How Did One Entrepreneur Make Solvy The Best Homework Solution For Schools?

Every school in America is looking for a better way to help students who are struggling with homework, but they are not always on the same page. Alexei Beltyukov has created a program called Solvy that works online, and it gives students a direct interface between them and their teachers.

The teachers that are working with Solvy can talk to their students in the program when there are homework problems, and Alexei Beltyukov has made sure that his program is functional for everyone.

There are a lot of parents who are frustrated because they cannot do anything about the homework their kids bring home, and that is where they can use Solvy.

Solvy is making life easier for kids because they get instant answers to their questions in the program, and teachers can grade in the program so that students get instant feedback. The students need this if they are ever to make any progress, and Alexei Beltyukov knows that this speeds everything up for everyone.

According to AllBusiness, Alexei Beltyukov wanted to make Solvy in the style of the regular business applications that he has used in the past. He knew that it would be easier to get the teachers and the students on the same playing field just by using computers.

He has experience with this at A-Ventures, and he has worked in big industry at a place like New Gas Technologies. He knows how to connect people, and he is using the same information to make it easier for students to learn.

A video at Daily Motions shows that Solvy by Alexei Beltyukov helps students and teacher work in the same place with homework. The teacher will put their information in the system, and the student will do their homework in the same place.

They can talk about it before getting back to class, and then both sides can move on from frustration.