Joel Friant-For the Love and Health Benefits of the Habenero Pepper

Joel Friant is a man with lasting endurance for success. He went from working in real estate to opening a restaurant in the mid 1990s, specializing in Thai cuisine in which he adores. After a while, he noticed that there wasn’t a pure dry spice blend of the Habanero pepper, so he went to work at accomplishing this task.

Joel loved the taste of the habanero since one of his friends introduced it to him while visiting Jamaica during his high school years. From then on, Joel was hooked. He also began to discover the health benefits of the habanero that he inquired for his cuisine specialty. The habanero contains Capsaisin, vitamins A/B and natural chemicals that boost the immune system; one could also say that it could be incorporated into a natural aid for those who suffer with minor aches and pains to even depression because of the soothing effect of endorphines being released into the body from the brain.

He decided to market his idea of a pure dry spice blend of the habanero to which can be literally shaken on to the food. The taste he created in a shaker was like a buttery fire that anyone could enjoy. His idea was launched and the Original Habanero Shaker started making its way to America’s dinner tables everywhere.

His product came off the market for a while due to other ideas he wanted to venture in and produce. But many of his customers wanted him to bring back his Original Habanero Shaker to be sold, not only online, but in the nation’s supermarkets everywhere. It was relaunched on the market and it sells like crazy. If you crave something hot and spicy with a smokey buttery flavor, try a shake or two from the Original Habanero Shaker. Its the perfect spice for any dish.

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AvaTrade Review Helps Ensure Safe Results with Trading Online

Trading online is a great way to manage portfolios and investments. AvaTrade review is a valuable competitor because of their years of experience in the industry as well as their attention to customer experience. The detailed nature of this organization’s approach to problem solving sets them apart from other Forex trading platforms online. They offer a highly competitive solution for online trading as well as a desktop application that is useful for multiple standards.

AvaTrade is a valuable system because of their attention to security features as well. They have information that makes it possible for new traders to also leverage some of the most influential techniques. What times to trade, the best research tools for analyzing stocks in addition to beneficial standards of implementation make it easy for AvaTrade review to succeed where other stock solutions have failed.

AvaTrade is a reliable system that has been designed and crafted with security in mind. Established in 2006, they have continually updated their platforms in order to get the best results. Some of the standards that they have used have created valuable solutions for trading and portfolio management at large.

Despite changing security threats and problems faced with online financial trading, AvaTrade has created ongoing support as well as a streamlined process that is capable of handling even the most diverse of trading standards. The attention to e-commerce as well cyber security are influential for AvaTrade as well as the successful outcomes that they provide.

Overall, there are a lot of reasons for AvaTrade to be considered as a platform for online Forex trading. They leverage organizational information as well as important standards for security in order to get the best results. They have also created highly influential standards of operation that make it easy for customers to get the help they need.

Support in more than one hundred and sixty countries as well as more than seven languages contribute to the diversified nature of AvaTrade. Their commitment to success and excellence is present in more than one vertical as they are industry leaders in infrastructure as well as institutional design. Get safe and reliable results is easy with AvaTrade.

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The Oxford Club: Bringing The Greatest Financial Minds To One Place

What if you could meet all of the greatest Wall Street traders in one room?

What if these people were interested in the work you’re doing or in the progress you’re making as an investor yourself? None of these are far from the real potential we have through the Oxford Club. This group of financial professionals have the power to congregate some of the world’s greatest financial minds all in one place.

Take your time to let this sink in.

You’re ready to start or enter the trading markets again. You might be searching for a great impact to your progress also. The reality, however, is that the professionals in finance work full-time and often with little else on their minds. You could likely gain the same success they have, had you the time and resources.

The Oxford Club can eliminate this hurdle for you.

There’s power in numbers, and these numbers aren’t just those printed out on Wall Street’s ticker tapes. The Oxford Club offers you power in numbers and through the group’s list of professional members. We have to be transparent and clear with you. The odds in the stock market, in bonds and other investments often work against you.

