Spread Betting on Super Bowl: adding more thrills to the game

The Super Bowl is indeed one of the most thrilling events for football fan where they see their favorite teams clash with each other. However, some fans try to double up the excitement of the game to a new extent with betting. This is simply a fun way enjoy the football game and if you are doings things right with moderation, there no harm to anyone. In fact, it is a win-win situation for the football lover odds and the bookies who have to guess the NFL odds. If you look around, you will be shocked to see there are hundreds of shops and sites around you where you can place a bet on your favorite team and win some extra cash if you are lucky.

However, betting on football is not only about wild guesses. Rather it is a calculated risk assessment by the people where they have to meticulously work out the football odds to minimize major risks. There are certain times when we have two teams among which one is really strong i.e. the Favorite and one team is not that strong i.e. the Underdogs. In such situations, most of the people would simply bet on the strong team, and that would be a difficult situation for the bookies as they would have to pay a big amount to pay off the people who made a bet on their favorite team if only it wins. Most of the times, the bookies depend on the money that people would lose by choosing the loosing team. So, they have come up with an intuitive idea of spreading that manipulates the football odds and makes the betting even more interesting as it is no more only a win or lose situation but rather an uncertain forte of NFL odds.

Now let’s discuss what is meant by the spread. This concept of sports betting was invented by a mathematics teacher named Charles K. McNeil in 1940s. In this concept, the bookies come up with a range or margin of victory is referred as spread points and they are expressed as numbers. To make things clear, a negative number indicates the lesser strong team i.e. Underdog and a positive number is used to express the stronger team i.e. Favorite.

In the game, if the Favorite team gets more than the spread or minimum margin of victory, the people who bet on them will win money as they are said to have covered the spread. For example; if the spread is four between Favorite and Underdog and the eventual score is Favorite 13 and Underdog 8, only then people who have betted on the Favorite team will win money.

Video Services from Securus Technologies

For a lot of people, it can be incredibly difficult for them to feel confident in what they are able to do when it comes to getting the most from communication. The prison system does not necessarily make it effective and easy for you to keep in touch with your loved ones because of the fact that there are lots of security measures put into place. This is why so many individuals are beginning to use a system known as Securus with great success and are thrilled with what it is able to do for them and their families.


My own experience with using this great company is one that I will never regret and one that I will also never give up for anything. The reason for this is because I have finally been able to keep in touch with a loved one with whom I have not seen in a while just because of the fact that I have been busy and have not been able to see them in prison. Because of this system, it allowed me to finally have a good communication and relationship with that person on a more regular basis and I feel that our relationship is finally growing because of this option.


This company also launched a multi-state campaign all across the country to let prison families become more aware of the different Services they are offering. This is allowing more and more prison families to learn about the video visitation services that are being made available to them and their loved ones. You will be happy to know that this amazing company offers a wide range of different options that you will find beneficial and this is why a lot of people are beginning to use this in their own lives each and every time they want to contact a loved one.


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EOS competes with giants in the lip balm industry

Tackling a hundred-year-old recipe for lip balm to create a $250 million business in seven years takes planning. By looking at making an emotional connection to the user and appealing to the millennial market, EOS lip balm has become number two behind Burt’s Bees and selling more than Chapstck and Blistex according to Kline Research.

How did EOS do it? EOS or Evolution of Smooth is the brainchild of Sanjiv Mehra, EOS co-founder and managing partner, along with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, two start-up entrepreneurs. Ten years ago they began looking at the lip balm industry as a prime opportunity. The first rule of business is to research the market, and they did. Unisex in its original design, lip balm, as Mehra and Teller found out, was overwhelmingly used by women and that, even used daily, didn’t provide any pleasure.

Appealing to all five senses (color of orbs, smells and flavors, soft packaging and even the clicking sound when closing) and using organic ingredients, their lip balm became ‘moments of delight’. It also became clear that style conscious millennials between the ages of 25 and 35 were the target. Landing their first account with Walgreens, they invested in their own production facility to meet demand. And the accounts kept coming. The products are now being sold on Ulta and Lucky Vitamin.

Advertising through magazines and TV was the same as the older brands. But by using beauty blog reviews, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, influence marketing became the way to go. Product placements, endorsements and snagging Taylor Swift as its Asian spokesperson made EOS the largest advertiser in the lip balm category. Partnering with Keds and Disney to sell collections proved very successful.

The combination of Mehra’s experience in big business and Teller’s knowledge of the startup culture has brought EOS into the global market in a short time. More EOS products like shaving creams and hand lotions are on the shelves and will be used for a long time.


