Sam Tabar Refreshes Full Cycle As New COO


Trusting The Most Reliable

Sam Tabar is one of the most established names in fund management. He has served at some of the most renown names in fund management such as Merrill Lynch, the Schulte, Roth & Zabel fund, and even the Sparx Group of the Asia Pacific region. As an Ivy League graduate this success is generally expected, but the level of success Tabar has obtained far exceeds even the wildest expectations of most graduates. Today this success has led him to his current position as the Chief Operating Officer of the Full Cycle Fund where he oversees the investments the fund will make.



Rethinking The Idea Of Pollution

In the world of finance there are times when the profit motive clashes with the public good. Fortunately the Full Cycle Fund manages to combine both profit and public interests into its model. When Full Cycle decides to invest in a project there is always a focus on improving environmental care and waste management. Full Cycle doesn’t see pollution as something to discard away. Instead of simply throwing away solid waste Full Cycle aims to find new ways of using “trash” to reduce our environmental impact and grow new industries.



A Talent For Decision Making

Sam Tabar doesn’t limit his investment choices to his occupation. In his private life he is also heavily involved in early investments into some of the biggest brands out there. An example of his ability to predict successful investments is Shethinx, talked about in depth by PR Newswire. This company revolutionized the feminine hygiene market with its socially conscious decision to support empowering women across the world. While many investors simply focus on profit margins the investments Sam Tabar makes bring about social change. He proves you can succeed in the finance industry while giving back to others.  See where Sam Tabar goes next by following him on social media, including his official Twitter, and SoundCloud pages.  Or you can also check out his own written word on Sam’s SlideShare.