George Soros Is Giving Through His Investing

The CEO of stated that billionaire George Soros just purchased $100 million dollars in stocks from their company. Soros’s huge purchase of in this company was astounding. Soros who is an investor by trade. This is how he made his $30 billion-dollar fortune. More information about Soros’s purchase is available on Coindesk website.

Investing has made Soros one of the top 100 richest people in the world. Soros even gave away $18 billion dollars of his wealth to his Open Society Foundations. However, he is still rich beyond imagination. The fact is when a person has that much money, it is almost impossible for them to lose it all and go broke.

Soros knows money. That is how he made enough money to fund his political ideology. He is a firm believer in open societies. An open society is a culture where people can worship, vote and work without restriction or fear of retaliation. It is also a place where people can live their life without tyranny and problems from the government.

Soros knows that many modern nations have open societies. However, he realizes that even these nations could easily swing too far to the left and restrict live, liberty and rights. This is one of the reasons why Soros supports so many liberal organizations and groups through his Open Society Foundations non-profit network organization. This unit ensures that no society is too far out of balanced.

Do not think that Soros wants a completely liberal society where anything and everything goes. He even realizes that capitalism is not a perfect economic model though it does work. Soros wants to ensure that no government will have so much control in lives of people that they will keep them from living their lives to the fullest.

Soros’s early years in the realm of business has shown him how money and politics are intertwined. It is almost impossible for any politician or political causes to be successful without cash. This is why many grassroots organizations do not go far. If they do not have money to advertise and mobilize their cause; chances are it will never get off the ground.

The same thing is true for politicians. They need money to win electoral races. Without cash they can’t reach the public and they can’t travel around to campaign. Unless a candidate is very rich they will need outside support to win an election. Many liberal groups enjoy working with OSF because they realize that it is an important organization that will help keep them going into the future.

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Contributions to Entrepreneurship And Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna has made several contributions to the medical sector over the years. He has also done a lot in entrepreneurship, especially in the real estate industry. This has earned him major recognition in the two fields. Dr. Mark McKenna founded ShapeMed Company in 2007. The company which has a number of offices in different parts of the US deals with the provision of cosmetic treatments to interested parties. Some of these treatments include laser hair removal, weight loss procedures, Botox injections and nutrition.

ShapeMed has been doing so well, and its quality services saw it win the Black Diamond Certification. The award which was from Allergan Inc. is usually given to institutions that are doing well in medical aesthetics and those that work hard to provide better healthcare services to patients. Dr. Mark McKenna is certified by both the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners and the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. He got his education in medicine from Tulane University Medical School and began to work alongside his father who worked as a physician in a medical institution.

Dr. Mark McKenna obtained an interest in real estate and started selling mortgages after working in the medical sector for a while. The interest led to the birth of the McKenna Crescent Investment Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. When Hurricane Katrina happened, Mark provided people with low-income housing to help them go back to their normal lives since the hurricane had swept most of their belongings leaving them with very little. It was impossible for them to afford expensive houses at that time.

In 2017, Mark founded OVME, which produces technology-enabled aesthetic. The company received around four million US dollars from investment firms to fund the launching of its medical app and to cater for the opening of clinics in different locations. The company plans on the provision of medical services to patients in the comfort of their homes. This will give them a better experience and even help them recover quickly. Mark’s success has seen him get featured on Doctorpreneur, a CBS show and it is likely that he will continue to receive more attention in the years to come.

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