggling infrastructure system.

While the air traffic control system is just one example of the efforts of IAP, one can explore their daily efforts more closely by following them on Facebook. The company, which is based out of Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Cone Marshall- New Zealand’s Exclusive Law Firm

Cone Marshall is a law firm that was established by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone, and it plays a central role in the foreign trust industry that is located in New Zealand. As a prestigious law firm that works with international families, the Cone Marshall Limited provides their services to trustees, private banks, family advisors, attorneys, and other institutions that are located outside New Zealand. They assist them by giving advice on wealth planning, partnerships and companies, and trusts. The firm can provide the entire New Zealand structuring advice, succession, trust and tax along with other administrative services.

Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey is a University of Otago graduate with LLB honors. Geoffrey plays a significant role in Cone Marshall. He started practicing a year after obtaining a PG diploma in tax and trust law. Geoffrey later joined a leading law firm as a Chairman of Partners. He went on to practice tax and trust advisory work along with commercial litigations and began appearing in as a leading counsel in the court. In 1997, Geoffrey returned to practice after serving as a litigator for the British West Indies for two years. In 1999, he established his practice and merged with Karen Marshall to form the only law firm in New Zealand that specializes in international tax and trust planning.

Karen Marshall

Karen Marshall was also a University of Otago graduate. Karen graduated with LLB honors. She worked in the Commercial Litigations department of a large city firm in London for ten years before joining Cone Marshall in November 2005. Karen has worked for two statutory trustee companies regarding third party security provision, trustee’s power entering into compromises, and trustee’s liability. She has also advised and represented the Trustees of Charitable Trusts during many tight spots. Karen has gained vast experience managing trusts that include providing information, drafting documentation, responding to requests, advising, and assisting the clienteles based on their needs.

The Cone Marshall serves as a central lynchpin and also has more than 1000 New Zealand companies directorship. The enterprises that are associated with this large international trust firm continue to grow on a regular basis. Cone Marshall Limited provides a transparent taxation for New Zealand as a single international law firm. At Cone Marshall, they take every task they handle to be of utmost importance and gives it the top priority.