Arthur Becker’s Track Record to Real Estate Success

Arthur Becker is one of the most prominent real estate developers in New York City. Over the past couple of years, since establishment in 2011, Becker has guided Madison Partners, LLC into a top spot among the community developers in the area. Becker has been one of the most interesting and exciting entrepreneurs in the industry for the past decade or so. His work has touched upon technology, real estate, fashion and foreign currency investments. In a report by NY Daily News, Becker’s work is as inspiring to bystanders as it is to upcoming entrepreneurs. In any event, learning from Becker’s success can be the first step to finding success of your own.

According to The Real Deal, Arthur Becker started out winning his first fortune while working as a stockbroker for Bear Stearns. Becker made money buying and trading technology companies. His first fortune was made in 2000 but he jumped right into real estate, not content to let it sit idly in his bank account. Becker went to Florida and New York where he began to seriously push into the real estate development world. Eventually Becker would completely shift his focus to his work in New York City where he has risen in both profile and successful stature.

Becker has been a part of a great many different investments along the way. Becker has been part of the Vera Wang Fashion Company for decades while he has been a stockbroker, inventor, and financial venture capitalist. Becker has invested in artwork, inventions, real estate, macadamia nut farms and more. Some of his most interesting investments include foreign currency from Nigeria and Cameroon as well as a binocular company called ‘Bnox’. The foreign currency was a statement investment as Becker had always been fascinated by the importance by which past civilizations focused toward theirown currency forms. Becker says, “People put a lot of things on money that people used to put on their gods: security, romance, hope safety.”

As a real estate investor Becker has found his most pronounced success. Arthur Becker has investments in developmental projects in Soho and Tribeca as well as his own line up of upcoming developments through Madison Partners LLC.


Flavio Maluf: Why the Prevailing Conditions are Favorable for Entrepreneurs


The Brazilian industry has in recent months, been suffering from major setbacks. However, experts predict that this is normal occurrence, and that the industry is on a recovery path. Entrepreneur Flavio Maluf is one of the industrialists who hold onto this position. According to him, there will likely be an improvement, which will attract entrepreneurs once more. Despite this, a number of prospective entrepreneurs are still pessimistic about the chances of recovery.


The Industrial Confidence Index (ICI) recently stated that there has been a general increase in the level of business confidence. Since September 2016, the index has experienced an increase of 2.1. This is a major recovery considering that the previous month, there was a decrease of 1 point. It is from these figures that Mr. Maluf predicts there will be a further increase in October.


How the Data is Obtained


Normally, this data is obtained through an in-depth analysis of executives’ perspectives concerning monetary activities in the industry. There is always a general emphasis on the preceding six months. The Ibre / FGV (Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation often conducts this survey on the manufacturing sector. In September, the institution sampled the sentiments of over 1100 business leaders in the manufacturing industry.


Maluf points out to Exame.Abril that an improvement in the volume of stocks is a sign that players in the industry should brace themselves for better times. However, he advises entrepreneurs to exercise caution before making investments since the number of business executives who took part in the evaluation dropped. Though the drop was marginal, it is unadvisable to make blind investments before analyzing the existing investment climate first.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur, corporate executive, and mechanical engineer. Currently, he serves as the President of Eucatex, a Brazilian corporation that has interests in the construction industry. Mr. Maluf studied at FAAP in Sao Paolo before proceeding to New York University. His competent and transformative leadership has helped Eucatex to become one of the most profitable corporations in Brazil. Since ascending to the helm, he has continuously endeavored to come promote innovations that are not only beneficial to Eucatex, but also to the entire industry.

Jim Hunt Develops a Unique Trading System

The terrific investor and trader of VTA Publications, Jim Hunt, featured on one of the popular magazines as a whistleblower who assists other traders to navigate through the complex financial policies imposed by the big banks. Hunt is trying to make his mother a tax-exempt millionaire in ten simple steps. All the steps will be uploaded on YouTube to serve as proof. The first few steps have been completed, and they are available for viewing on his new website

About his trading system

Jim Hunt says his trading system is a recipe for success. Contrary to what most people might think, his trading system is realistic. He said that a thousand pounds are affordable. Through his trading system, the thousand pounds is multiplied ten times, and it totals to a million pounds.

Hunt’s trading system entails utilizing a proprietary strategy for buying stocks when their price is low and selling them when their cost increases. The trick does not lie on the trading part but on identifying the stocks, which are experiencing a fast-paced increase in value. His current plan is to pick the best stocks so that he can make his mom a millionaire as soon as possible. Since the exercise involves dealing with stocks, it is more certainty-oriented.

