How to get in touch with Market America customer care service

Market America is one of the biggest product brokerage and internet marketing companies we have around. The company has more than six million customers spread across different regions of the globe. They also have 180,000 customer managers. Since its establishment, Market America has generated about $3 billion in sales. The company is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Market America Inc. was established in 1992 by James Ridinger. Initially, James and his wife used to run the company from a garage in their home. Market America has grown from the humble beginnings where they only had a few employs to the current status where they have more than 550 people globally. The company has operations in in the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Market America Inc. has established a revolutionary one-to-one marketing concept that utilizes the opportunities brought forth by the internet to create the ultimate online shopping destination. To enhance their responsiveness to their customer’s needs, the company has established a dedicated customer care department that handles all queries by their customers and agents.

Market America customer service team can be reached by dialing their call center number from your phone or by commenting on their website. Market America Inc. UnFranchise has developed a proven plan with a concise vision and strength that allows their agents to earn residual income that will lead them to financial freedom.

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The Impact of Mike Baur’s Company on Swiss Startups

Mike Baur is a creative entrepreneur and banking professional who has been highly recognized in Switzerland. He has a 20 years’ experience in the Swiss private banking sector and has created excellent relationships with top business leaders. Baur is the proprietor of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is a firm that has been devoted to supporting the growth of newly established technology based businesses. The main premises of the enterprise are located in Zurich, Switzerland. Since the company was created in 2014, and it has offered funds and inspiration to various startups to enable them to be successful in the corporate world. Swiss Startup Factory has heavily invested in innovations that are owned by youths in the country. Mike’s long service in the finance sector enabled him to make friends who have been supporting his company. He joined the Swiss private banking industry as an intern and has been hired by companies such as Clariden and Sallfort.


Swiss Startup Factory is one the unique businesses in Switzerland. Its efforts have supported the growth of many new enterprises. It examines the ideas that it is offered by the clients and determines concepts that can be transformed into profitable businesses. The firm then trains, inspires, and provides them with monetary support so that they can grow into international markets. It offers all the assistance that an organization would need for it to be successful.


Mike’s company is privately owned, and therefore, all its funds are sourced from individual investors. He has been contacting various business leaders who are interested in supporting emerging technology enterprises. The investors are allowed to examine the innovations before they offer any support. The firm ensures that they make returns from the money that they give. Swiss Startup Factory runs an acceleration program for three months to enable the businesses to start off. It has also been supporting existing companies that have a potential of performing well in the markets but lack sufficient funds.


Baur is a highly knowledgeable individual who has excellent academic qualifications. He is a graduate of the University of Rochester and the University of Bern, and he holds MBA degrees from both of them. Mike had a successful profession when he was serving the banking industry. He was once appointed as a board member of a renowned institution in Swiss private banking sector. The entrepreneur has learned a lot about startups, and he understands business models that can make them profitable.

All you Need to Know about Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando was born in 1971 to Laura and CK Fernando in Denmark. His parents moved to the United States when he was just a year old. He is a famous businessman who is based in the United States. Raj is also a respected philanthropist and political fundraiser and donor. At the moment, he is the CEO and chairman of a startup known as

Raj grew up in the US, and he went for his college education at the Beloit College. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and Economics. Later on, he went for further studies at the University College in London.

When Raj Fernando was still in school, he decided to work as a volunteer at an organization called Chicago Mercantile Exchange. After his education, the same organization offered him employment, and he managed to work in several roles. He also worked at the Chicago Board of Trade at one time.

After working in the employment industry for some time, Raj Fernando felt that he was ready to start his trading company. He had acquired enough experience, having worked in the industry for over ten years. In 2002, Chopper Trading was founded.

Chopper Trading is a recognized proprietary trading company that is currently based in Chicago. The company focuses mainly on areas of equities, fixed incomes, and several other products. Raj Fernando worked as the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise.

When Chopper Trading was developing, Raj Fernando was responsible for several duties. He implemented, designed and even managed the complicated risk management, trading, communication and source code security operations. Under his leadership, the company grew significantly. The institution was able to trade in the international largest exchanges such as ICE, CME, LSE and the Eurex. By 2010, the company had given more than two hundred and fifty people employment opportunities.

Last year in January, the businessman decided to sell Chopper Trading to a firm called DRW Trading Group. After the successful sale, he decided to start, an online startup that serves consumers from different parts of the globe. Raj serves as the CEO and chairman of the startup.

