Jeunesse Global Wants Women To Make A Toast To Beauty

Jeunesse Global has expanded their product line with a new product called Naara. Naara is the only product in the world that allows women to become beautiful outside by first becoming beautiful inside. Naara is a powder that is poured into a tall glass of water. This powder causes women to look younger, causes wrinkles to fade, and, consequently, causes smiles to enlarge.

Included vitamins in Naara are acai berries, vitamin B6, and zinc, just to name a few. These great vitamins target every area of a woman’s body and cause it to improve in beauty. In addition to all the natural ingredients, Jeunesse has also included an original vitamin in this product called TruMarine Collagen. It is common knowledge that collagen is a natural part of the skin, and it deteriorates over time. However, TruMarine Collagen reverses this process. TruMarine Collagen causes the skin to go back to its youthly form by keeping a smooth surface and keeping pores closed.

The Jeunesse Global website is filled with reviews from women who have purchased Naara. These women all attest to the wonder of this product. Amazingly, women have not only reported themselves looking younger, but they have also reported themselves feeling younger. No other product from Jeunesse has ever been more popular in such a short time than Naara.

When began in the early 2000’s, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray were unsure of their odds of success. Wendy and Randy wanted to help people feel better and look better for a small price, but they did not know if the public would embrace their products. Needless to say, they developed their products and invested millions of dollars into their company. Waking up one morning, Randy and Wendy discovered that their business was now the leading health supplement company in America. Jeunesse Global remains at number 1, and they made a promise to make every product in America, which they are keeping every day.

Hair Care – Wen by Chaz

Women are always conscious about their hair and they are always on the lookout for new products that will keep their hair clean, soft, luscious, shiny, manageable and smelling good all the time.

Hair Products for Healthier Hair

Here are some hair products that claim to make hair healthier, stronger and looking great:

  • To restore damaged hair, use restorative shampoos. There are usually composed of healing oils and extracts of argan, maracuja and cypress to revive damaged hair and bring it back to its original form.
  • For tired and dull hair that is beyond repair, use hair care repair with proteins that build-up strong strands from the root to the tip. It cleans hair thoroughly and breaks down the cuticles that have been damaged and rebuild their protective layer.
  • Oil shampoos with peppermint oil is ideal for color-treated hair. It keeps the color intact while washing away the impurities that have accumulated in the strands.
  • Thickening shampoo fortifies and strengthens the hair after every shampoo. It makes each strand strong and flexible and prevents break-ups. Its effects are evident even in the first wash.
  • Blowouts shampoos protect the hair from frequent blow-drying. It is also recommended to get rid of product build up on the hair.
  • Peppermint shampoo gives off a minty smell to the hair while cleansing agents restore dull and lifeless hair. It is highly moisturized and keeps the hair strong against the harsh effects of the environment.

When it comes to hair products, women have a lot to choose from. There are many hair care products in the market that will really do wonders for their hair; it is up to them to make the proper choice, the one that truly gives the result that they are clamoring for.


Wen is a cleansing conditioner created by Chaz to solve women’s problems of dull and dry hair due to shampooing. Chaz Dean,, found out that dry hair is caused by frequent washing of the hair with shampoos that contain sulfate.

He then formulated this new and innovative cleansing conditioner that moisturizes the hair as it is being washed. The result is clean, fresh hair that is soft and smooth and very manageable.

For more product details, visit Also check out Wen’s social media page on Twitter for additional information.

Is A Cleansing Conditioner Right For Your Hair?

There are many reasons why a cleansing conditioner maybe the best choice for your daily styling needs. If you have fine hair, you may worry before trying a product when you don’t know if it will leave your hair feeling greasy, and limp. It is important to select a cleansing conditioner that is well formulated, and sulfate free so it will gently remove any buildup, while maintaining your hair’s natural oils. Believe it or not, but, a cleansing conditioner will completely replace your traditional shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave in conditioner.
If you’re like most people you are looking for the right hair care line that can be used on a daily basis to provide salon results at home. You will be hard pressed to find a cleansing conditioner that gives your hair the shine, and body you’re looking for better than Wen by Chaz. This revolutionary hair design line was created by the celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean for his posh clientele in Hollywood, California. With this line the humble hair stylist created a product that has been able to help people all around the world with this simple haircare routine that provides optimum results with minimum effort.

