The Way of the Entrepreneur: Eric Pulier

Born in Teaneck, New Jersey, Eric Pulier began working for success in life since he was in fourth grade, when he started programming. After High School, he started attending Harvard in 1984, although that didn’t seem to be enough as he took some classes in MIT at the same time. He even wrote a column for the Harvard Crimson, which he also edited. Later, he graduated with great honors in 1988 with a major in English and American Literature.

After moving to Los Angeles, his career as an entrepreneur began. First, he founded People Doing Things, a company that works on health care, education, and other issues using technology. He also lead the creation of Starbright World, a social network where chronically ill children can share their experiences. But this isn’t close to be all his work; he has founded or co-founded several companies like US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone or ServiceMesh. But although Eric is a very successful one, he is more than just an entrepreneur. His work as a philanthropist is just as impressive, investing in charitable organizations like Trident Capital, eCompanies and Monitor Ventures, as well as investing in early startups that soon managed to finance themselves.

Eric Pulier has come a long way as more than simply a successful entrepreneur or a charitable philanthropist. He is also the father of four. But, his career hasn’t come close to ending and neither are his actions for a better world. Even as a writer he has been successful, for example his article The Enterprise Industrial Complex, which was published in the Forbes magazine. With such people in the world, there is no telling what he or other entrepreneurs will do in coming years, but whatever happens, Eric has already made a name as well as an example of himself. The new entrepreneurs of this generation would be wise to see his example and know that there is no stopping a determined man.

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An Overview Of Eric Pulier’s Career

Eric Pulier is a serial entrepreneur, and he got his start in the business world prior to graduating high school. His businesses have been in the computer technology sector, and he started programming computers as a business before they were even a household item. In fact, he was a computer programmer during the 1980s!

When he went to college at Harvard University, he was a student of english and literature. However, he continued to pursue his passion for computer technology by taking courses at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When he graduated, his grades were excellent at both colleges.

It was when he made a move to Los Angeles that Eric Pulier’s career as a businessman was truly launched. His first successful enterprise was People Doing Things. People Doing Things provided technological assistance to the healthcare and educational industries. His second endeavor, called Digital Evolution, was even more successful. The company has since undergone a merger with another company, called US Interactive LLC. However, Eric Pulier started a number of new enterprises after this, such as Media Platform and Desktone.

He also worked with a businessman by the name of Hugh Taylor to write a book called Understanding Enterprise SOA. It helps business owners to successfully integrate service oriented architecture into their enterprises. This book continues to be popular on Amazon and other marketplaces. The book is available at an affordable price, and it’s available in both hard copy and e-book form.

In addition to his success in the business world, Eric Pulier also has worked with many non-profit organizations. He has been a donor to a number of non-profits, and he has assisted with the management of several non-profit organizations by sitting on their boards. Some examples of non-profit boards that he has sat on include The X-Prize Foundation and The Painted Turtle.

He also played a major role in creating an important non-profit organization that assists seriously ill children. He played an integral role in the creation of Starbright World, which allows children that suffer from long term and serious illnesses to connect with each other through the internet.