Not So Good Score

When US citizens are born they are given a Social Security card and a Social Security number. That’s social security number identifies them as United States citizens and they are given a credit score for what should they will shape their financial future. Credit scores are to be used by company‚Äôs corporations and banks to make the decision on whether to deny or prove an applicant for loans and other financial practices. Recent studies show that companies are now looking at credit scores as a factor to deny or approve the application of potential employees. One of the communities hardest hit by these practices is the African American community. Statistics show that the African American community is 30 years behind all other communities due in part to their disadvantage in earlier centuries, there are reasons to this day why African Americans are financially, educationally and socially behind. When employers use credit scores against African American applicants, it makes it that much harder for people affected by this socioeconomic plate to get a hold of their financial future. If an unemployed applicant is denied a job based on their credit score, how are they to improve on their credit score? Employers who are not giving chances to these people prove that qualifications for a job don’t matter as much and their financial have it. Financial advisors have noted that is extremely easy for people in Hollywood in sports to bounce back from scandals, but don’t understand why it’s hard for a community of people who want to work to get a job. The same researchers behind these statistics are hoping to introduce legislation that would make it illegal for employers to deny applicants based on their credit scores according to Freedompop. Lawmakers will vote on this bill in the next few months. Financial advisors are hoping that once the bill passes, more people can begin working and get the economy back on the fast track.