Cancer Treatment Center of America Help to Save Lives

There are times when guess work and wasting time are just not an option that you would like to have and enjoy, as a living and breathing human being. Finding and executing the best treatment plan for surviving any kind of cancer qualifies as one of these times. And, it is in these times when knowing where to go and just whom to turn to is most important. Sometimes, it is even better to know more than one institution.

It’s best of all when the names that you know and the places you trust are working together, such as in the case of CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) and WebMD who provide information and services that saves life and serves human kind. In the case of CTCA, everything starts by fighting cancer on two different fronts. The first priority is stopping cancer through a cadre of expert techniques and cutting-edge technologies. These include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy and surgery. And just as important as the first, the second step in a cancer free life is support and various therapies to neutralize pain, nausea, fatigue among the other effects treatment can have on the body.

This collaboration is all about empowerment through information and truly inclusive healthcare, along with medical practice. A good place to start when deciding on a treatment plan is to know about the the facts and stats of surviving. This help in forming an informed opinion which bring about the best decisions. Fighting cancer with confidence is key to finding and possible pioneering the best treatment plan. The CTCA wholeheartedly recommends bringing ten essential questions to every doctors visit and getting a second opinion without hesitation the instant it feels like good idea. Second opinions often lead to speedy recovery times and open the doors to options that a fresh set of eyes bring to any situation. If fact it really is the only thing that can make the CTCA and Webmd team any better.

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Meet Dr. Mark Holterman, the Gifted Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Mark J. Holterman is a renowned Pediatric surgeon, a university professor, philanthropist and entrepreneur. The gifted surgeon is full of obligation and commitment. Through extensive medical research, Dr. Mark is determined to succeed in regenerative medicine, cancer treatment, stem cell therapy and obesity. For over two decades Dr. Mark Holterman has voluntarily worked in numerous charity project, taught University medical students as well as launching the Mariam Global Health.

Volunteer Work

Based in Maywood, Illinois, Dr. Mark Holterman is regarded as children’s hero. He serves as the pediatric surgeon at the Children Hospital of Illinois and the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. At these children hospitals, the focus is clinical surgical care for infants and children. He has faithfully supported the International Pediatric Specialist Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). Dr. Mark Holterman notable efforts for the organization have enabled the group advance the surgical procedures for children in Vietnam hospitals and medical schools. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Dial Dish.

For the provision of their services, IPSAC-VN relies on donations and volunteers. The group volunteers who are qualified medical practitioners do train medical staffs and students in Vietnam as well as demonstrating new surgical techniques. Also, they perform Pediatric surgeries on children at the hospitals and medical schools. Furthermore, in furthering their childcare campaign, the charity group donate medical equipment to institutions in Vietnam.

About Mark

Dr. Mark Holterman attained his Bachelor’s degree in Arts, biology from Yale University. Later in 1980, he attended the University of Virginia for his doctorate in Medicine and Immunology. He began his career at the University of Virginia as the resident General Surgeon. From 1993, Dr. Holterman served at Seattle Children as the Fellowship in Pediatric Surgery as well as the instructor of surgery at the University of Washington. Learn more about Dr. Mark Holterman’s profile at

As a certified Pediatric surgeon, Dr. Mark has served as a full professor at the University of Illinois as well as attending to Rush University Medical Centre. In 2012, Dr. Mark Holterman founded the Mariam Global Health. This venture deals with global investment projects and management of firms targeting innovators. The company focuses on innovative businesses that aim at developing and implementing of scientific advances to make an impact on global health.


Louis Chenevert: Leading the Pack with Innovation

Managing a large corporation through an economic recession is no easy task. Although there are many popular methods of dealing with this economic strife throughout the industry there is no obvious answer that will guide a company securely through. When budgets are in need of cuts some of the most obvious solutions may not be a shortcut to success that they are credited with. Visit to know more.

An example of a leader who took their company down an less worn path and brought them out the other side healthier than when they went is is Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert was brought in by the United Technologies Corporation in 2006 to act as their President, Director and Chief Financial Officer. Later in 2008 they also added Chief Operating Officer to his lengthy list of responsibilities.