Town Residential on New York City’s Luxury Apartment Trends

Those selling luxury NYC real estate are discovering a new trend of buyers, according to a Mansion Global article. These buyers are young multimillionaires. Most comes from homes that have left them sizable estates. Others have made it big in technology. They are now ready to buy real estate. Unlike previous luxury buyers, however, these buyers are technology savvy, and they want property where they can invest sweat equity to make a property truly their own.

The professionals at Town Residential have noticed the same trend, with their apartments for rent in NYC. They say that while many of these multimillionaires are choosing to buy duplexes and townhouses, some are still buying in more traditional apartment complexes.

One neighborhood that they particularly seem to enjoy is TriBeCa where many live in the Sterling Mason complex. Many of the units in this building offer amazing views of the Hudson River. The Sterling Mason consists of two buildings sitting side by side that look very similar. One of them was constructed about 1906 to store coffee and tea while the other building was constructed about 2007. In all, the complex contains only 33 apartments.

Another complex where these luxury NYC real estate buyers are looking is the Chelsea neighborhood. Many NYC real estate buyers have brought units in the 200 Eleventh Avenue building that was originally constructed in 1912. Many of these residents enjoy being able to go downstairs and check out a book at the New York Public Library. Others love the ease of shopping at one of the high-end boutiques like the Ralph Lauren store that is located within the building.

Since 2010, the professionals at Town Residential have assisted luxury NYC real estate buyers find the property of their dream. While the methods have changed since many started real estate years ago, their commitment to finding everyone the best property has not changed. You can count on their detailed knowledge of the city to help you find a neighborhood that fits your needs the best.


James Dondero And Highland Capital Management Get More Involved In Giving

Every large corporation in the world has some kind of giving platform that it uses to offer cash to people who need it. These companies are looking for ways to give their money to the right causes, and James Dondero of Highland Capital Management has been giving to a lot of causes over the years that are meaningful to him. His company is one of the most successful in his industry, and he is now working with Linda Owen to offer better giving in his hometown.

Someone who works with Linda Owen has a chance to get connected with a lot of different causes, and James Dondero wants to make sure that all his money is going to places where it will actually make a difference. There are far too many people in need in the Dallas area, and they all could use the money that people like James Dondero can offer. He is a great person to work with because he is one of the few people in the world that has such a large fund, and he is working with Linda Owen because he knows that he can function well with some guidance.

Dondero is one of the best investors in the world because he knows when he needs help with his money. He has a great team at Highland Capital Management that makes it easier for people to make money on investments that made through his company. He invests all over the world to help his clients, and he also wants to make sure that all the people he is working with see profits. The profits he makes help to fund his giving, and that is where Linda Owen comes in to help.

The beauty of what James Dondero does is that it will help everyone in the Dallas area. He is working with the best civic leader for giving, and he will make sure that all the money he gives has a large reach. People in Dallas will have better lives because of his giving, and his money will go farther than it ever has.


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White Shark Media’s Development And Improvements

White Shark Media is ultimately one of the most unique digital marketing agencies in the industry. Known for their incredible marketing strategies and advertising, this company has done incredibly well over the past 5 years or so that they have been in business. The best part about White Shark Media is that they have been growing their services and programs for the past few years developing what they have been selling. The key component to their success is how they have changed and learned from their failures. Nothing is more stressful than having to deal with customers who aren’t happy and end up leaving bad reviews about your brand to wreck your reputation.

White Shark Media has learned over the past few years how to deal with their marketing and operation of services. The problem most people found and had discovered is the fact that some clients didn’t receive the service they wanted right away, or they just weren’t spoken to that often, and so they felt as if they were not treated fairly. They have received complaints from customers talking about small things that they wish was done the right way. There are things they struggled with in regards to how they worked with clients and what they did when providing services to them. The truth is that no business is perfect or knows how to provide the best service, but you will discover that they have taken their complaints and actually it to heart and improved their skills.

This company was created back in 2011, and they provide all kinds of traditional and digital marketing services to clientele, along with consistent monthly services. They know how to get their clients the results that they want, and their newest changes and improvements are slowly making it much easier and more possible for them to give even better service. White Shark Media is ultimately a very reliable company that knows all about marketing.

A typical complaint discovered in most companies and not just White Shark Media is the fact that communication is tough to deal with. They learned from their mistakes and what they are struggling with, and they changed and improved what they had to fix. The one thing in communication that they fixed was that they changed how they work with clients. With monthly calls and even direction connections, you will come to find that they can truly help you connect with the right people.