The SEC Whistleblower Protection Program’s Formation and its Functions

The informants of the Securities and Exchange Commission currently receive protection from a program that was formed in 2010. The creation of the plan was facilitated by the Congress’ enactment of the Consumer Protection Act and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform. The changes that the legislations made in the finance sector were the first that had been enforced since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act was the main law that led to the formation of the whistleblower protection program. The regulations that have been set by the plan demand that job security and a financial reward should be offered to any individual who assists the SEC in uncovering company undertakings that violate the state and federal securities laws.


The United States has many law companies that have been created to offer legal representation to the SEC’s informants. The Labaton Sucharow is one of them, and it was the first firm to start offering the service. It has specialized in plaintiff representation for the past 50 years and began providing legal representation to the whistleblowers in 2010. The firm has a competent workforce and a highly organized system that it uses in filling litigations. Its employees understand the enforcement of the securities legislations, and they include internal detectives, forensics professionals, and financial analysts.


The company is currently being led by Jordan A. Thomas to provide top notch representation to its clients. He is an excellent attorney who has sufficient experience in the field. Mr. Thomas is a former employee of the SEC. He worked as the deputy director of the organization and also served in its Department of Enactment as a deputy principal litigation counsel. The SEC recognizes him for being part of the people who helped in the drafting and enactment of the whistleblower protection program.


The informants’ security program motivates the public to offer information to the SEC by providing a monetary reward, which is 10-30 percent of the fines that are paid as a result of the intelligence that they provided. The Commission also ensures that its sources are assured of employment security. The Dodd-Frank Act outlaws the embarrassment of whistleblowers by their employees.


The SEC considers the security of its informants, and therefore, it advises them to conceal their identity when consulting for the first time. It also permits them to be represented by an attorney for them to stay anonymous. The organization is accessible by anyone, and it offers translators for people who cannot speak English.

The Way of the Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier began working for success in life since he was in fourth grade, when he started programming. After High School, he started attending Harvard in 1984, although that didn’t seem to be enough as he took some classes in MIT at the same time. He even wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson, which he also edited. Later, he graduated with great honors in 1988 with a major in English and American Literature.

After moving to Los Angeles, his career as an entrepreneur began. First, he founded People Doing Things, a company that works on health care, education, and other issues using technology. He also lead the creation of Starbright World, a social network where chronically ill children can share their experiences. But this isn’t close to be all his work; he has founded or co-founded several companies like US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone or ServiceMesh. But although Eric is a very successful one, he is more than just an entrepreneur. His work as a philanthropist is just as impressive, investing in charitable organizations like Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures, as well as investing in early startups that soon managed to finance themselves.

Eric Pulier has come a long way as more than simply a successful entrepreneur or a charitable philanthropist. He is also the father of four. But, his career hasn’t come close to ending and neither are his actions for a better world. Even as a writer he has been successful, for example his article The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published in the Forbes magazine. With such people in the world, there is no telling what he or other entrepreneurs will do in coming years, but whatever happens, Eric has already made a name as well as an example of himself. The new entrepreneurs of this generation would be wise to see his example and know that there is no stopping a determined man.

For more information please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/pulier

Lovaganza 2020 Festivities

The world is expected to experience one of the most monumental events that will restore the imagination, hope and goodwill of the human spirit in the year 2020. The extraordinary event will remind everyone about their tremendous potential when they unite and put determination and talent into proper use. The Lovaganza event that will be held in 2020 will be the best way to celebrate humanity. The event is being organized by individuals who are focusing on different cultures around the globe suing arts, motion pictures and other forms of the new technology that unite people from different races.

Lovaganza is one of a kind event, and it is planned to happen live in eight nations. The events will occur at the same time in these international sites, from Oceana to the Middle East. Several activities are already in progress as the organizers work hard to put everything in order before the special day.

Part of the preparation for the great event involves a traveling show that will be a way of paving the way for the 2020 event. The traveling show will be launched in 2017, and it will be a preliminary convoy that will be designed to boost the culmination of the attendees of what to expect in the year 2020.

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Lovaganza Officially Announces Dates for its Highly Anticipated Global Celebration

The 2017 caravan will be expected to highlight the actual performance and at the same time sample some of the festivities that will take place in 2020. There will be some excellent films that have never been shown in the world before. The 3D films are designed with huge screens. The Marvelous 12, a very popular serial animation will also be part of the highly anticipated Lovaganza traveling show. All the attendants of the show will be treated just like explorers who need to discover the beautiful cultures of the earth.

The Lovaganza festivities will take place from May to September in different parts of the globe. The traveling show that will be held at 2017 will sample each and everything that will happen on the actual date. The real event will be phenomenal and extraordinary. It will showcase some of the respectable festivities and concerts in the globe. The event will also introduce an advanced audio technology and view into the world. Africa, America, The Middle East, Oceania, Europe, and Asia will breathe with a new vitality when the event takes place. People from all parts of the globe are getting ready for the event.

