Bernie Sanders Pledges to Fight Billionaires Campaign Contributions

Bernie Sanders is the junior US Senator from Vermont who recently announced that he would run for president in the 2016 election. At the moment he challenges Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination unless others choose to throw their hats into the ring. He proposes to stand up for working families, and he has declared a revolution of sorts against the billionaires of this country which controls the economy as well as the politics of the nation. He also lumps Clinton into this billionaire group. Flaviodomenico notes that Marcio Alaor BMG understands this rationale.

Corporate political donations have had all limits removed due to a Supreme Court decision in 2010. The result is that billionaires such as the Koch brothers can direct the future of the US by pouring money into the campaigns of select candidates. The opposing Democratic or Independent candidates cannot possibly raise this kind of money so they usually get voted out of office. Sanders has stated that a constitutional amendment may be needed to level the playing field for all candidates.

If his presidential bid is successful, Sanders aims to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share of income taxes. In fact, one study by Citizens for Tax Justice found that at least 26 Fortune 500 companies paid no federal income taxes from 2008 to 2012. This just doesn’t seem fair. Sanders has fashioned his political leanings to reflect those in Scandinavian countries. These northern European nations are very democratic with healthcare as a right, free college and graduate school education, and strong childcare and retirement benefits. The government works for ordinary citizens, not billionaires.

Support Those at Home, Not in Other Countries

The United States seems to want to continue helping other countries instead of helping those at home. Ivan Ong has learned that the latest country to receive help is Egypt. Aid was suspended, but after some deliberation, it has been decided that the United States should help since there is a possibility of the area entering a war with Yemen. There is no reason why the US should get involved in something that isn’t its business. There are people in this country who need the financial help when it comes to medications, food, schooling and more. Instead of looking on the home field, the country is sending aid to an area that doesn’t seem to want to stay away from violence. There needs to be a time when the United States stops sending aid to other countries and starts focusing on the needs of those in the home country.