When his role at UTC began Chenevert knew he would have many obstacles to work around. However, he also had a clear idea of what he would avoid while navigating the difficult terrain. At the beginning of his tenure, UTC’s stocks were valued at $37 a share the policies put in place by Chenevert would lead that value to explode with a growth rate of over 200% in the time that he was there. Ultimately when Chenevert left UTC stocks were worth $117 a share. This growth was fostered without compromising the company’s history. Louis Chenevert maintained fair wages for all his employees and resisted the quick payoff offered by relocating to cheaper markets overseas. Actually, he did the unexpected thing and even relocated a plant into a more expensive market. This move helped him maximize the usefulness of his employees. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

His atypical approach has garnered lots of attention. In addition to having a sought-after opinion in the corporate world, he has also been awarded such honors as an honoris causa from HEC Montreal and Concordia University. HEC Montreal is also where Chenevert attended college. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has also been publicly recognized by the National Building Museum with the Honor Award. Additionally U.S. aviation trade magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology name Chenevert their person of the year in 2011.

Dr. Imran Haque Can Help You With Anything

Dr. Imran Haque is an internal medicine specialist. He has a couple of offices in North Carolina. Dr. Haque has 15 years of experience in internal medicine. He has worked with many hospitals and owns his own private practice, Horizon Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque opened his office to serve the residents of North Carolina with the best possible medical care.

Dr. Imran Haque studied at and graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana. Dr. Imran Haque also studied at and graduated from the University of Virginia. He got his license to operate in North Carolina and has since become one of the most qualified and well renowned internal medicine specialists in North Carolina.

Horizon Internal Medicine is famous in North Carolina. It is well known that Dr. Haque and his team provide the best possible care. Not only are they well equipped with the best equipment and technology, and not only do they have a team with the best experience and education, but the team at Horizon Internal Medicine is known for treating patients with a unique mix of experience, empathy, and dedicated compassion. Many people in North Carolina travel all the way to Horizon Internal Medicine to be treated by Dr. Haque and his team.

Dr. Haque offers a wide range of services. He can treat all sorts of illnesses, including pneumonia and diabetes. He can do regular check-ups. Dr. Imran Haque can also do cosmetic procedures.

For example, Dr. Haque offers 360 resurfacing. 360 resurfacing is a type of laser skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin. It is used to treat many conditions and to improve the skin’s cosmetic appearance. When it comes to 360 resurfacing, you need to make sure that you are being treated by someone who is dedicated to making every detail count and who has the right experience. Dr. Imran Haque’s patients are confident in the success of the procedures.

Another thing that Dr. Haque can treat is weight management. He can treat weight gain by prescribing various exercises and diet plans.

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Agora Financial Financial Information You Can Trust

There are very few times when people make a blind investment without research and end up making money from it. Making smart investments need a lot of research, and one has to study the market trend and do a careful analysis of the various investment options available. If you want to make the most of your investments, make sure not to trust your instincts or the tips you come across from random sources. You need expert advice to make money from your investments and make smart financial decisions and over a million readers across the globe trust Agora Financial for such accurate financial information. It is one of the most trusted and credible publishing houses in the field of finance and has over twenty various publications specializing in different industries.

Agora Financial ensures that the news it provides to the clients is accurate and unbiased. Many of the magazines, online publications, and even newspapers are biased in their reporting these days, and thus, trusting them can lead to the misinformed financial decision. If you are looking to make money from your investments, you need information that you can believe, and that you can get from Agora Financial. The publishing house provides news in various formats such as a newsletter, e-mail, magazines, and more.

The best part is that Agora Financial does not take money from any company to publish information in their favor. It ensures that the readers are getting the information they can trust with eyes closed. Agora Financial has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, but has a network across the globe. In the past, Agora Financial has made some significant financial predictions that helped its readers save as well as make a considerable amount of money. The readers of Agora Financial are mostly people who have long-term financial goals and want to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to finances.



Make live better with Life Line Screening

Healthy living is good for everyone. Healthy living enables us to be always at our full potential. It is easier to deal with other issues in life when we know that our lives are safe. Safe living is a concern that many of us have. However, to be able to live a safe life, we need to take precautionary measures that will ensure that we have our health status checked regularly. Such checks will ensure that we live a safe life free of any surprise medical conditions. Most of the medical problems faced by human beings usually result from failure to have bodies checked.

