Drew Madden’s Fruitful Career in the Healthcare IT Industry

Drew Madden has achieved a lot over the 10 years he has been in the healthcare IT industry. He is highly skilled in the field and has been using his skills to improve patient care through the innovative healthcare systems he designs. Drew studied industrial engineering at the University of Iowa. He has always been passionate about medical systems and specialized in this while studying at the University of Iowa.

Drew’s career in the healthcare IT industry began at Cerner Corporation where he worked for four years. He then moved to Healthia Consulting where he served in various implementation roles for a few years before he was promoted to a business development role. He started working with Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. in 2010, and in just a year, he was appointed president due to his expertise in the field.

He served as president of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. from 2011 to 2016. Under his leadership, the company received several coveted KLAS awards. Nordic grew tremendously during his term as president, with the number of employees growing from 10 to over 700, the number of client partners growing from 3 to 150 and annual revenue growing to $130 million from just $1 million when he took over. These are no mean achievements, especially considering he only led the company for five years.

Drew currently works at Evergreen Healthcare Partners where he is one of the managing partners. The group provides healthcare institutions with topnotch Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions. The solutions they provide are customized to suit their clients’ needs and this is what makes them so highly sought-after.


Apart from improving patient care, Drew Madden also believes that healthcare IT can directly help patients by facilitating communication with their doctors, giving them access to information about their health and enabling them to share important information with other patients. This is what Drew is working towards and with his passion and commitment to the cause, he is an unstoppable force. He has taken the IT healthcare industry by storm and a lot more is expected of him in his position at Evergreen Healthcare Partners.