Dr. Mark Mckenna American Entrepreneur

Dr. Mark McKenna graduate of Tulane medical school initially found that it would be difficult to make as much money as he would like as a doctor. In pursuit of higher fortunes, he founded a real estate company out of New Orleans in 1999. After the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 business was ruined but he rebuilt later only to dissolve the company, moved to Atlanta, and open a chain of offices that offered cosmetic treatments such as Botox, laser hair removal, and nutrition and weight advisement called ShapeMed. In 2015 he sold the business to the large publicly traded entity lifetime fitness and was later bought out by private equity.

Now Dr. Mark McKenna is working on his next project dubbed OVME with plans to open the business at the beginning of next year. The company will be a national chain of cosmetic medical offices with an app that is analogous to Uber but for Botox patients. Using the mobile application potential clients will be able to make contact with freelance medical practitioners that will make house calls on demand.

When questioned as to why he decided to pursue business rather than the medical field Dr. Mark McKenna responded that the changes that he saw in billing in the medical industry as a result of his father’s practice as a doctor made him realize that he should change industries.

While Dr. Mark McKenna was in med school, he would moonlight at prisons making $50 an hour later reinvesting this money into real estate. After graduation, he worked at his father’s private general practice for five years as he was building the real estate company which made him wealthy.

Hurricane Katrina had devastating effects on his real estate business causing the financial losses of several million dollars. However afterward he took advantage of the opportunity to purchase flooded properties for minimal costs then renovating them and selling to investors for the properties were than least as low-income housing opportunities.

After his success in the real estate industry, he decided to build a brand around retail medical aesthetics a highly fragmented industry. He looked at the model of Uber and Airbnb for guidance which created a significant emphasis on user experience. Dr. Mark McKenna is confident that his successful experiences in other industries will translate readily to this new business endeavor.


Dr. Jennifer Walden – Simply the Best at Helping You Look Your Best

Dr. Jennifer Walden, MD, FACS is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is fellowship trained in Cosmetic Surgery. These credentials mean that she has completed four years of medical school, and a number of years of a residency, with at least one of those in her chosen specialty. She has also successfully passed a series of intense examinations.

She began her career as an attending plastic surgeon at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat and Lenox Hill Hospitals. At the same time, she served as an instructor of plastic surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center. She moved her practice to Texas and today operates a clinic at Westlake Medical Center. She also has full privileges at the Hospital at Westlake Medical Center, Seton Hospital, and Hill Country Memorial Hospital, where she operates a second clinic.

Dr. Walden is an advocate for women’s health and her priorities are breast and vaginal surgeries. She is best known for her innovations in technology, including 3D imaging and ThermiVa, which is a system of vaginal rejuvenation controlled by temperature and radio frequency. She also uses a technique called “Venus Legacy” to tighten skin and reduce fat. Her clinics treat sun damaged skin and remove lines, wrinkles, and unwanted hair using laser technology and injectables. To know more about her click here.

The focus is always finding the most non-invasive treatments that help clients look and feel their best. The pre-surgery consultation is a key element of the holistic approach that puts clients’ goals and safety first. Dr. Walden shares this philosophy with the larger community in her capacity as a member of hospital boards and as a consultant for a number of aesthetic cosmetic surgery companies. She has received multiple awards, and is rated among the top 20 plastic surgeons.

Top Insights about USHEALTH Group Inc.

Founded in 1982, USHealth Group Inc. has been in service with over 15 million clients for over 50 years. USHealth Group Inc. has its headquarters in Fort Worth in Texas. The company boasts of subsidiaries like the National Foundation Life Insurance and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. The firm’s main objective is to avail modernized life, dental, disability, and short-term accident services. Moreover, they offer insurance for families, employees, owners of small businesses, and individuals who are self-employed.

