The Uniqueness of Investment Banking Provides the Interested Consumer Tremendous Benefits as it Pertains to Increasing His or Her Financial Portfolio

Investment banking explained:
Persons are interested in knowing the advantages of investment banking. Investment banking provides corporations with a great deal of benefit in the creation of Capital. In other words, the investment bank acts as an agent for its customers. The objective of the investment bank is to increase the respective portfolios of each of its clients. The investment bank works with corporations, during periods of mergers and acquisitions. The investment banking corporation, also, provides support to its client, by providing proper guidance, when it is the corporation-client is involved in the activities tied to equity securities and derivatives.

Many persons, inquire, reasonably, how an investment bank differs from a traditional banking entity. The investment bank does not take deposits from its clientele. The preceding means that the investment bank is truly not a provincial bank since its customer does not deposit, and withdraw money from his or her account, at will.

The investment banker, too, is required to become a licensed broker within the United State of America. The preceding statement means that a professional investment banker must follow regulations pertinent to the SEC and FINRA.

The function of the investment bank:

A person interested in how an investment bank may assist him or her generally inquires about the function of the investment bank entity. In answer to the inquiry, there are two components with respect to investment banking. One element is the sales side. The sales side of investment banking involves the trading of securities or increasing the client’s financial portfolio. This component of investment banking, additionally, includes promoting securities; underwriting and research. The element of buying, as it pertains to investment banking, is all about the investment banker properly advising and directing his client, favorably, as it pertains to investment-related services.

The investment bank, it is correct to state, further is divided into 2 primary sectors—those being, private and public. By way of further explanation, the private sector deals with investment information that is not to be disclosed to the public. The sector that is public provides information, to the public, pertinent to financial investments, and considered necessary information for public consideration. The two sectors, however, will never overlap. This is to say, the two sectors, mentioned, always remain separate. This separation is required in order to assure that data, considered highly sensitive in nature, is never leaked to the general public.

Notes relative to Martin Lustgarten:

Martin Lustgarten is CEO of his own financial organization: Lustgarten Martin. He resides in the South Florida area and has been instrumental in assuring his clients’ financial health favorably increases. He does so for a domestic as well as an international client base.

On more of a personal note: Martin is fond of vintage items. He is particularly fond of vintage timepieces. One aspect, of his daily living, that Martin appreciates is the sense of a busy city. The metro environment is something that Mr. Lustgarten finds quite invigorating. He shares this same vigor and enthusiasm that he employs within his lifestyle, by way of assuring his clients achieve favorable, ascending outcomes, as to each of their respective financial portfolios.

BMG and its Growth in the Brazilian Banking Industry

In Brazil the banking industry has grown into a multibillion dollar industry. This can be attribute to the growing economy in the country and the heightened level of investment. As the country’s economy continues to grow, the demand for banking services continue to grow in response as money and other capital are generated in the economy. The situation in the Brazilian economy has been like this and the country has been experiencing exponential potential in the business sector. Being a regional business hub, Brazil has attracted investors from all over the world and this factor has further expanded the need and the demand for banking services. As a result, growth in the banking industry has been inevitable.

Among the greatest banks in the country, BMG is one of the popular financial institutions. The company is owned by a popular business family in Brazil, the Pentagna Guimarães family. According to the Brazilian financial history background, this family has been in the financial business for quite a long time since 1930. By then, the family was running commercial bank, Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. which was mainly focusing on payroll loans. As the company was sole dealer in this type of service, it became the pace setter in this type of service in the entire industry. It was until the 1990s when the company changed its operational focus to the motor industry.

In this period, the company was wholly involved financing wholesalers and consumers and it eventually became the leader in other innovative areas such as sponsoring heavy and light weight vehicles. The company has been doing very well in the Brazilian market and it has become a market leader in the provision and distribution of payroll loans. In order to achieve its goals, the company has gone through phases of change and merging to enhance its market leadership. The company merged with Itaú Unibanco S.A. to offer a new perspective of payroll loans, which included the commercialization of the product.

In this agreement, the company is a 40% partner while Itaú Unibanco S.A. owns the rest of the shares. The company felt that it needed to split its functions in order to concentrate on a few one’s that would yield more returns. As afore mentioned, the company was founded by the Pentagna Guimarães family and it has almost 80 years of experience in the financial market. The company has a reputation for solving problems and offering solutions to financial situations to individuals, companies, or even governments. One of the greatest strength that the company has in the industry is its line of product, its sales muscles, as well as its structure of operation. Through the aforementioned the company has been able to make a name for itself.

