Lori Senecal and What Intrigues Her

Crispin Porter + Bogusky is an ad agency in New York. The CEO of the company is Lori Senecal. Ever since she took the role of CEO in 2015, the company has made many gains. For example, the company has seen a twenty one percent increase in revenue. The company has made very good decisions due to the award winning guidance of Lori. For example, the company Kraft came out with products that were void of artificial ingredients. Crispin Porter + Bogusy advised Kraft to not talk too much about this decision, to avoid consumers being alienated. As reported by Forbes, this decision was only publicized once the products were successfully sold on the market. There is an app called Letgo which is for classified ads. For this app, Crispin Porter + Bogusky built a tool called the Commercializer. The purpose of this tool is to let users create TV-style spots for items that are being sold. The Commercializer has already been downloaded 45 million times.



Lori Senecal has spent more than ten years in the advertising business. Most of these years, she has worked in the Greater New York City area. She likes to start her day with a work out. She believes that this helps her to spawn ideas. She has meetings with her team to discuss issues affecting the ten offices of the company. Lori Senecal cannot completely say exactly what her day consists of, because every day is different. When asked what trend really intrigues her, she says that it is the trend of going from brand messaging to making brand actions. What is meant by this is that in the past, brands would tell consumers what they are about. However, now brands are actually taking actions to qualify their statements. She believes that this is a great thing that leads to people believing in a brand’s message.  Follow Lori on Twitter.


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Jose Borghi Provides Powerful Marketing Expertise

CEO Jose Borghi has become recognized in different parts of the world for his marketing vision. He has been able to conceptualize campaigns that can make consumers take a look at the products and services that certain companies are providing. This is a skill that Jose Henrique Borghi has been highly recognized for because he has received a number of accolades for his talents.

People are impressed with the way that Jose Borghi has been able to totally evolve as a marketing leader. He provided his talents to FCB and Standard Ogilvy. He would transition in many ways into a successful marketing professional that could change the course of business for a multitude of companies. Any organization that is trying to build a loyal customer base is going to need a solid marketing campaign. No business can thrive if no consumers can see the worth of the business. This is what Jose has been able to do in his career in marketing career. He has managed to help consumers see the worth in the businesses that they are patronizing. Jose Borghi has been able to change the way that consumers look at certain business concepts.

He has helped many businesses gain a much greater exposure, and this is why he is very sought-after in the marketing industry. There are lots of marketing companies that are looking for someone that has the award-winning talent that Jose possesses. He has definitely shown himself to be a very innovative marketing agent that knows how to bridge the gap between young and old consumers. Jose Borghi is someone that knows how to create diverse marketing campaigns that can cater to a wide assortment of consumers. This is the thing that takes him and his skill set to an international audience of consumers throughout the world.