Effective Online reputation management

Online reputation management draws from two basic principles, that of drawing online reputations of a client’s brand through social media and the experience obtained by clients. Reputation management begins by ascertaining the experience that customers receive from a brand or person. The meaning of this is that if their feedback is good then the person might attract more clients from the experience of the few. The basic principle in this is the creation of a story about the brand or person then telling the story through marketing strategies where the feedback they give creates a person’s reputation. The three elements that make up the principle in this concept help in communicating about the brand, which gives an overview of the person.

The experiences that clients share about a person’s brand include whether the person delivered on time, customer response, their service exceeded expectations and the mode of service delivery. Based on the experiences, clients can choose to recommend the brand to other clients or not, which is what people rely on. In order for online reputation management to be successful, a person must first have a website, be very active on social media sites, and have blogs that act as public relation avenues. Further, this management concept also requires a person to have business directory listings, develop social profiles and have and an online talent portal. The ultimate vehicle that helps in effective online reputation management is the use of the internet with the aim of achieving competitive advantage.

In the field of online reputation management, Darius M. Fisher is a guru and is currently the head of Status Labs. Through his able team, Darius prides himself in being capable of managing online crises after damage has occurred or preventing a client’s reputation from possible ruin. Status Labs, through Darius’ guidance focuses on maintaining a person’s image online especially for business executives, celebrities, and politicians. Status Labs has its headquarters in Austin, but also has operational offices in Sao Paulo and New York. Darius and his team strive to repair the digital presence of their clients that include changing of a person’s Google search results and creating new content for them.

Most of the clients that Darius and his company serve become victims of bad press for failing to prepare for such an eventuality. Well-fed social media profiles, worthy personal websites, and press releases that focus on communicating the achievements of an individual help in damage control for a public figure’s reputation after the occurrence of an event that is likely to ruin their career. Darius advises people to listen to what people are saying about them and their image in order for them to be successful at managing their online reputation and digital presence.