Ricardo Guimarães Reviews The Global Climate Change Conference

The UN hosted a climate change conference recently that has been reviewed by Ricardo Guimarães on his blog, and the review covers many topics raised at the conference. Ricardo himself is deeply interested in global climate change, and he wants to help his readers understand the recent changes made at the conference. This article explains how one of the finest bankers in Brazil views the most recent climate change conference’s results.

#1: Reduced Emissions

There are calls around the world for reduced emissions in every country, and the UN climate change conference has raised questions about how quickly emissions can be reduced. Anyone who is truly concerned about climate change must ensure that they are watching the countries that plan to make changes, and the emissions taxes that have been proposed could be quite expensive for many countries around the world.

#2: These Are Attainable Goals

Ricardo believes that the goals set forth by the conference are attainable based on the numbers achieved by the European Union. The EU was able to reduce its carbon emissions, and there are assumptions that the UN can get the same results. Ricardo believes that the goals of the conference should be attacked quickly to ensure success, and there are many who believe that they can make a change in the world by 2020. Ricardo wants to see these goals attained soon so that more climate change may be completed in the very near future.

#3: Ricardo Sees The Financial Implications

Ricardo is the scion of a large banking empire, and he understands the financial implications of climate change. He believes that the taxes charged for new emissions will help stimulate growth across the world, and Ricardo knows that taxes will help pay for quite a bit of expansion in Brazil. Brazil will continue to grow with the help of climate change policies, and Ricardo wants to see his homeland make a change that helps the environment and economy at the same time.

#4: Waste Disposal In Brazil

Ricardo understands that waste disposal is a tense subject in Brazil, and he wants to see changes made to the way his home nation manages its waste. There are waste disposal procedures that must be changed in Brazil, and Ricardo is in favor of ensuring that the waste disposal in Brazil is improved to help the environment.

Ricardo Guimarães is a keen advocate of climate change, and he wants to help Brazil get on the right track with greenhouse gases and waste disposal. He has covered the UN climate change conference on his blog, and information he provided for his readers shows that 2020 is a date that everyone is looking for as a turning point in global climate change talks.

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Is A National Sports Patron

Ricardo Guimarães wears several hats in Brazil. He is the president of BMG Bank, a former president of the Minas Gerais Football Club, an economic advisor to the government, and the founder of Ricardo Soccer BR1. Ricardo Soccer BR1 is an investment fund for football players. Guimarães participation in the soccer association has helped clubs build character and professionalism in the game. According to, Mr. Guimarães is one of the most respected men in the soccer league.

Guimarães has always loved the game of soccer. He constantly kicked the ball when he was growing up in Belo Horizonte, but he was also an exceptional student. The Guimarães family was well-known in the city. Grandfather Antonio Guimarães founded the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais in 1930. Antonio was a wealthy entrepreneur that made his fortune in mining, coffee and cattle as well as in the commodities market. wrote an article about Ricardo and his family. In that article, the fact that Ricardo built the former Land Credit Bank into the powerful BMG Bank was emphasized. BMG Bank has always had a team of experts working for the Guimarães family, but when Ricardo became president of the bank in 1998, the bank team became one of the most respected group of people in the banking industry. The main reason the employees of BMG Bank stood out was the bank’s low default rate on loans, and the bank’s ability to get soccer fans to apply for their main product, payroll loans.

The payroll loan industry is big business in Brazil, and The BMG Bank team found a way to promote their low-interest version of payroll loans by sponsoring soccer players and clubs. Ricardo was the catalyst for the concept. When Guimarães was named president of the Atletico MG Club in 2001, he realized that soccer clubs across the country needed money in order to train, and attract good players. published an article about soccer teams and their financial situations, and in that article, Guimarães was mentioned. The article highlighted Ricardo’s contribution to the game, and the article said it was immeasurable. But BMG Bank also played an important role in bringing another element to the soccer world. That element was player-uniform advertising. Soccer players on more than eight soccer clubs now wear the orange three BMG logo on their jerseys.

Soccer fans support BMG Bank because their favorite players wear the BMG logo. BMG Bank is the soccer bank, according to fans across the country. Ricardo Guimarães built a brand that few banks in Brazil can compete with. Soccer players are kings in Brazil and anything players support, fans support. BMG Bank’s profits are proof of that.

