Brazilian Attorney Luciana Lóssio Earned The Title Minister Holder Of The Superior Electoral Tribunal

Women are still considered second-class citizens in Brazil even though the country’s embattled president is a woman. Women in the legal profession in Brazil are rarely recognized for their talents, but one woman attorney is rewriting the legal history books. That woman is Luciana Lóssio. Luciana Lóssio earned her law degree in 1999 from the Centro Universitário de Brasília, and she decided that electoral law was her main interest. She went to work for the Attorney General of the Republic for seven years. During those years, she worked for Attorney General Claudio Fonteles and Attorney General Geraldo Brindeiro. Both men saw the potential in Lóssio, and they gave her more responsibility. Luciana developed an acute understanding of the inner workings of the Superior Electoral Tribunal and the Federal Court System during those years.

Luciana Lóssio has been called an overachiever by some of her peers. Most lawyers in Brazil have a hard time earning a law degree, but Lóssio earned three law degrees, and that put her in very rare company in the Brazilian legal profession. Luciana developed technical skills that helped her get through the tangled web of laws that bogged down the Brazilian legal system. She became an expert in electoral law, and she represented some high profile political figures during her 17-year career.

Brazil is known for having more lawyers than necessary. Getting a law degree is not that hard, but Lóssio and other attorneys have pushed to get new regulations in place that make law degrees harder to earn. But her main passion has always been electoral law, and in the Brazilian political system, an expert is sorely needed at this point. The word corruption has been used over and over again to describe elected officials and as the minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal, it will be Lóssio responsibility to change the way officials conduct government business. The Brazilian political system is going through a major change, and Luciana Lóssio wants to be part of that change.

Lóssio’s role as minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal will help the country regain some of the credibility it lost during the last eight years.

What You Need to Know About Hiring a Lawyer in Brazil

Traveling or working abroad can come with its own set of risks and unexpected problems that sometimes requires the need to hire a lawyer. Brazil is a country that is well known as a popular vacation spot for fun, sun and relaxation. Whether on vacation or on business in Brazil there may come a time when hiring a lawyer may become necessary. Laws in Brazil are different than laws in the U.S. and other countries, and understanding Brazil’s unique and sometimes unusual laws requires the services and knowledge of a lawyer licensed, affiliated, and registered with the Brazilian Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, also known as the OAB. The OAB is to Brazil, what the American Bar is to the United States. Hiring a good lawyer in Brazil, requires the same diligence and research.

If you’re involved in a real estate deal in Brazil, then you wouldn’t want a lawyer who specializes in criminal law. You need a lawyer who has experience and specializes in the area of law where you need assistance. By using a few common sense methods, you can locate and hire a trustworthy and reputable lawyer in Brazil.

An important thing to know about hiring a lawyer in Brazil, is knowing where to look. A good place to start is online. An internet search can provide good background information on any lawyer you may be considering to hire. Also, check out the lawyer’s websites and perform an internet search on the lawyer or law firms name.

Checking with the OAB to see if the lawyer is in good standing is good second step to take. If he has no problems with his license like suspensions, revocations or pending matters that could result in the loss of his license, then you can continue with a meeting to discuss your situation. A good reference from a friend or relative goes a long way in Brazil, ask if they can provide any information on any lawyer you are considering to hire.

Experience is an important factor to consider when hiring a lawyer. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, is a practicing lawyer in Brazil that has years of experience in practicing law and has served as a defense attorney for many nationally known cases.

Ricardo Tosta specializes and has experience in corporate law including, bankruptcies, credit recoveries, reorganization, acquisition law, election law, and all other types civil and commercial law. Tosto is also a member of the International Bar Association and a noted legal writer. Ricardo Tosto is considered to be a pioneer by the Brazilian legal community for his many contributions to the legal system in Brazil.