It’s best to have a team of financially minded people who will instead work in your favor. This process helps us to better understand the true power of numbers and the impact they can have on your life. Gathering with others is where your financial impact can be made. Just don’t run into investing when you’re all alone.


Every big name on Wall Street learned what they have through the help of other professionals competent enough to teach. This is the part of the financial success that you won’t read in a newspaper. The reality is that the complications of investing are too grand for one person to master alone.

Roberto Santiago and his Proudest Accomplishment in Business

The name of Roberto Santiago is a popular one in Brazilin business as he is known as the founder of the most versatile and entertainment-oriented shopping center in the country. Roberto Santiago started doing business after he had completed his higher education at the Po X-Marist College and than the University Center of Joao Pessoa, which is also his hometown as well as the home of his most significant accomplishment – the Manaira Shopping Center.


Having graduated Business Administration, Roberto Santiago started at a place called Cafe Santa Rosa, working in the business of decor manufacturing. Later, Roberto Santiago began his first venture and so he founded a firm called Cartonnage Company which is a seller of cartons made of cardboard. The business expanded and started amassing revenue which Roberto Santiago directed towards investments in the industry of real estate.


After Roberto Santiago had started to successfully navigate his way through the real estate business, his career truly took off. He grew to become one of the business people in real estate with the most impressive investment portfolios in his country. The idea of the Manaira Shopping Mall was conceived during his work in real estate. Roberto Santiago did not have the resources to fulfill his dream for many years but in 1987, he as finally able to purchase the land where the shopping center would be established.


The construction of the Manaira Shopping Center was on a land of 75 000 square meters in the city of Joao Pessoa, and it took a couple of years to complete. The Manaira Shopping was inaugurated in 1989 with more than a hundred stores, plus restaurants, cafes, a vast parking lot, and more. Over the years, Manaira Shopping Center has been growing both in popularity and in proportions.


The Manaira Shopping Center had been expanded physically at least a dozen of times and looking back on its history, Manaira has had some type of construction going almost always which makes it a massive work in progress. The latest expansion the mall was last year in 2017. The Manaira Shopping Center received an expansion of the garage area. The building received an extra story for parking.


Manaira Shopping Center is regarded as the epiphany of modern entertainment and as the greatest establishment in the business career of Roberto Santiago. Nearing 80 years of age, Roberto Santiago is extremely proud of his accomplishment and sends most of his time there. Roberto Santiago loves soaking in the atmosphere of fun and enjoy n the Manaira Shopping Center.


Between the nearly three hundred stores in the mall and the several cinemas, food court, video game area, and gym, there is something for everyone in the Manaira Shoppng Center to find and enjoy.




Glen Wakeman is a renowned entrepreneur and public speaker. He holds open talks on angel investing, how to raise capital, building a company’s brand, international financing, and the best strategies for the success of a firm. Glen is currently the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LaunchaPad Holdings LLC. He established the company in 2015 with a vision of providing solutions to the small hurdles that small businesses encounter as they strive to compete with prominent companies in the market. Glen applies fundamental, proven business philosophies that are the cause of his success in business. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

Business Philosophies

  • Human capital. Businesses should invest heavily in human capital since they determine the productivity of the firm. Employees should work in line with the vision of the company. Business owners should equip their employees with the necessary skills to improve their creativity in production.
  • Risk Management. Businesses should be willing to take risks, but they should also take risks that will not affect the stake of the business entirely.
  • Governance. Companies should have a good business structure to ensure that flow of work is not only efficient but also effective.
  • Execution. Business ideas ought to be backed with definite plans and strategies on how they are going to achieve their goals.
  • Leadership. The top positions of any firm are the backbone of the success of the business. They determine which direction the business should take.

About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has a rich background in entrepreneurship. He graduated from the University of Scranton with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance. He later advanced his studies at the University of Chicago where he graduated with an MBA in Finance. After completing his studies, Glen began his financial career at GE Capital where he was acknowledged as a role model for growth leadership. He then established his own company Nova Four where he served as the President and CEO. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Glen Wakeman uses the current innovation and technology such as Doodle and Live chat to enhance his productivity at work. He is also a reader, and his current favorite book which he urges both upcoming and established entrepreneurs to read is ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu.