White Shark Media is a tough and hardworking company who knows what they are worth and what they can do. They never let the struggle of complaints get to them or stop them from improving what they can do and deliver. They are very worth hiring.
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Another Fruitful Year? Madison Street Capital Expects Exponential Growth Trends To Continue In 2016!

Today’s chaotic finance and investment market is harder than ever to navigate. Fortunately, some consulting firms like Madison Street Capital wield a sound marketing strategy to keep afloat. In fact, it demonstrated a resilience few hedge fund managers are capable of today. AUM Research concluded a report recently, which shows that Madison Street Capital closed an estimated 27% more transactions than in 2014. AUM Research analysts further averred that the high volume of transactions recorded in the last quarter (2015) accounts for this positively impactful performance. In 2014, the firm’s report accounted for 32 transactions and 42 in 2015. This puts the firm in a safe zone as it navigates the market landscape in 2016, a article highlighted.

While Madison Street Capital dominated, it’s been closely observed that rivaling hedge fund firms are struggling to keep a competitive edge. Financial market analysts blame the lack of diversification and poorly formulated hedge fund strategies for this shortcoming. In addition, there’s an ongoing crisis of high operating cost and low-profit turnover as many financial services brokerage continue to stress. In one scenario, micro hedge fund managers pointed out their futile efforts to secure lucrative contracts with rising liabilities and low-income portfolio assets. Nonetheless, investors haven’t withdrawn from hedge fund investing entirely as many look towards opportunities with higher returns.

Elsewhere, hedge fund deals aren’t in short supply. Overall, the sector has been assiduous, especially last year, a performance that’s likely to continue throughout 2016. Industry watchdogs are quite optimistic that transaction performance will improve across segments. There’s no denying that companies are now seeing the greater value in consolidation as they seek reasonable solutions to cut production, operating and distribution cost. Madison Street Capital has injected itself into healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, telecommunication, technology, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, consumer retail, media and energy/oil.

The Chicago-based financial investments boutique proudly supports United Way on its disaster relief initiative. Through this collaborative effort, Madison Street Capital aids in strengthening and transforming communities. Established in 2005, Madison Street Capital prevails among the industry’s strongest hedge fund specialist. With a formidable professional team, Madison Street Capital remains an expert of M&A and corporate finance advisory. This investment banking vendor outreach extends to Asia, North America and Africa.

It consults for middle-market ventures needing an expert opinion on business finance, hedge fund/private equity administration, asset valuation/management, investment banking consolidation (M&A transactions), corporate decisions and financial reporting. It’s aided many business owners in formulating sound corporate partnerships in the interest of consolidation, expansion and buyout opportunities, etc. With a dependable, professional, experienced team, Madison Street Capital continues to set the trend as a global financial services strategist. Over the last decade, it’s grown exponentially as a group, creating opportunities to form new partnerships and business relationships.

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What Solo Capital And Its Owner, Sanjay Shah Have Been Up To In The Recent Past.

Recently, business media channels reported of the acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital by Solo Capital. This came as a surprise move keeping in mind that Old Park Lane, an international natural resources stockbroker was on the verge of collapsing. Solo Capital issued a statement affirming the purchase and explained that it hopes that this move will help Old Park Lane get back to its feet. This statement confirmed the rumors that have been circulating around that Solo Capital was looking forward to expanding its operations to new untapped fields like the natural resources industry. Now that it has purchased Old Park Lane it’s now ready to get into the lucrative natural resources industry. Many business eyes are know set to see what Solo Capital will be able to achieve with Old Park Lane Capital.

Solo Capital has been on the global investment industry for some time now. Among the services this boutique investment firm offers are proprietary trading, business and investment consultancy and professional sports investments management. In the proprietary trading division, this firm offers services like FX, commodities and derivatives trading. The consultancy division offers investment advisory, business performance advisory, and human capital advisory. The professional sports management division deals with talent acquisition, commercial sports advisory, business representation, asset management and talent performance management. Solo Capital has a team of professional and highly skilled staff that handle their services. This team is dedicated to offering its clients quality services that are based on good market knowledge and research. Solo Capital is among the top investment partners for investors, institutions and organizations.

