George Soros: Solving the EU Refugee Crisis

There currently is an epidemic ongoing in the EU system with the flood of asylum-seekers flooding in from the war-torn Middle East who look to escape from the violence. As it stands, the method with which the EU member states transport and accept these immigrants is highly ineffective and it has led to many coming up with alternative solutions to this problem. One of these individuals is George Soros.

George Soros is an extremely successful investor and business man, with his family owned company “Soros Fund Management” boasting upwards of $29 billion in assets. Though this wasn’t always the case, having been born in Hungary during a tumultuous and violent time, he fled to the UK and put himself through the London School of Economics by working on a railroad and as a waiter. This eventually propelled him into the finance scene and he worked for a merchant bank before finally moving to New York and getting started in Wall Street. Through constant perseverance and smart decisions, he amassed enough to start his own hedge fund in 1969 worth about $12 million. From that point on he has made a point of contributing to the community with his wealth, having given away more than $11 billion in his lifetime.

Based upon George Soros’s worldly experience and lifetime dealing with tough financial decisions, he has come up with an effective method of dealing with the asylum seeking issue within the EU with a number of key points. Basically, what he wants to happen would be a process of making things far more organized and efficient in regards to how refugees are processed and integrated. This is done through setting specific minimum amounts as to the number they would like to accept, in this case one million, and by providing a small yearly stipend of $16,800 for the first two years to get them started. Additionally, he would support far greater funding to the bordering countries who currently house these refugees to better allow for them to provide for this huge influx of people, which he would like to see rise from the current $1 billion to roughly $20 billion. It would strongly tie into the demand for the creation of a specific organization to deal with this refugee crisis, and having some sort of unified system would expedite the process massively. Finally, George Soros would like the EU to provide safer channels for the asylum-seekers to reach the European country of their choice, instead of the dangerous passages they currently are faced with and provide community programs to help them integrate into society through the usage of sponsors and government assistance while they get settled. The complete version of these points can be read in the original article he has published on Marketwatch.

While the current situation in the EU is a messy one, Soros provides a fairly concrete process with which to resolve and improve upon the current system, though it would likely take a number of difficult years to implement.

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George Soros Prophesies Doom for Global Economies

George Soros is the chair of Soros Fund Management and the Open Society Foundations. Soros was born in Budapest in 1930, at the age of 17, George fled the Communist-dominated Hungary to England where he studied at the London School of Economics. George has risen the ranks to become one of America’s most influential people. This is due to his commitment to changing the world through his open society foundation which advocates for the idea of an open society which guarantees the rights of citizens and holds the government accountable at all levels. This idea was the brain child of Soros on, who sought to help communist countries depart from communism which is an unfair mode of government. This foundation has been banned in Russia and branded a threat to Russia’s social foundations.

George Soros while addressing an economic conference in the capital of Sri Lanka has warned that the global economies are headed for tough economic times. This comes after China, which is ranked the second largest economy in the world coming under fire in the recent past with the Yuan dropping its value in the global market.

Global markets are in trouble with investors opting out of investing their money in projects that would otherwise prove to be very bad for business. In an attempt to save the dropping value of the Yuan China has opted to change its preferred growth model. This comes after China has come to the realization that the current growth model does not foster economic growth and improvement.

China continues to struggle in making the inevitable switch that would see the country depart from investing and manufacture to consumption and service. This situation is worsened by the fact that the Yuan continues to drop its value in the new year. Global equities have recorded major losses, and the situation of the Yuan’s performance in Asia is getting worse. These are some of the reasons that George Soros quoted to justify his prediction that the global economy is about to hit an all-time low worse than the one experienced during the economic crunch.

2008 will go down in history as one of the worst economic times in America’s History after the great depression. Soros predicts that the looming global crisis spells greater problems than those experienced in the past with the Greece-born European debt contributing to the recession.

Soros is a respected authority in global economies after he successfully won a bet of $1billion after predicting that the UK would be forced to devalue the Euros currency in 1991. This places Soros in a pole position to predict the future of global economies based on the current trend.

China continues to struggle in making the preferred model of growth with the communist party pledging to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020. Previous attempts by China to save the economy have failed terribly, and it remains to be seen if the Soros prediction will take effect.

Importance Of Economists In Modern Market Trends

Economists are professionals who study several economic issues like market demand and supply, employees’ wages and salary as well as tax rate. They apply analytical thinking techniques to understand and explain issues related to economy, forecast trends and recommend what should be done by policy makers and business entities. An economist would be given various responsibilities depending on the employer, specialty field and type of project being analyzed.

