Donald Trump Announces Bid For Presidency

Earlier today Donald Trump announced that he will be running for the presidency. He has said before that he was thinking about running, but has now made it official. He joins a long list of other Republican hopefuls who hope to gain the White House in 2016.

Many people are discounting him already. With a net worth close to 9 billion he is said to be out of touch with too many working class Americans. However, Trump is more popular than the media want to give him credit for being. His hope of turning the country back on track to its once great status, resonates in the hearts and minds of many voters. People want this country to be great again and he might just be the man to make it happen.

His wealth will be used against him. He will be mocked and laughed at by those on each side of the aisle. What those people do not want to admit is that his wealth could also be used to propel his presidential bid onward. He represents a dream. That if your work hard enough, you too will be able to reap the rewards one day. Sure, he is a businessman, but unlike other hopefuls Donald Trump has no problem admitting that.

Reality star, businessman, real estate mogul and now presidential hopeful, where will he go next and should it really be in office? Only time will tell says campaign analyst Cláudio Loureiro Heads.