UN Climate Conference: Analysis by Ricardo Guimarães

On November 30 2015, the UN Climate Conference began in Paris, France. The aim of the conference was to seek lasting solutions that would minimize the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere taking effect from 2020. Ricardo Guimarães, a Brazilian businessman who serves as the President of Banco BMG, noted that the main objective of cop21, the UN Climate Conference was to ensure that global emissions of CO2 is reduced by replacing non-renewable sources of energy like oil and coal that are largely used today with “green energy” like solar energy, biofuels and wind power. Another agenda on the conference was to discuss deforestation, which is also responsible for emission of carbon dioxide.
According to Ricardo Guimarães of BMG, the resolutions of the conference will be implemented after decades. The conference brought together all nations in the world in order to discuss their roles and rights in regard to carbon dioxide emission. Ricardo Guimarães informs that developed countries, especially the U.S.A. are responsible for emitting large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere, dating back from industrial revolution time to the present day. On the other hand, developing countries like China and India are today most responsible for emitting of CO2.
The conference revolved around diplomatic and political confrontation between the countries represented in the conference. Developed countries were the one that proposed this reduction while developing countries claim their right of emitting the gas, since, the already developed countries are indebted for emissions of CO2, explains Ricardo Guimarães of BMG. Each country was represented by its president and head of state at the conference. He believes the whole world would benefit from this conference if the resolutions are implemented. The world will invest in clean and renewable energy, which will be much cheaper than reversing the future effects of global warming as the executive of BMG explains.
According to Ricardo Guimarães, the conference was expected to yield new global efforts to prevent long-term heating of the atmosphere after the previous conference-the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was a disappointment, since, developing countries were supposed to freely reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. A research that was conducted by scientists at a university in UK revealed that CO2 emissions would fall by 0.6 % in 2015. The drop according to Ricardo Guimarães is a major change, since in the last decade CO2 emissions increased annually by about 2.4 percent.
The researchers highlighted that drop in CO2 emissions might have been as a result of reduction of coal burning in China, a country that has suffered greatly due to pollution. Residents of some cities in China are even suffocated by smog because of the level of pollutions in the country.

The U.S. Brewery Industry as Analyzed by Marcio Alaor

Large brewers in the U.S. have made huge investments of acquiring small breweries because there is adequate space in the market, explains Marcio Alaor, BMG’s executive vice president. In December 2015, there was a major acquisition in the industry where a large brewer, Constellation Brands group, announced its investment of $1 billion for Ballast Point, a California based trademark, as Marcio Alaor reported. This was one of several acquisitions that took place throughout the year. In September 2015, another deal was made between Heineken and Lagunitas. In this deal, Heineken invested in acquiring 50 percent of Lagunitas, a leading company among craft breweries in the small industry, according to BMG’s Marcio Alaor.
Other deals that were concluded during the year as reported by Marcio Alaor is the Anheuser-Busch InBev which purchased a number of small breweries across the U.S. like New York based Blue Point Brewing, Chicago based trademark Goosse Island brewery, and the Elysian Brewing based in Seattle. Small breweries emerged in the market to compete with big brands that were controlling the market. The executive of Banco BMG recalls that small breweries emerged with fewer ambitions, but consumers were ready to pay extra cost for full-bodied beers that were tastier.
According to the latest survey done on the brewery industry, craft breweries are estimated to control 10 percent of the entire U.S. market, generating approximately $100 billion annually. This represented 18 percent increase over the data collected the previous year, as pointed out by Marcio Alaor. The executive of BMG noted that the craft breweries have strength and potential against the views that the beer industry is facing numerous challenges. In fact, the executive said there is a growing trend revealed from the performance of these craft breweries.
The Brewers Associations representing small businesses said the sector had recorded tremendous growth in the past few years and they expect it to continue in the future. The association has predicted that by 2020, craft brewers may be controlling about 20 percent of the market share, a big achievement for the sector. The Brewers Association classifies a craft brewery as a company that uses traditional ingredients and its production capacity is six million barrels. Marcio Alaor says that in the last few years, the number of dominant companies have reduced marginally because of multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions.
Marcio Alaor informs that AB InBev and British brewer SABMiller are about to conclude a merger that will result in formation of Newco. This new company is expected to produce about 30 percent of beer consumed across the world, and its products will be distributed in over 80 countries, reports the Brazilian banker Marcio Alaor of Banco BMG.