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After three weeks of use, Wen hair users feel that it leaves them with hair that is shinier, looks thicker, and behaves more manageable than in the past. This well-balanced formulation includes natural ingredients like glycerin, chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extracts, and panthenol. These ingredients along with the sweet almond mint scent provide high quality results that last until your next wash. By simplifying your hair care routine, and adding a sephora endorsed cleansing conditioner to your life you will give yourself the gift of having gorgeous hair, as well as, the time to enjoy having such immaculate locks.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here:

A Great New Hair Cleansing Product, Wen By Chaz

The new range of all in one hair care solutions from WEN Hair have really changed the game of hair products according to This all in one cleanser is a conditioner, shampoo and a styling solution for hair of all types. One must make sure to try the right formulation to ensure the perfect wanted result.
The WEN cleanser and conditioner was developed by Chaz Dean who has many years of experience in the industry.  He has helped in the formulation of many hair products and has finally taken the next logical step and developed his own line. His products are often seen on QVC infomercials. This same line of products he uses in his hair salon. For this very reason we can ensure that Chaz only wants the best for his customers.

After trying the Sephora endorsed Conditioner Cleanser for several days there was a noticeable improvement in the overall shine of the hair. It allows the natural oils within the hair to stand out. Not only is the hair less frizzy but also much easier to control. There are different recommendations on using the product depending on the length of hair. Short hair requires 6-10 pumps of Wen hair product, medium length hair requires 16-24 pumps and long hair 24-32 pumps. Visit Guthy-Renker to know more about Wen.

Chaz Dean’s studio moved from Bel Air to Hollywood in order for his well known clientele to get a break from the paparazzi. Here Chaz see’s to his customers personally making sure he can help them realize their hair dreams. Chaz is continually looking to improve upon his product range and tests it personally.

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3 Things About Makeup You Should Know

Before you buy any makeup online or in many store, there are certain things and precautions you need to watch out for to make sure that you look your best and stay healthy. When you look for different types of makeup, it pays off to have a professional brand provide your makeup.

3 Things About Makeup You Should Know

– Toxic Ingredients

Not all companies use the most natural of ingredients. Not all brands use the best and most ergonomically sound ingredients in all of their items. Just doing your own research can pay off in the long run. Several different ingredients can be toxic and affect your skin, cashes breakouts, or decrease chances of protection from the sun. With a little research online about a product and reading any reviews you can find can help you make better and wiser choices.

– Only Some Brands Are Highly Respected Among Major Makeup Artists

It’s important to know what the pros at the business are using. For example, it’s important to really look out for a few makeup artists that use only the top brands. Again, some famous brands also get some criticism for what they do, so it’s vital that you take a look at what the best in the business are using. This will only pay off in the long run when you check your skin and realize it has stayed the same or even improved because of hath equality of makeup you used. Some of the major makeup artists will use specific brands to find the right kind that fits and truly works best.

– Replacing Makeup

About once a year, your goal should be to try and replace your makeup. Looking out the expiration date can play a key role on helping you keep safe and maintain your skin. Using makeup past their expiration date is still safe depending on the brand, the company, and how the makeup is made, but if you have the option to move on, try to find another product of the same kind once the first one has expired.

Lime Crime is a unique brand on Facebook that most people have fallen in love with over the years because of its simple design, quality makeup, and how it was made. The quality of the makeup has made the company one of the best in the industry. They always provide long lasting makeup you could be using for a very long time, and everything is entirely natural. Lime Crime uses the most powerful ingredients you can find, and their approach to designing makeup is so unique that it is entirely cruelty-free and safe on to use on the face.

Makeup is very subjective, and the process of applying it is different for everybody. It’s all about what works for you. The tips above should help get you on the right path to looking your best for any party. Try to remember that certain brands are really worth going after while the others should be avoided at all costs.