According to Hunt, trading is not as hard as many people perceive it. It only requires commitment, willingness to learn and make calculated guesses before investing in any stock. He uploads the outcome of his trading methods on YouTube to prove to people that they can turn their a thousand pounds to a million pounds.

An Overview on VTA Publications Limited

VTA Publication is a renowned company launched on December 3, 2012, and its registered office is headquartered in Norfolk. The company focuses on publishing non-fiction educational courses and organizing events. VTA Publications’ goal is to offer clients with cutting-edge physical and digital information. Its main area of specialization is in finance and economics. VTA Publication agenda is to identify people who are talented and experienced in their area of specialization. The company functions as a booking agent for conferences and educational workshops.

Danilo Diaz Granados – Toys-for-Boys Successful Extravaganza

As far as extravaganzas go, Danilo Diaz Granados outdid himself earlier this month when he threw an event to introduce his products, Toys-for-Boys to Miami’s affluent society. Not to be outdone, the event included helicopter rides, gourmet foods, racetrack attendance, Dom Perignon, and boat rides at sunset.

His intent was to introduce the men of Miami to exclusive products. His intent was to create a one-stop-shopping experience for the affluent men who are his target clientele.

The all-day event was only offered to a hand-selected group of guests who enjoyed breakfast at the exclusive Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum sales center. Afterward, they were shown a private view of the future; long-awaited residential community to be a part of Miami’s Biscayne area.

Granados attended Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts, majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship. Once he had earned his degrees, he decided to go big with his future. With his knowledge and research into the Miami area, he discovered that there was very little upscale opportunities or facilities that concentrated on the Latino community.

Using this knowledge of a niche market, Granados opened a boutique that offered luxury items that catered to the Latino culture. His boutique included a variety of merchandise including art, watches and jewelry. In one of his stores, he even offers automobiles.

Granados does not concentrate only on his boutiques and Toys-for-Boys, either. He has found backing and opened a film studio called Edge of Glory Films. Like his boutique, his studio concentrates on the Latino community.

He has found that his interest and involvement in improving the lives of members of the Latino community is more of a calling. In 2015, Granados was given the opportunity to work with Fireman Capital Partners, where he analyzes social and demographics within the Latino culture and help his clients with investments.

Granados has been described as a ‘workaholic’ who looks to consistently elevate himself to a higher and more practical level. His interest to the improvement of the Latino community should be commended. As with any innovative thinker, Granados is not done, and will likely think of more helpful and practical ways to improve the lives of those in the Latino community.  Be sure to follow Danilo’s journey on Instagram @DaniloDiazGranados.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management


Business 2 Community just published an article that explains just how important online reputation management has become for businesses today. Gone are the days when a business could simply soothe an upset customer with a courtesy phone call. Given the fact that practically the entire world is online everyday, a negative review posted online by a customer can have far reaching consequences. According to HelpScout, at least 24 percent of U.S. consumers have posted some sort of review online about services or goods they purchased. This means that consumers are more willing than ever to share the good and the bad about their experiences with different companies. Even more telling, studies show that about 86 percent of online customers are influenced by negative reviews online. Combined with the global impact of a negative review, these statistics alone are enough to impart the necessity for diligent online reputation management for any business. In addition to policing for negative reviews, proactive and effective online reputation management strategies involve creating positive impressions for potential customers with specific brands.

It is important that business owners understand the impact that a business’ online reputation has on its bottom line and that internet reputation repair is too involved of a task to manage on their own. This is where The Search Fixers provide an invaluable service to business owners across all industries. Part of the core strategy of The Search Fixers in managing their clients’ online reputations is fixing negative search results so that any negative comments or reviews about the business are buried far back in search results where potential customers will probably not bother to look. There are situations where The Search Fixers will have to take a more intense approach to fix bad reviews and work directly to shape the general perception about a company.

In addition to being a complicated process, to fix negative search results is extremely time consuming. This is another reason why The Search Fixers is a superior choice for online reputation management over a business trying to manage online search results themselves. Even though a business owner is probably under extreme stress and time pressure to deal with a negative incident with a customer, a call to The Search Fixers will allow the business owner to focus on other revenue generating activities. The Search Fixers frequently offers discounts to new customers interested in seeing how their online reputation can be improved.