Ricardo Guimares Launches A New Bank

Many ceremonies to honor Mr. Ricardo have been held in the town of Santo Antonio do Monte to appreciate all the efforts he has been making to improve the lives of the people. It is a fact shared with his partner in Business, Marcio Alaor.


Ricardo Guimares has been in business for a long time now. It has grown from a small miners based lender to become the largest consigned credit bank in Brazil. He has seen the bank grow from a having a market capitalization of $ 300 million in 2004 to $ 2.1 billion in 2010.


Ricardo Guimares is a right banker. According to him, be efficient and work hard. It will take you far. Guimares has used this strategy with devastating effect. He hires the very best and pushes them to work very hard.


Ricardo Guimares is also a football fanatic. He is a big fan of Clube Atletico Mineirão.It has seen him serve as the club president for five years. During his tenure, the club got more revenue streams and climbed three divisions to the Brazilian elite league. Today Guimares is a legend at the club. His generosity at the club will always be remembered, and the three orange stripes of BMG fly high at the club.


Banco BMG sponsors many players. It has built a reputation as a sports-oriented bank that leverages its financial position to market itself. Today, over 100 teams fly its flag high. It has also started sponsoring tennis star Marcio Melo.Melo will wear the three stripes at this year’s summer Olympic.Melo has earned a lot of accolades last year where he won 4 majors titles.


Ricardo Guimares has been awarded thanks to his credentials severally. Guimares has an honorary degree from Town Hall and has a food court named after him.Guimares joins Marcio in the growing list of BMG employees who have been awarded.


Banco BMG has grown a lot. It has 5 million customers with 3000 branches. It also has 50000 employees spread across every municipality. It has patterned with Banco Itau to create a new payroll outfit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. The new bank is expected to help the country as it seeks credit facilities in the personal credit demographic.


Brazil is currently experiencing an economic crisis that has hit its banking sector badly. Personal credit is today very expensive in Brazil and interest rates of up to 30% are not unusual. The new outfit will leverage the expertise and experience of the two banks to create a unit that is sustainable.


BMG contributed $ 300 million to the new bank while Itau contributed $ 700 million. The new bank will be leveraged 11 times as per Brazilian federal reserve’s regulations.

The Visionary that is Ricardo Guimarães.

Child of Flavio Pentagma Guimarães, an expansive mining business person who put resources into various zones, for example, farming, espresso manner and to a cannery, Ricardo Guimarães had the benefit of being conceived in one of the wealthiest families and effective of Minas Gerais. Be that as it may, Ricardo Guimarães, celebrated for directing BMG, dependably had an extraordinary ability for diligent work and advancement. What’s more, that is the thing that he demonstrated when he took BMG bank in 1998 to transform it into the National Advances pioneer set out in no time a short time later. The associations of the group of Ricardo Guimarães with the commercial division go back to the right on time a century ago, all the more definitely to 1930 when his granddad established the Area Credit Bank.The grandson of Mr. Antônio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth part to pay the family’s monetary issues.

It was under the administration of Ricardo Guimarães that BMG has embraced an imaginative methodology to wind up a pioneer in entrusted credit checking in Brazil. Working through an incline and effective group with advisors spread the nation over, BMG concentrate on offering credit at low loan fees for a crowd of people that has a low level of default. An awesome objective from Ricardo Guimarães in the credit market, which made his bank the pioneer in this industry!

Another huge play on the representative was putting forth sponsorship for different football groups and competitors in the nation. Today BMG is the biggest supporter of football in Brazil. Notwithstanding being obsessive supporter Clube Atlético Mineiro, Ricardo Guimarães stresses that BMG does not pull for any group and supports that even adversaries.

Furthermore, the bank gets a magnificent return for this, one of the Brazilian subsidies with the more prominent financial return for an interest in football. What’s more, it’s not just in the field of business that sponsorship to football is useful for BMG, additionally in the zone of promoting. The permeability that the bank accomplishes the stamping his three oranges letters in different clubs around the nation is gigantic. What’s more, Ricardo Guimarães joins with the football world go past the sponsorship offered by your bank and its enthusiasm of fans by Clube Atlético Mineiro.

He has led the alvine gro of Mines, succeeding Nelson Brant and being accountable for the club for five long years when he was succeeded by Ziza Valadares. The dedication of the administration of Ricardo Gallen was such that he a few times put out of pocket cash to help the group in times of trouble. Also, today, right around ten years in the wake of leaving the administration’s athletic, he’s still a standout amongst the most regarded figures in the club, both by the load up and by the fans.