In the United States, the issues of healthy living have been a concern for a long time. People have been living unsafe lives in terms of poor eating habits and poor living in general. People no longer take exercises seriously. This has resulted in a scenario where medical conditions related to cardiovascular diseases have increased. Cardiovascular diseases are a cause of many death as in the country. These are diseases that are taking approximately over six hundred thousand deaths every year. This, therefore, becomes a concern for the society to focus more attention on the protection of such diseases.

There is a wellness company in the country that is dedicated to helping people deal with the health problems that are related to cardiovascular problems. These are problems that can be detected when one is screened for these issues. Screening is the only way that developing problems in the body can be detected. The company is Life Line Screening. This is a company that was started in1993. It has been in the business if protecting the lives of thousands of Americans for a long time. People who would like to have their health tested are happy to have this company. They have the best equipment and health experts who can analyze even the minor health problems. The company has advanced tests that will ensure that no problems go undetected. Knowing the status of our health will mean that we are able to live safely and that we are able to know to do with our health. There is an option to know if improvements are needed for better living.

Life Line Screening promises to have the best services to their clients. These are services that will ensure that the status of our lives is safe and that we are at no risk of diseases that can make our lifestyles deteriorate.

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Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen Success in Food Industry

Nathaniel Ru and his two colleagues are respected a lot in the United States. The three businessmen are the founders of a food chain that is called Sweetgreen. The company has been in the American market for a long time now, and it has been making headlines for offering consumers high-quality foods at very affordable prices.

The food from the institution is very healthy and tasty, and it is ideal for all the people who want to live longer and a happy life. The ingredients used to manufacture this food are taken from the best farmers in the region, and this means that the quality of their products is not compromised.

The idea to start a food company was started when Nathaniel Ru and his friends were doing their final year at the popular Georgetown University that is located in Washington. When studying, these young men were always having problems when trying to locate a healthy food company so that they could enjoy their meal.

The young men were mostly focused on finding a place that was easy and fun at the same time. The state, however, didn’t have a facility that would offer this simple feature.

This motivated the men to start thinking for a way to transform the industry and introduce a company that would deliver the kind of results that the consumer was yearning for. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase and Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Six years after thinking about this idea, the young men can proudly say that they have done their job, and their dreams have come true.

The company that was founded by Nathaniel Ru and his friends has already grown so much, and it has been successful in opening several food chains in several parts of the world. The restaurant is modern and is very well equipped, and it has all the foods and services the modern consumer is interested in.

Getting to this stage, however, has never been a walk in the park for the friends. When they found their first location, the young men had to convince the landlord for a whole month just to plan for a meeting. The landlord was adamant because he did not believe that the idea of the three was going to become a reality.

Fortunately, the landlord accepted to offer her premises, and the businessmen looked for business partners who made the restaurant successful. Sweetgreen has managed to do so well despite the challenges in the hospitality industry in the recent times.

Your Daily Brew of Organo Gold Could Lead to a Longer Life

Good news for coffee drinkers, your morning brew could be connected to a reduced risk of dying from a long list of diseases. In the article, Bowerman,M.(2017,July 7).Will Drinking Coffee Lead to a Longer Life?, retrieved from,the author lists individuals drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee daily having a lower risk of heart disease,cancer,stroke, diabetes and kidney disease. The information is based on two separate studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The studies were across several ethnic groups as well as a European study that surveyed 520,000 people in ten countries.

When shopping for coffee, the selection can be overwhelming. The makers of Organo Gold offer gourmet coffee containing Ganoderma lucidum, which brings a richness to the flavor as well as added health benefits. The most noted health benefits from Ganoderma lucidum are cancer related fatigue and relief from rheumatoid arthritis, as well as protection for the liver. Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

Several coffee blends, as well as hot cocoa and teas, are available from Organo Gold. The products available contain the finest organic ingredients while offering a rich and flavorful drinking experience. The coffee, tea and cocoa products all contain Ganoderma lucidum, allowing healthy benefits while enjoying richer taste. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Organo is a global network marketing company offering premium products through independent distributors in over fifty countries. Business opportunities with the company are outlined on the Organo web site with extensive information on the products the company has to offer. The company web site also includes videos about the company as well as a list of scheduled corporate events.

