The Impact of Mike Baur’s Company on Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is a creative entrepreneur and banking professional who has been highly recognized in Switzerland. He has a 20 years’ experience in the Swiss private banking sector and has created excellent relationships with top business leaders. Baur is the proprietor of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a firm that has been devoted to supporting the growth of newly established technology based businesses. The main premises of the enterprise are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Since the company was created in 2014, and it has offered funds and inspiration to various startups to enable them to be successful in the corporate world. Swiss Startup Factory has heavily invested in innovations that are owned by youths in the country. Mike’s long service in the finance sector enabled him to make friends who have been supporting his company. He joined the Swiss private banking industry as an intern and has been hired by companies such as Clariden and Sallfort.


Swiss Startup Factory is one the unique businesses in Switzerland. Its efforts have supported the growth of many new enterprises. It examines the ideas that it is offered by the clients and determines concepts that can be transformed into profitable businesses. The firm then trains, inspires, and provides them with monetary support so that they can grow into international markets. It offers all the assistance that an organization would need for it to be successful.


Mike’s company is privately owned, and therefore, all its funds are sourced from individual investors. He has been contacting various business leaders who are interested in supporting emerging technology enterprises. The investors are allowed to examine the innovations before they offer any support. The firm ensures that they make returns from the money that they give. Swiss Startup Factory runs an acceleration program for three months to enable the businesses to start off. It has also been supporting existing companies that have a potential of performing well in the markets but lack sufficient funds.


Baur is a highly knowledgeable individual who has excellent academic qualifications. He is a graduate of the University of Rochester and the University of Bern, and he holds MBA degrees from both of them. Mike had a successful profession when he was serving the banking industry. He was once appointed as a board member of a renowned institution in Swiss private banking sector. The entrepreneur has learned a lot about startups, and he understands business models that can make them profitable.

Jeanmarie Guenot’s Achievements in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industry


Jeanmarie Guenot is an entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. She has over two decades’ experience in this industry and is an expert at what she does. She has worked with many companies, both private and public, and in different stages of the business lifecycle. She is, therefore, well versed in the management and operation of different types of companies. Besides management, Dr. Guenot has worked in the research and development department of various pharmaceutical companies. Some of the companies she has worked with include PDL BioPharma and Hoffman-La Roche. She holds an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a PhD from the University of California.


Dr. Guenot founded a company incubator known as SKS Ocular. Its main focus was the provision of solutions for various ophthalmic issues. She also founded Guenot LLC, a company that provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with excellent consultation services including financial advice, project management and business restructuring advice among other services. Jeanmarie Guenot is currently the president and CEO of Amphivena Therapeutics.


Amphivena Therapeutics developing a new drug


Amphivena Therapeutics is a company that develops immunotherapies for cancer treatment. It is based in San Francisco, CA and has been in operation since July 2013. Under Dr. Guenot’s leadership, the company strives to improve the lives of cancer patients by developing treatments for various cancers, especially those affecting the blood. Amphivena is performing exceptionally well in the pharmaceutical industry, carrying out extensive high-quality research on different cancers. The company’s latest development is a new drug intended to be used in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). It is currently in the clinical development stage and Amphivena hopes to launch it as soon as it is approved for use by the FDA.


Bottom Line


Dr. Guenot’s expertise in the pharmaceutical industry has proven to be a valuable asset in her current position at Amphivena Therapeutics. Her background in research and development makes her well suited for the position. Jeanmarie’s excellent leadership skills are what have enabled the company to make such remarkable progress in the development of treatments for blood cancer in just three and a half years.

Kyle Bass: Gambler, or Gamble?

If Kyle Bass were just some guy with money who got lucky a few times “betting” on the stock market, maybe he’d be a more sympathetic figure. He’d be a gambler. Everybody’s a gambler at one time or another in their lives; that’s just how reality works. The thing is, Kyle Bass doesn’t have the individual autonomy to claim such a term. Kyle Bass is more likely to be a person on whom another of higher authority has made a gambit. Bass himself is “the bet”, as it were. The question then becomes, who is using Bass as a roulette piece on the global economic wheel?

The UsefulStooges article Kyle Bass: The frantic investments of a desperate gambler tell that would be Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, socialist despot of Argentina. Though officially her title is “president”, de Kirchner’s actions have ended up defaulting Argentina twice in the last thirteen years. It only makes sense that she would get desperate, and start sending feelers out into other echelons of finance to see what could be “won”, as it were. Kyle Bass is very likely one of those feelers, and the reasons why extend beyond his seemingly sycophantic support of his home country’s despotic president.

Kyle Bass hit the scene in 2008 when he successfully predicted that America would see a financial implosion from poorly-managed loans among the banking systems of the country. This prediction likely came from information garnered via interests at the behest of de Kirchner, though nothing conclusively can be stated in this regard. What can be said is that since Bass’ 2008 prediction, his hedge fund has yet to see the “acumen” of Bass’ financial background increase its success. In fact, his hedge fund continuously under-performs rivals of the same category, though Bass himself continues to make money.

The reason Bass has a regular success about him may have something to do with CAD, or the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. CAD is responsible for decreasing the cost of big-ticket pharmaceutical companies’ medications, but at the expense of decreasing their profit, and thus their value on the stock market. Kyle Bass short-sells his stock in these organizations when their value drops, making millions. I.E., Bass tricks the sick into making him money, and gets away with it. He’s using a legal loophole even congress has been trying to shut down, though without any success.

So is Bass really gambling, or is he a tool used by a higher gambler? The latter seems the most true.

Chicago’s Grocery Delivery Market Is Exploding

The grocery delivery market in Chicago is growing at a rate that many businesses cannot keep up with. Local giants like Jewel and Dominick’s are rolling out delivery services that see personal shoppers delivering items from their stores to customers. Majeed Ekbal is a local investor who has opened Expresso to offer grocery delivery to customers from a wide range of local companies. Majeed’s plan to take over the grocery delivery market will result in customers paying less, getting better service and receiving items that are found in obscure locations around the city.

#1: Jewel And Dominick’s Charge More For Delivery

Jewel and Dominick’s pro-rate their charges for delivery. Customers who order hundreds of dollars in groceries must pay a larger service fee for their deliveries, but Majeed charges a flat rate of $10. The delivery fee cannot get any higher than $10, and Majeed believes that charging less gives his customers more options. Majeed serves a large portion of the city, and his low delivery fees make his service more accessible to customers.

#2: Majeed Serves Customers With Special Deliveries

Special deliveries from Expresso involve Majeed’s employees driving to several different locations around the city. Customers may order items from exotic markets, and Majeed’s employees will drive to each market to fill an order. Items that are not found at local chain stores can be delivered through the Expresso service, and customers pay a low rate for delivery.

#3: Grocery Delivery Has Become A Necessity In Chicago

Grocery delivery has become a necessity in the city of Chicago. Parents are asked to do more at their jobs, and families do not have time to grocery shop on their own. Majeed’s business handles the grocery shopping for busy families, and his employees delivery groceries at the appointed hour for every customer. Families in the city who have little time to shop can get their delivered the moment they get home from work, a family activity or a child’s activity.

Chicago families have learned to rely on Majeed Ekbal’s Expresso grocery delivery service because of his low prices, special deliveries and excellent customer service. A family that has specific grocery needs may have those needs filled by Expresso, and the company helps these families save money. A busy family should not be overcharged for a simple grocery delivery, and Expresso undercuts the overpriced services from large chain stores like Jewel and Dominick’s.