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The Quincy

On November 30, 2012 a robbery took place in Quincy Circle, a parking lot in South New Brunswick, New Jersey. The victim was a pizza delivery driver who was walking back to his car around 9:30 p.m. Little did he know he was followed by a man named Parysh Wood. Wood then demanded his money and pizza and fled.


Wood, who uses the aliases “Pistol” and “P-Gun,” was caught in January of 2013. Police and investigators looked into his cellphone records, which placed him at the day and time of the robbery.


Assigned to the case, Chief Raymond Hayducka is noted saying, “In this digital age, many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find.”


Not only were the records incriminating, he and a woman named Justina Hampton were linked to other robberies in the city.


After charging Wood and holding him on a $100,00 bail, police have kept the case open for any additional arrests.





Another crime also took place in New Brunswick, on October 5, 2015. This time a shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments.


According to dispatchers bullets rang out at 9:30 p.m. Then, subsequently, the New Brunswick Police arrived at 33 Commercial Avenue, which is in the First Ward. The 206-unit complex has had its share of criminal activity in its later years. But, records show, there was only one person injured.


Also, the police have scant knowledge of the suspect involved. The suspect, an alleged male, was seen wearing a hoodie. He fled down Neilsen Street. But, they do know three or four bullets were fired, because of the additional shell casings left at the scene.


The New Brunswick Police Department detectives have decided to keep the identities of the victim and suspect anonymous. They say charges will follow and are still investigating the shooting.


Billy McFarland Shows The Way With Magnises

It seems that Billy McFarland was born to be successful, as at the tender age of 13 he started a business on his own that found clients for a local company. When he was a mere freshman computer engineering student at Bucknell in Pennsylvania, he formed a company called Spling.

Spling takes the URL of a company and turns it into a graphic, making it more attractive and memorable, giving the company another marketing tool that stands out. Spling is still going strong; McFarland is the CEO. Universal and Discovery are clients among others.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland birthed Magnises which is a platform for millennials to band together and share in discounts, perks, and common ground. Magnises sports the “Black Card” which copies all of the data from the member’s debit or credit card. The Black Card is then used for payment, only with deep discounts and perks.

Restaurants, clubs, bars, venues, events and other places are joining in droves, as it has become a prestigious thing to be a member of Magnises. Some degree of exclusivity is appropriate for not only the millennials but also for the businesses who choose to become involved.

The idea has taken hold as evidenced by the fact of over 10,000 members who have forked over the modest annual membership of $250. The Black Card is the possession that is prized by young professionals, entrepreneurs and others between the ages of 21 and 35 in New York City.

Billy McFarland has been able to be somewhat picky as to who can become a member, as well as what businesses can be involved as well. There is an online application for prospective members, and as far as businesses becoming involved, they have to be willing to “get in the game” and offer significant services.

With a recent venture capital infusion of cash to the tune of $3 million, McFarland sees an expansion on the horizon. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London have similar populations of millennials and are ripe for placing the business model in those locations.

There is no reason to believe that Magnises would not be as successful on other sites, and Billy McFarland agrees. The model works, and it is simply an issue of having the proper management in the new cities, where the sky is the limit.

A Shared Office Space Provides Many Advantages Over a Non-Office Environment


The advantages to working in a shared office space are so numerous that when tallied total to more than 25. These advantages are beneficial to independent contractors, start-up companies and even management personnel working for existing companies. The ability to work in an office setting with others allows for more networking opportunities. This is especially beneficial for people in need of new marketing strategies, new leads or increased sales.


Another great advantage to working in a shared office is the ability to focus on the work at hand. People who usually work out of hotel rooms or from home often are at a disadvantage when it comes to productivity. A co-working environment provides a more professional atmosphere with all of the necessary tools to help people in a broad range of industries complete their tasks in a more efficient manner.


Convenient and Affordable


Anyone living or passing through the New York area could take advantage of the co-working spaces available from Workville NYC. These centrally located offices are close to all major modes of transportation, making it convenient for people to access them from almost anywhere. These shared office spaces are also offered as leased spaces with flexible schedules. The team at Workville NYC offer spaces that can be accessed as needed, which is why their shared offices have a 24-hour open door policy. This allows people to enter or leave the office at times that are convenient to their personal schedules.


One of the best advantages to leasing a shared office space from Workville NYC is the ability to save money. Since these spaces are leased by the day, week or month, people only need to pay for the time they actually need to use the space. These offices also come equipped with free WiFi and dedicated phone lines, which save people money on the cost of having to pay for these services separately. They also come equipped with printers, hook-ups for satellite services and power outlets for business machines such as projectors. Anyone choosing to lease a shared office through Workville NYC will also have access to the on-site lounge and cafe.