The CEO, Board of Directors member, and President of USHealth Group Inc., Troy McQuagge, along with the company both understands that each client has varying requirements. Due to this, they have been providing varying insurance options such as Accident and Sickness/Disease insurance covers. With their creative design of products, USHealth group of companies is a highly qualified firm addressing issues with a lot of flexibility, reliability, and affordability. The company has considered their customer base impressively by availing creative services and products that give first dollar benefits on their covered services. Moreover, they are offering great discounts on different providers. This plan, ideally, was designed for their clients who are worried about covering the high yearly charges as well as those on a tight financial budget before attaining their insurance cover’s benefits. The services are usually less expensive than the comprehensive covers but still avail first dollar cover and assurance.

USHealth has a number of covers such as PremierChoice, MedGuard, Secure Advantage, Life Protector, Premier Vision, Accident Protector Essential Health Benefits, Income Protector, and Secure Dental. Each carries three separate plans in itself. The first plan in Secure Dental is the Premium Plan whose deductibles are $50 for individuals. Extra orthodontic charges and Care Calendar limit per person covers at $150 and $1500 respectively. The Saver Plus Plan charges $50 per person; the family covers preventive care, orthodontic care, Major and also basic care at $150. Their annual charges are $1000. Finally, there is the Saver Plan going for $50 for individuals, and family covers preventive care with basic care alongside major and orthodontic services which go for $150. This cover goes for $500 per insured party.

The insurance provider has a vast number of preferred provider organizations working with them to help them provide clients with their plans and services. Some of these PPOs are such as Cigna, Dentemax, Midlands Choice, Community Health Network, CVS Caremark, Mississippi Health Partners, Center Care, PHCS, MultiPlan, Devon Health Services, First Choice of the Midwest Inc., and Careington Care. USHealth on Facebook.

Lifeline Screening is an Affordable Screening Process That Protects Our Health

We live in an age where many people take the state of their health for granted and seldom visit their doctor unless something seems to be going wrong. There are many diseases and ailments that have little to no symptoms until they become advanced, and by then it can be too late.

Lifeline Screen is a testing company that offers relatively inexpensive screening tests that are normally only available at hospitals or stand-alone testing facilities. Most often the tests are not available at the local doctor’s office.

The tests consist of an ultrasound test, a finger-stick blood test, and a limited electrocardiograph. All of these screening tests are non-invasive in nature, and the results are made available to a person’s primary care physician as a regular procedure.

The ultrasound is similar to the test that a pregnant mother receives when she wants to know the sex of her baby. With the ultrasound, the condition of the arteries can be examined such as aortic aneurysm screening, Carotid artery screening, and bone density screening for osteoporosis.

The finger-stick blood test can create a lipid blood panel that tests for the different cholesterol levels, glucose screening for diabetes risk, C-reactive protein measure for cardiovascular disease, and liver enzymes to test for liver disease.

The limited electrocardiograph tests for an irregular heartbeat which is also called atrial fibrillation, or A-Fib as it is also called. This condition is very dangerous as it can throw off blood clots which cause stroke. This condition is something that a person’s physician will want to be aware of as soon as possible as treatment promptly can mean life or death.

These tests are the same screenings that medical professionals use every day to test their patients, only with Lifeline Screening they are being given at a substantial discount. The testing locations are published on the Lifeline screening website and are usually located in public venues and employer settings.

Learn more: https://www.inc.com/profile/life-line-screening

Sergio Cortes Recommends Physical Activities as the Best Option to Deal with Alzheimer Disorder