With the current information being offered on the health benefits of coffee, Organo Gold is certainly one to be considered when shopping for your daily brew. The added benefits of Ganoderma lucidum to the delicious brews of coffee,tea or cocoa, make Organo Gold an enjoyable and healthy selection.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Expounds on Rio de Janeiro Education Sector PPP

Mayor Marcelo Crivella’s administration has announced plans to leverage public-private partnerships (otherwise known as PPPs) to meet its objectives both in the education sector and development of infrastructural projects such as public lighting. Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in infrastructure projects, notes that the mayor is living up to the promises he made to the residents of Rio de Janeiro before he assumed office.

Part of Crivella’s vision for the education sector involves creating 20 thousand new places in daycare centers and an additional 40 thousand places in pre-schools by 2020. The PPP is in support of Crivella’s vision which is currently in feasibility studies stage. Rio de Janeiro is not doing it alone as the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group, is the lead consultant on the project. Felipe Montoro Jens is optimistic that the world bank will live up to its end of the bargain as it as carved a niche as the most significant private sector development partner in the developing world. IFC’s services will cost Rio de Janeiro over R $4.4 million.

Just like the first education sector PPP implemented in Brazil in 2012 by Belo Horizonte, Rio’s PPP will rely on the private sector to construct and maintain educational facilities while providing any auxiliary services on a need basis. Crivella’s administration will be responsible for the teaching services and the provision of school lunch as directed by Brazil’s Ministry of Education.

Brazil drafted the rules of engagement between the private sector and public administration entities in 2004. Felipe suggests that that the use of PPPs is an ingenious way of overcoming the scarcity of resources problem that every government is grappling with. Public administration entities comprise the states, municipalities, federal districts, etc. With Felipe Montoro Jens expertise in infrastructural projects and Crivella’s vision, Rio de Janeiro is set for a drastic improvement.

Little you probably didn’t know about End Citizens United and its support for the Johnson amendment

America is among the few countries known for their strict but straightforward rules of governance. Politics is one of the sectors that have always been put in check because it means the state’s stability. However, in the recent past, most of the political laws have in one way been undermined or forgotten. Historically, since the U.S came into existence, the church is a nonprofit organization and has always been separated from the state.

Currently, owing to the political unrest, the separation is at stake. Various members of the Congress are on the move to tear down the Johnson Amendment. We all understand that without the amendment, nonprofit organizations will now have the power to be involved in politics directly. Bearing in mind the negative side of the move, End Citizens United is working day and night to ensure that the Johnson Amendment remains intact.

Although the Johnson Amendment has been in existence for decades, many citizens became aware of it during the last election. President Trump was one of the aspirants who made annulling the amendment his top campaign promises. To many, revising the bill didn’t sound like a big deal. However, for the few wealthy individuals, the move would mean joy to their game strategies as they would be allowed to donate unlimited cash to churches and receive it later during the campaigns.

End Citizens United understands the risk factor that comes with stripping down the amendment off its powers. The organization fears that the church money may find its way into campaigns which means disaster. For example, in 2015, the religious group recorded a total of $119 billion concerning donations and what followed the following year was an expensive election. Approximately, the recent polls recorded around $6.5 billion becoming the most expensive election in history.

The Johnson Amendment has been in play since 1950 and was proposed by Lyndon B. Johnson, then Texas’ Senator. The senator felt that religious organizations had an unfair advantage due to their tax-free status hence the law would work efficiently to separate them from the state. To the eyes of a majority, the law is more of a punishment than a preventive measure. In the recent past, the same churches have put their noses in the political business, and very few have faced the full force of the law.

According to Pew Research Center, majority of Americans are uncomfortable with the cheeky bill to strip the Johnson amendment its powers. However, a notable number of individuals are confusingly supporting the move. Even though the churches are backing up the bill, some churches are against it and have joined End Citizens United in the complicated fight to protect the amendment.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is among the few organizations in place and with the power to keep the government in check. Over and over again, the team has generated millions of dollars to fund the democratic candidates. Although the group has been in the game for less than a decade, it has defined its fundamental objective which is fighting for the rights of the people. As a preparation for the 2018 election, the organization is targeting to raise more than $35 million to support the democratic movement. Also, recently, the campaign unveiled a list of endorsed politicians for the next elections.

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