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BMG Bank Signs A Commercial Agreement With Athlete Marcelo

Banco BMG is recognized as the leading bank offering financial advisory services and lending loans in the whole Brazil country. BMG bank possesses the biggest distributions channels in the banking systems.
Ricardo Annes Guimaraes became the President of this financial institution in 2004. Ricardo Guimaraes is also a pioneer in the establishment of consigned credit in the capital market. Guimaraes aims at improving the Brazilians citizens’ living standards. Guimaraes acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Banco BMG bank.
Guimaraes promotes the availability of diverse talents in Brazil. Banco BMG bank sponsors sports activities across the entire Brazil country. Banco BMG entered into a partnership agreement with the outstanding Brazil Volleyball team.
Banco BMG treasures and recognizes people with athletes’ capabilities in Brazil. The bank is also well enlightened in co-curricular activities happening outside the bank systems. Banco BMG funds football leagues, both at league one and league two, across the entire country.
Ricardo Guimaraes has recently been focusing on consigned credit market and sports activities. Guimaraes signed an agreement with a television channel, which operates at a local level. The primary aim of entering into a partnership with this channel was to create awareness for the citizens on the importance of embracing talents and promoting sports.
Recently, Banco BMG bank has sponsored the top-ranked tennis player in Brazil. Ricardo Guimaraes signed a contract with Marcelo Melo. Marcelo Melo gets recognition from people for his experience in the tennis game and his professionalism.
Guimaraes signed Melo to prepare him for the 2016 Olympics, which Rio de Janeiro will host. Marcelo Melo occupies the first position in the rankings made by Associations of Tennis Professionals. The bank provided Marcelo with playing costumes and training materials. His playing kits were fixed with Banco BMG logo to motivate him more.
Ricardo Guimaraes motivated the athlete and put him in a better position to train hard and win the 2016 Olympics in Rio. The partnership that was preceded by Ricardo Guimaraes will enable Marcelo to win more prizes.
The athlete has hit the limelight by winning the Master 1000 prize in Paris for four consecutive years. Melo has also won highly ranked awards such as Acapulco 500, 1000 Master Shanghai China and the Vienna and Tokyo cup. This information got published on website. For more information about Marcelo signings, visit the following link
In conclusion, Guimaraes sponsors athletes who have passion and dedication to developing their talents. His concern for the people has attracted many clients to Banco BMG bank.

Learn More About The Success Story Of Marcio Alaor

BMG is a company that is owned privately, and it was started by the Guimaraes family that resides in Brazil. The family has been active in the financial industry in Brazil since 1930. The company’s main agenda in Brazil is to work hard in the provision of products to organizations and people. It is known to provide wholesale and consumer financing to individuals, and it is also involved in the delivery of the financial assistance to the weighty and light vehicles from the 1980s. For some time now, the bank has been providing payroll loans, something it has been doing quite well to become the market leader.

Marcio Alaor acts as the president and also the director of the bank. Recently, he and other members of the bank signed an essential agreement with the Itau Unibanco. The agreement was to make it possible for the payroll loans be properly distributed and made commercial. The agreement details were finalized in 2014, something that made both firms to be completely united. After the coming together, both companies decided to focus mainly on the provision of payroll loans. BMG reaped the most benefits from the agreement as it was easy for it to grow and launch other products like BMG Empresas, vehicle financing, and payroll credit cards. BMG Empresas was meant to finance the large and the small firms. For a quite some time now, the bank has been working hard to deliver quality services to its customers; therefore, setting an excellent example that should be copied by other firms that provide similar products. Marcio Alaor is a very hardworking person, and he is known to have sound management skills. These unique skills have made it possible to steer the company to greater heights. He has also been able to boost the company’s brand in Brazil, a country that is known due to its focus on technology and beautiful traditions.

The company is known to employ only the most experienced and qualified employees who can give quality services to the firm’s customers. The company also aims to supply some government practices at a higher level, and that is why the firm’s directors provide workable solutions to the team. The board members do function independently, and they have provided the shareholders with a usable code of conduct. The bank has also been able to maintain an internal audit together with an office that mainly concentrates on investor relations. The office also handles troubling issues such as money laundering, and most of the decisions of the bank are made by a committee, not an individual.