Sergio Cortes is a Brazilian citizen by nationality. His success in the Rio health care industry cannot get described. He is also a humanitarian who leads the individual operations of medical care in Brazil. Recently, he made a release advising people on the best types of clothes to wear in summer. According to Dr. Cortes, many people start worrying due to the high temperatures experienced in summer. He added that sweat causes lack of comfortability and convenience to people. Sergio advocates wearing of fabric clothes to prevent excess sweating and breathing.
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Doctor Sergio Cortes recently made a publication expounding on how physical exercises can help prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer condition. Sergio reported that the UNESP researchers carried out a study and concluded that three weeks of regular use can help save the situation. He added that delaying and prevention of the disorder occurred even to people encountering genetic predisposition factor.
The researchers revealed that Alzheimer is one of the rapidly spreading diseases. The San Carlos Federal University together with the UNESP conducted a four years study and concluded that Alzheimer ailment can be remedied by undertaking simple daily exercises. The same case applied to victims of genetic disposition. He recommended for simple activities such as practicing yoga, Pilates, and peddling. Cortes urged clients to consult medical instructors for further recommendations.
Doctor Sergio Cortes depicted that the exercises should be done moderately and in a gentle manner to avoid further complications. Exercises work to increase mental activities and capabilities. The UNESP research focused on the genetic factors that are more probably in a position to elevate the risk of neurodegenerative. Cortes added that the research also focused on the inflammation caused by Amyloid plaques that impose a great danger to the neural connections.
Exercises successfully hinder the existence of Alzheimer disorder in the body by a positive interfering with the neural process. Amyloid plaques make depositions that lead to inflammation of the cells; the end results are the total death of the whole body. The researchers made a strong end results that weekly and daily exercises were the best option to deal with the condition.
Physical activities send a natural stimulus to the brain system where the degenerative process gets stopped in the mind. It is known that the neural connection operates maximally when the body is at practice.

Source: Exame.com

Going to See an Expert Like Sergio Cortes

When it comes to working with a doctor in Brazil, it is vital to choose one who is knowledgeable and experienced. One such doctor is known as Sergio Cortes and he has years of experience in his field. Sergio Cortes is a medical doctor providing care to those who live in or around Brazil. Because of this, it makes it easy for you to get the care you need and know that what you are doing is beneficial to your overall well-being. This is why a lot of people are looking to go and see this type of medical doctor.

There are a lot of reasons for why you should be choosing Sergio Cortes. The fact that he has a lot of experience makes him one of the best options for those who might need it. There are also a lot of benefits to seeing an experienced doctor like Sergio Cortes. For starters, you will find that a professional like this is able to quickly and easily take you on as a patient. This means that you will not have to wait just to be able to see a professional doctor who is near to your home.

Also, you will find that the practice of Sergio Cortes is close to where you live, making it convenient and easy to get what you need without all of the headache. For so many people, seeking help from this professional has proven to be a wonderful choice and option for them. There are many doctors in and around Brazil, but Sergio Cortes is one of the best options for you. You can contact his office and make an appointment if you would like to be seen. There are many reasons to seek the professional advice of Sergio Cortes, so be sure to do this when it is most convenient for you.

You can also follow Sergio Cortes on both Twitter and LinkedIn. This makes it easy for you to find out what Sergio Cortes is doing and any other news that might be of importance to you. There are so many people who are currently seeing Sergio Cortes, so make sure that you consider it an option for yourself as well. The first thing to consider is to contact Sergio Cortes’s office to make an appointment and for you to know that you are going to be able to see the doctor when it is needed.

Source: extra.globo.com

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Become Trusted And Respected

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has had ambition since the beginning of her career. She knew that she wanted to become a cosmetic surgeon that could be trusted, and who was highly respected, and that is what she set out to do. She put her all into her work and into making herself into everything that she wanted to be, and she has been able to see her goals come true. People have started to respect her and see her as someone who knows what she is doing. She has appeared on TV shows and won awards for the work that she has done with cosmetic surgeries. She knows how to better perform them than many others, and that makes her a very valuable person.
Dr. Jennifer Walden recently moved her practice from New York City to Houston, Texas because she wanted to be around family for her boys’ sake. Her practice did not suffer from the move, but instead, she’s been able to focus on women and women’s issues more than she ever has been able to before. She is happy to keep learning and to be doing something different. That is just the kind of woman that she is. She is someone who has been ambitious from the start, and who has never lost that ambition.
Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman that many people have trusted to take care of their cosmetic surgeries because of the careful way in which she performs them. She does her best work every time that she goes into surgery, and that is a great thing to see. She is a woman who has become respected and trusted by all who get to know her and what she is doing, and she has earned every bit of trust and respect that she has received.