Sanjay Shah is the owner and founder of Solo Capital investment. Sanjay Shah is an entrepreneur and business person who has made a lot of fortune in the investment and business industry. He owns a chain of companies in various countries all over the world. These companies had already made him successful even before he founded Solo Capital. Sanjay Shah is also a philanthropist who started out his philanthropic practice in India. He gave out donations to Indian children from poor backgrounds to help them access medical care and education. In 2011, after his son, Nikhil was diagnosed with a neurodevelopment disorder, Sanjay Shah directed his philanthropic efforts towards fighting autism. This made him found Autism Rocks charity organization to help him put his efforts together with others in the society to fight autism.

Autism Rocks raises its fund by organizing private musical concerts where donors are invited to give their donations. Recently Autism Rocks invited the Best brothers, Will, and Pete to join its board of trustees. This two have worked in various sectors, and their experience and expertise is expected to help autism rocks achieve its goals. Sanjay Shah expressed his joy that the Best brothers have joined Autism Rocks board of trustees as they have been long term friends.

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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital is a successful proprietary trading and consulting firm that is located in Central London and Dubai. They have 39 locations that are in full operation ready to serve their clients with the utmost expertise. The founder and owner behind Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah. He is responsible for building the company from the ground up. He initially told himself when first starting the company that he would give it one year of hard work and dedication. Solo Capital has now reached the million dollar mark and has a reported net worth of $280 million. This alone was enough for Sanjay Shah to semi-retire from the company.

Before he semi-retired from Solo capital, he worked as an accountant. He initially went to college at King’s College to study medicine and eventually decided that’s not what he wanted to do. So he transitioned his career to accounting and finance. He studied accounting and graduated with his degree, and then started working for an accounting firm. After many years in the accounting and banking business, he began to grow tired of the everyday grind and hustle of the working world. He had dreams of starting his own business. So he pursued his dreams and formed Solo Capital. Its success could never have been determined or imagined, but it took off running very rapidly. His business expanded so fast that he was able to “take a back seat” to the business and focus his attention on another area of passion, autism.

Autism has become a very unique condition that Shah has been researching and donating to. He had been donating to children in India for a number of years, and now donates his money to the autism research industry. He became passionate about the condition when his son was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old. He wanted to be able to “fix” what happened, and realized he couldn’t, so he decided to try the next best thing. He launched Autism Rocks in 2014 to help raise awareness and aid in the fundraising process for the charity. Snoop Dogg stopped by his home in Dubai one day, and they go to talking about how he could help with the condition and get involved in the music industry. Snoop Dogg urged him to get back into his love for music and that’s how Autism Rocks was launched. He has set up agreements with some of the most famous music artists and stages concerts through them to help raise awareness and donations for the cause. Shah donates some of the money to Cambridge University to aid in their research, development and to also help patients and their families better cope with the effects of the condition.

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James Dondero: Best Hedge Fund Manager 2016

The third-quarter financial report filed by the Highland Capital Management team shows that the company is progressing positively. The stocks that were featured in the report represent those they own in the United States, and they make up about 22.73% of their total assets. James Dondero’s HCM acquired new stocks according to the report. They spent vast sums of money to obtain the new positions, and they include the $67 million used to acquire Spdr 500 Etf shares, the $23.35 million on Amazon and $17.73 million spent on acquiring new stake at the Eagle pharmaceuticals among other positions. In total Highland Capital Management entity acquired 69 new stocks.

Highland Capital Management Fund also increased their stake at some companies in the United States. They increased their stocks by 60% in the American Airls (Call) (AAL), 18% on the Corning Inc., 16% increase in the Patterson Companies Inc., and the Salesforce Com shares up by 18%. The 13F quarterly also showed the top performing stocks in the US and they include the American Airls, Salesforce Inc., and Ishares Tr, and they make up 13% of total listed securities in the USA managed by HCM. The report further shows that HCM increased the Information Technology sector funding from 16% to 18%. The current investment in the industry is $615.40 million.
Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser that has assets worth $21 billion. Their headquarters are located in Dallas, TX. The company’s clients constitute of pension plans, financial institutions, governments and corporations. They are the pioneers of collateralized obligation loans and offer alternative investments comprising of natural resources, emerging markets among others. It was started by Jim Dondero in 1993 and has been providing excellent solutions for credit and equity markets. HCM still maintains offices in New York, Seoul and in Singapore.
James Dondero is the Co-Founder of the company. He has a track record of performance like the startup Protective Life business that had a growth of $2 billion within two years. He has been awarded a number of accolades in his career too. Jim is also involved in charities. His attention is mainly on public and education sector including the veterans’ welfare. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and earned a degree in accounting and finance. James has also earned the right to use the following designations Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA). For more information, click here.
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