Whitney Wolfe Herd a Feminist?

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of a dating App called the Bumble. The great entrepreneur was once a victim of sexual harassment and discrimination. Whitney filed a case against Tinder, her previous working company alleging them of sexual harassment against her when she was working for them. Wolfe used to work with Tinder Company as a marketing expert and vice president of the organization. The case was settled in court and Wolfe paid an undisclosed sum of money. This literally opened a new chapter in her life.The experience of Wolfe with Tinder was an eye opener to build an app where women who had faced the similar challenges she had faced could come together. The idea was to bring together victims of sexual harassment so that they could speak in one voice. Whitney Wolfe received a big backlash and abuse when she came forward that she had been a victim of sexual abuse from the online media. She, therefore, found it wise to create a platform where the various victims of sexual abuse could talk freely without negative criticisms from the masses.

Although her initial idea failed to serve the intended purpose, Whitney Wolfe is happy to have created one of the greatest dating sites. In fact, the site has now more than 18million users. The idea that women could not make the first move on men was one of the stereotypes that Wolfe wanted to do away with. She believes women can make the first move on the man they feel attracted to without any fear whatsoever. Whitney Wolfe is a champion for women rights through her app and she longs to break the education system which has disadvantaged many young women. The Bumble App has over 80% women workforce and any sexist comments are unwanted in the platform. She is setting a pace for women empowerment in the technology industry.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

Whitney Wolfe is one of the greatest women entrepreneurs in the American industry. She is the founder of Bumble dating app and co-founded the Tinder dating site. Forbes has put Wolfe’s Bumble dating app to be worth more than $1billion. Wolfe was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City in Utah. She attended Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies. The young entrepreneur has a net worth of approximately $250 million. Whitney Wolfe is married to a business tycoon Michael Herd.

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Whitney Wolfe; an American Top Female Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe is an American top female entrepreneur Austin based. She is the founder and the chief executive officer of Bumble. Before Bumble, she also co-founded tinder also a dating application. Tinder and Bumble rated as the most famous dating application sites in the year 2016. Whitney is also a cherry app founding team member and an advisor.

Bumble is a social discovery app founded on September 1, 2014. The app connects users to people around them, but it has a unique twist compared to the rest of dating apps. Bumble allows women to make the first move. Bumble creates a particular and meaningful environment for connecting with and discovering new people. Bumble has more than eighteen million registered users. Company headquarters in Austin, United States.

Bumble team that assures satisfactory of its purpose comprises of Andrey Andreev who is an Active Partner, Sarah Edwards the Brand Ambassador, Caroline Ellis the Head Of Operations, Chelsea Cain Maclin the Director of Marketing and Natalie Scott the Marketing Coordinator. Bumble also has an approximate of fifty to a hundred employees.

Bumble has a net worth of 500 million dollars. Bumble launched into new verticals including, Bumble BFF a platform programmed to meet a new best friend, or anything else. BumbleVID is also a new vertical that allows users to create a video story. Additionally, BumbleBizz is a favorite swipe-based dating app.

Whitney Wolfe built her career on helping others find a partner. She exchanged vows with Texas-based Michael Herd at the Villa Tre Ville Positano along the famed Amalfi Coast. The wedding destination was incredible from the bride’s Oscar De La Renta designer gown to the venue that gave the guests a plain view of the wild Italian coast.

Whitney received enormous recognition by prominent media outlet such as the business insider that ranked her among the top 30 most important women. She also got honored with Elle title. In 2017, Whitney officially appeared among the top thirty prominent women under thirty in Forbes magazine.

Whitney Wolfe professional background began by graduating with a bachelor in international relations from the Southern Methodist University. She began her career by selling bamboo tote bags while still pursuing her bachelor’s degree. Whitney later launched a charity foundation known as Help Us Project with her stylist partner Patrick Aufdenkamp. The nonprofit organization took fame after celebrities such as Rachel Zoe, and Nicole Richie photographed with the tote bags.

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Whitney Wolfe Brings Fun to Dating Apps

Bumble is the app that is getting the attention of lots of people. This has become the app that just took the world by storm. This has become the brainchild of Whitney Wolfe. Whitney is the dating app CEO that has managed to gain a lot of attention for her innovative perspective. She has shown people that there is more to dating apps than what was previously available.

There certainly are a lot of people that are trying to find other singles online, but this is just a hard thing to do. Bumble is helping people balance their dating lives along with their hectic work lives. This is very important to the young people of today. Whitney Wolfe knows the keys to success with dating apps and Bumble is proof of this.

The dating world is not the same anymore. People want to do things differently. This is why entrepreneurs like Whitney Wolfe are interested in changing dating for the Internet crowd. She has created the Bumble app, and this has been dubbed as the dating app for busy worker bees that don’t have a lot of time.

The dating game can be a real challenge for singles. It is going to make more sense for people that are interested in dating to use apps like Bumble because this allows them to find someone new quickly. Whitney Wolfe is good at filling the void in the app world. She is showing people that she has a unique perspective on what has to be done to appeal to a new crowd of dating users.

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The Bumble app has not been her only accomplishment for singles. Whitney Wolfe is also responsible for co-founding Tinder, another dating app, to the table. Both apps are a sign of her new vision for dating apps.

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