Responsibilities of an Economist

Economists normally start their work by conducting feasibility study and gathering information. In some specific cases, they may be required to use and analyze historical data. They use statistical and mathematical techniques for computation and analysis of the data. They give their results in form of reports, graphs, charts and journal articles, and are relied upon when implementing policies at the entities under study.

Economists are hired by governments to conduct study relating to economy of the country, state or local authorities. They can give reports relating to the rate of employment turnover, price of products and services, salaries and wagers of workers and any projected spending that is expected. Economists will share their reports with the government and in turn released to relevant policy makers for more action.

Private companies and corporations will engage the services of economists who will assist them to increase their profits. They will analyze customers’ demand, targeted sales and expected prices. Also, economists will analyze the market trends and interest rates of financial institutions to help them make the right investment strategies.

Non-profit organizations may hire the services of economists to research various factors that affect societies they work with. Economists may research on factors affecting women and youth entrepreneurs in the market and propose ways on which they can be assisted. The organizations representing these groups will create programs to support them.

Economists have areas of specialty like public finance that work with government agencies to study various policies like tax reduction and welfare programs that can affect the economy of a country. International economists would study economy in respect to global perspective like international trade and markets, exchange rates as well as international financial markets.

Christian Broda is a famous economist who thinks the U.S. dollar will remain dominant in the global market. Mr. Broda believes that emerging markets are running into trouble of late, therefore strengthening U.S. dollar even more. He is the MD at Duquesne Capital Management and also a professor at University of Chicago. In 2009, Broda together with another economist speculated that market forces of demand and supply would affect inflation in the long run and keep it at low levels. This speculation has come to pass since inflation has remained at 5% for the last few years as they had predicted.

Purina PetCare: The Most Successful Pet Food Company in the World

Purina PetCare is at the top of their industry. With the use of clever advertising, Purina PetCare is able to connect with pet owners on a personal level by allowing ways for pet owners to connect strongly with their own pets. Many of these ways can include connecting through videos, public events, and even their own products.

Last year, Purina PetCare launched an online video as an advertisement for their product, Beggin Party Poppers. This video featured a Corgi by the name of Boss that rapped about his love for this snack. It caught a great deal of attention on YouTube and multiple social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, gaining about 6.5 million views before this video was launched as a television commercial. The rapping Corgi even caught the attention of rapper T.I., who helped in promoting this video.

Along with the popularity of certain videos and commercials, the products of Purina PetCare also encourage different ways for pet owners to bond with their pets. The Beggin Party Poppers, for example, show pet owners a fun way to give their dogs delicious snacks. The container the snacks are kept in actually have a popper on the top where the owner can put the snack, press down, and watch as the popper is launched forward in the air for their dogs to catch. This is one of multiple innovative ways that Purina PetCare has combined fun time with snack time.

The 18th annual Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge is a special kind of public event that is not only sponsored by Purina PetCare but also created by them. This event took place in Boston this year on July 11th. The Dog Challenge has a similar style to the Olympics, but participation in the events are specifically for dogs. There are multiple competitions that the contestants can participate in, including competitions for fetching and swimming. The day before this event, people from around the Northeast U.S. can bring their dogs over to compete for a spot in any of the events. No matter what, though, people are guaranteed to see all sorts of dogs of all sorts of sizes and breeds.

Purina PetCare has had over a decade of experience under its belt when it comes to providing pet owners with the food they need for their pets. They not only try to help strengthen the bond between pet owners and pets through their commercials and events, but they also try to do it through their products.

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Students Failed Again!

US Labor Secretary Robert Reich has some concerns about the direction of the American economy Reich a professor from Berkeley also has his feelings about educating our kids. Recently he released a video as part of a project with a group he is active in called in which Reich described the educational system as “squashing passion for learning, eroding the love of teaching and grinding up generations of young people”. Not only is he voicing his opinion on the subject but also offering sound proposals to reinvent the American education system, taken from his agenda “10 ideas to save the economy”. Reich has talked about the nation’s education challenges in his book ‘Aftershock’ as well as in his film of 2013 called ‘Inequality’ for all. Capital & Main, speaking with Reich last week about his views reportedly asked him to speak on how our country has failed its kids. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, Reich’s position is “Education is not the only answer but it is definitely necessary”. Our children are failing because this society’s priority is not about the wellbeing of our kids. If we do not invest in our children we are not investing in our future. funds spent on building and maintaining prisons and other things not necessary, if put into the school system we would need less prisons and can build more businesses to employee all of the learned and prepared students. Producing uneducated children into the world is like gnawing at your own foot and then trying to walk.