Louis Chenevert: Leading the Pack with Innovation

Managing a large corporation through an economic recession is no easy task. Although there are many popular methods of dealing with this economic strife throughout the industry there is no obvious answer that will guide a company securely through. When budgets are in need of cuts some of the most obvious solutions may not be a shortcut to success that they are credited with. Visit to know more.

An example of a leader who took their company down an less worn path and brought them out the other side healthier than when they went is is Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert was brought in by the United Technologies Corporation in 2006 to act as their President, Director and Chief Financial Officer. Later in 2008 they also added Chief Operating Officer to his lengthy list of responsibilities.

When his role at UTC began Chenevert knew he would have many obstacles to work around. However, he also had a clear idea of what he would avoid while navigating the difficult terrain. At the beginning of his tenure, UTC’s stocks were valued at $37 a share the policies put in place by Chenevert would lead that value to explode with a growth rate of over 200% in the time that he was there. Ultimately when Chenevert left UTC stocks were worth $117 a share. This growth was fostered without compromising the company’s history. Louis Chenevert maintained fair wages for all his employees and resisted the quick payoff offered by relocating to cheaper markets overseas. Actually, he did the unexpected thing and even relocated a plant into a more expensive market. This move helped him maximize the usefulness of his employees. Visit to know more about Louis Chenevert.

His atypical approach has garnered lots of attention. In addition to having a sought-after opinion in the corporate world, he has also been awarded such honors as an honoris causa from HEC Montreal and Concordia University. HEC Montreal is also where Chenevert attended college. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has also been publicly recognized by the National Building Museum with the Honor Award. Additionally U.S. aviation trade magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology name Chenevert their person of the year in 2011.

Giving Back to the Community Comes Naturally to James Dondero

Many who achieve great success enjoy said success without any thought for those who helped them get there or the environment that supports them, then there are those who as Martin Luther King, Jr said, “choose to walk in the light of creative altruism”. For those who fall in the ranks of the later the desire to give back can at times lead them to do remarkable things and exhibit great generality which is far in excess of the blessing which have been bestowed upon them in the first place. Such is the case with financial superstar James Dondero.


James Dondero started his highly successful life with humble beginnings. He didn’t attend the ivy league, instead, he opted to attend The University of Virginia, where he enrolled in the McIntire School of Commerce from which he received dual degrees in accounting and finance. Out of school, he was recruited into the Morgan Guaranty training program which he started in 1984. From here the success just started to snowball.


He soon found himself working for companies such as American express and GIC. The latter of which afforded him the opportunity to help organize the subsidiary Protective Life and see its growth from inception to an eventual valuation of over $2B between 1989 and 1993. At American Express he served in numerous roles, each more challenging than the previous and each offering him more opportunities to grow his skills and develop the connections he would use later when he started Highland Street Capital in 1993.


It is Highland Street Capital that is his crowning achievement. HSC is the origin of the most recent act of generosity for Mr. Dondero who announced on October 4, 2016, at a benefit luncheon for The Family Place. The Family Place is the leading provider of support services in the Dallas Metro Area for those who are affected by family-based violence. At the luncheon Mr. Dondero announces that HSC had issued a challenge grant which will match 50% of all donations toward the organization’s Legacy Campaign, which is a fund-raising initiative established for the purpose of raising $16.5M in capital funds for the construction of the Ann Moody Place, a new facility which will allow the organization to better serve those who it is charged with helping.


The grant will cap out at $1M and will match all funds raised up to that point from the date of the announcement to the end of the campaign on April 4, 2017. The Ann Moody Place will allow The Family Place to better serve its clients by providing emergency shelter space, medical and dental clinics, multipurpose facilities for programs and job training, counseling space, and more. The grant will be administered by the philanthropic arm of Highland Street Capital, the Highland Dallas Foundation. more about dondero in