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Sam Tabar’s Long Successful Legal Career

The legal field is incredibly hard to navigate, and working your way to the top can take an entire career. Sam Tabar is fairly young, but he has achieved a great deal already. Sam is widely considered one of the best in his field, and many firms fight for his services. He works as both a capital strategist and an attorney, and he loves being able to utilize both talents. He worked hard to achieve his renown and he is proud of the relationships he has built with his clients.

Sam got his started at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher, and Flom LLP. He put in amazing work with that firm. Over the years at the firm he was able to build a fantastic reputation. He quickly became an associate, and eventually, he started working as a capital strategist and business development. He loved working with the firm, but he especially loved helping clients build stronger businesses.

After leaving the firm, Sam had the opportunity to work with several different companies. He spent several years working with the SPARX Group. He eventually worked his way up to Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director. He helped their business flourish, and they were happy to have his great strategy knowledge and knowledge of the legal field.

Sam also spent some time working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch. During this time he was able to help the company in their Asia-Pacific Region. He developed a strong love of the region, and he is glad to have a great deal of experience in this area.

Sam has already had a storied career, but today he works with FullCycle Fund in New York. He loved his time in Asia, but now he is excited to be back in the city of New York. FullCycle is a business that is committed to helping the energy grow to new heights. There are numerous regulations on the energy market, so Sam has many opportunities to utilize his knowledge.

Sam Tabar is a brilliant mind in the legal world because he is willing to work hard and learn more have helped him grow as a professional.

A Short Biography Of Eric Pulier

Mr. Pulier grew up in suburban New Jersey and completed high school in 1984. He graduated from Teaneck High School in Teaneck, New Jersey with outstanding marks and applied to Harvard University as an english and literature major. Accepted into Harvard University, Pulier graduated at the top of his class with a magna cum laude.

In his time at Harvard University, Pulier was an editor of the school newspaper, the Harvard Crimson. He wrote his very own column there as well that was called the Pulier Leg, which was a featured weekly column in the Crimson.

Pulier also studied other subjects while he was enrolled in Harvard. He took computer science courses at the neighboring Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. His study of computer science at MIT would lead to Pulier becoming a pioneer in many computer and technology companies and programs around the world. Eric Pulier also studied environmental science as well at Harvard in addition literature. This helped him gain perspective on the issues facing the world right now.

Eric Pulier’s entrepreneurship and technological prowess dates back all the way to his high school days. He created his first company when he was a high school senior at Teaneck High school in 1994. This company was called Digital Evolution and it programs databases in computers. While finishing his undergraduate studies, in his senior year of college Pulier also founded another tech company called US interactive. Pulier was co-founder in this company and is chairman of the firm.

In 2001, Mr. Pulier created yet another company. This time it was a software company called SOA Software. It was later renamed to Akana. Six years later, Eric now a seriel entrepreneur created another startup which was called Media Platform Inc. He was a co-founder in the venture and serves as director at the company. A year later Pulier was involved in another venture called Desktone Inc.

Eric Pulier shows no signs of stopping his innovations. In 2015, he launched a new company called vAtomic Systems Inc.

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Bernardo Chua and His Rise to Fame

Bernardo Chua has become a famous executive, and much of his fame is linked to his ability to do what many people cannot do. He has been able to thrive in the direct sales industry. This is something that every business leader cannot do. There are only a couple of people like Bernardo Chua and Vijay Eswaran that have this ability to successfully lead business where direct sales are vital.

OrganoGold is the business that Bernardo Chua has built, and he is doing all that he can to make sure that this business gets global attention. He has won awards for this diligence, and he still feels like there is a lot of more work that has to be done. That is something that has made people appreciate his hard work ethic. When he won the National Consumers Quality Award in 2014 he could have stopped, but he stayed on course with improving his products even more. This is what has driven Chua to the top. I think that this is the same thing that drove him to continue the expansion of his product line even after he had already locked down the coffee market.

Bernardo Chua has been able to build a successful career because he knew what he needed to do in order to get the product out to people. Chua would use his marketing genius and tap into resources like social media to promote the product. The website would be lined up with details about the ingredients that his products contained. All of this would be valuable in helping Bernardo Chua reach audiences outside of Asia.

I know that Bernardo is someone that is able to build a brand, and I am really interested in seeing what his next endeavors will be. He had spent decades perfecting his coffee and skin care products. He has mastered the art of appealing to a large crowd. This would all be in vain, however, if people did not know the advantages of buying products from the Bernardo Chua chain of healthy beverages and lifestyle products.

Chua has been able to make it easier for people to appreciate his products because he has spent time educating people on the products. Once people recognize the benefits of the products it is much easier for them to embrace OrganoGold. Bernardo Chua realized early that this was the key to his direct marketing success.  As a 5 time people’s choice award winner, Bernardo Chua definitely knows what he’s doing.

