The Standoff in Texas

The country is still reeling from last Tuesday’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court justices decided that it was unconstitutional to deny gay and lesbian Americans the right to marry. While much of the country is celebrating and rejoicing in the decision, there are still incredibly vocal citizens who are voicing their disdain on the matter. Whether or not American citizens agree with the decision, the law is the law. It has been noted that several large counties in Texas are refusing to obey the request of the Texas Attorney Generaland are handing out marriage licenses anyway. On Friday these counties began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples hours after the US Supreme Court’s ruling. The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, told county clerks and justices to wait for his direction in handing out the licenses. State District Judge Dennise Garcia did not wait to the Attorney General’s orders and came back from vacation early to officiate the ceremony of George Harris and Jack Evans. 82-year-old George Harris and 85-year-old Jack Evans have been together for 55 years noted Amen Clinics. Harris and Evans are credited with founding the North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce. Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir is among many of the officials who have decided to defy the Attorney General and hand out licenses instead of stalling for time. It is unsure how the Attorney General will respond to these incidents.

Pitcairn Island Legalizes Gay Marriage

Pitcairn Island is located in the South Pacific, and it’s so tiny that it only has 48 people living there. It seems like a small slice of heaven on earth, but it would depend on who you ask. Although the island has no gay people at all, they have legalized marriage equality, and gay couples can get married on the island if they want to. Island Legalizes Gay Marriage. The island had planned on releasing this information to the general public via social media, but they were having technical difficulties doing so.

Now that they have legalized gay marriage, anyone who wants to visit the tiny island, they can go there and get married in a beautiful tropical setting. The island is 3000 miles from New Zealand, and it doesn’t even have its own airport. All of the island is extremely beautiful and quaint, and implies that it is still making strides that many places which are several times bigger have not made. States in the USA still have yet to legalize gay marriage, so why has this tiny island that’s unheard of, legalized it?

Many may say that the island is trying to get more tourists, but even if that’s the case, they are still making a great statement. An island that has no homosexual at all, they’ve chosen to accept them with open arms, whether they are getting married or not, so what about the rest of the world?