The Great Legacy of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum attained a B.S.E.E and a B.S from Yale University. Apparently, he has a long list of his qualification in the university. He got an MS from Harvard Medical School and an MBA from Harvard business school; furthermore, he attained an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to his great success in higher education, he was appointed the president of Yale Advisory Council, other than that he is a board member at Harvard-MIT HSR program. He achieved all these because of his effort and dedication.


Jim Tananbaum is a popular business man; he has over 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship, investment, and healthcare, reveals He is the founder of Foresite Capital. Furthermore, he deals with areas like financial and knowledgeable views, this helps him in the healthcare industry in especially making a right decision. He is the chief Architect of Foresite Capital Investment company. Jim Tananbaum has a long-time experience and skills in the field of finance and this has contributed to the success of the company.


Apart from holding a top position at Foresite Capital (, Jim is the co-founder of various biopharmaceuticals companies as well as leading a number of health care investment practices. After his graduation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University, Jim Tananbaum began GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENX). The company was able to make two drugs which as a result earned $80 million. ; later on, Jim sold the firm for a sum of $1.6 billion in 1998. Moreover, Jim is part of Theravance as for the co-founder, he also became the CEO for some time. Jim Tananbaum then joined Theravance Inc and Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) and together they worked so hard and made $3.2 billion.


According to Bloomberg, Jim is a founding partner at Prospect Venture Partners II and III and a partner at Sierra Ventures. Other than that he specialized in creating healthcare services investment development. He has been in so many companies and held top position due to his experience and skills. Jim founded Foresite Capital with a clear objective of providing the best investment podium. Jim is a considerate man who attends to the requirements of his customers prior to other responsibilities.



Thor Halvorssen Stands up to Tyrants

Tyrants are rather scary to live under. People who live under the rule of tyrants are often faced with a seemingly hopeless situation. These types of rules seem to be able to get away with everything, and the only way to get them to stop is to stand up to them. Unfortunately, the people who are living under tyrannical rule are likely to be too weak and powerless to take a stand. Fortunately, there are some on the outside that are willing and able to stand up for the oppressed in tyrannical territories. Thor Halvorssen is one of those who are willing to fight the war for the oppressed.

Thor Halvorssen is actually one of the most effective human rights activists. He is very passionate about fighting for human rights and bringing humanity into a world that is filled with equality. He has a joy and intensity about him that is definitely going to leave an impact on the world. As he makes an impact on the fight for human rights, more of the oppressed people are given a reason to hope. One of the reasons that he is so effective in the human rights struggles is that he has knowledge that goes further than just reading about the issues. He actually has experience with the issues of human rights. Click here to know more.

From a father that has been imprisoned for exposing the unethical behavior of his government to a mother that has been shot in a demonstration, Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to the fight for human rights. He is also someone who is working tirelessly on the issue. Thor Halvorssen also avoids being a stereotypical human rights activist. He is someone that would declare that he loves people. It does go without saying that one would have to love people in order to fight for people.

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