White Shark Media’s Development And Improvements

White Shark Media is ultimately one of the most unique digital marketing agencies in the industry. Known for their incredible marketing strategies and advertising, this company has done incredibly well over the past 5 years or so that they have been in business. The best part about White Shark Media is that they have been growing their services and programs for the past few years developing what they have been selling. The key component to their success is how they have changed and learned from their failures. Nothing is more stressful than having to deal with customers who aren’t happy and end up leaving bad reviews about your brand to wreck your reputation.

White Shark Media has learned over the past few years how to deal with their marketing and operation of services. The problem most people found and had discovered is the fact that some clients didn’t receive the service they wanted right away, or they just weren’t spoken to that often, and so they felt as if they were not treated fairly. They have received complaints from customers talking about small things that they wish was done the right way. There are things they struggled with in regards to how they worked with clients and what they did when providing services to them. The truth is that no business is perfect or knows how to provide the best service, but you will discover that they have taken their complaints and actually it to heart and improved their skills.

This company was created back in 2011, and they provide all kinds of traditional and digital marketing services to clientele, along with consistent monthly services. They know how to get their clients the results that they want, and their newest changes and improvements are slowly making it much easier and more possible for them to give even better service. White Shark Media is ultimately a very reliable company that knows all about marketing.

A typical complaint discovered in most companies and not just White Shark Media is the fact that communication is tough to deal with. They learned from their mistakes and what they are struggling with, and they changed and improved what they had to fix. The one thing in communication that they fixed was that they changed how they work with clients. With monthly calls and even direction connections, you will come to find that they can truly help you connect with the right people.

White Shark Media is a tough and hardworking company who knows what they are worth and what they can do. They never let the struggle of complaints get to them or stop them from improving what they can do and deliver. They are very worth hiring.
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Another Fruitful Year? Madison Street Capital Expects Exponential Growth Trends To Continue In 2016!

Today’s chaotic finance and investment market is harder than ever to navigate. Fortunately, some consulting firms like Madison Street Capital wield a sound marketing strategy to keep afloat. In fact, it demonstrated a resilience few hedge fund managers are capable of today. AUM Research concluded a report recently, which shows that Madison Street Capital closed an estimated 27% more transactions than in 2014. AUM Research analysts further averred that the high volume of transactions recorded in the last quarter (2015) accounts for this positively impactful performance. In 2014, the firm’s report accounted for 32 transactions and 42 in 2015. This puts the firm in a safe zone as it navigates the market landscape in 2016, a article highlighted.

While Madison Street Capital dominated, it’s been closely observed that rivaling hedge fund firms are struggling to keep a competitive edge. Financial market analysts blame the lack of diversification and poorly formulated hedge fund strategies for this shortcoming. In addition, there’s an ongoing crisis of high operating cost and low-profit turnover as many financial services brokerage continue to stress. In one scenario, micro hedge fund managers pointed out their futile efforts to secure lucrative contracts with rising liabilities and low-income portfolio assets. Nonetheless, investors haven’t withdrawn from hedge fund investing entirely as many look towards opportunities with higher returns.

Elsewhere, hedge fund deals aren’t in short supply. Overall, the sector has been assiduous, especially last year, a performance that’s likely to continue throughout 2016. Industry watchdogs are quite optimistic that transaction performance will improve across segments. There’s no denying that companies are now seeing the greater value in consolidation as they seek reasonable solutions to cut production, operating and distribution cost. Madison Street Capital has injected itself into healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, telecommunication, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, consumer retail, media and energy/oil.

The Chicago-based financial investments boutique proudly supports United Way on its disaster relief initiative. Through this collaborative effort, Madison Street Capital aids in strengthening and transforming communities. Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital prevails among the industry’s strongest hedge fund specialist. With a formidable professional team, Madison Street Capital remains an expert of M&A and corporate finance advisory. This investment banking vendor outreach extends to Asia, North America and Africa.

It consults for middle-market ventures needing an expert opinion on business finance, hedge fund/private equity administration, asset valuation/management, investment banking consolidation (M&A transactions), corporate decisions and financial reporting. It’s aided many business owners in formulating sound corporate partnerships in the interest of consolidation, expansion and buyout opportunities, etc. With a dependable, professional, experienced team, Madison Street Capital continues to set the trend as a global financial services strategist. Over the last decade, it’s grown exponentially as a group, creating opportunities to form new partnerships and business relationships.

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