Top Investment Firm Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading investment firms in the world. As a global investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group offers clients with a highly diversified assortment of services to take advantage of. With its expertise, the firm is able to provide both individual investors and institutional clients with very sound asset management. This firm provides management of a number of different assets that include real estate, credit securities and also private equity. With Fortress Investment Group, clients can also take advantage of capital investment strategies that benefit them as well. The firm was founded in 1998 and is based in New York City along with a number of other office locations worldwide.

One of the things that sets Fortress Investment Group apart from other financial services firms is its emphasis on investment performance. Fortress looks to generate a number of favorable risk adjusted returns for all of its investor clients. This includes finding assets that are profitable and that will generate consistent returns on a consistent basis. They will also provide long term cashflow that is positive as well. By using this approach, Fortress Investment Group has been able to meet the needs of many investor clients and grow into a leading financial services firm.

Another aspect of Fortress Investment Group that makes it a successful firm is its employees and staff. Fortress has a number of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are very knowledgeable about investment assets as well as particular industries. As a result, clients will be in position to get valuable feedback and guidance when looking to invest in assets that will provide them with the most consistent returns. By offering clients with the opportunity to work with expert professionals, Fortress Investment Group has emerged as a top option when investors are looking to get the most out of their investing activities.

The firm has a management committee that provides it with its current leadership. This committee consists of three individuals who bring their experience and expertise to help keep the firm successful. The three members of the management committee are the Principal and co chief executive officer Peter Briger, the co founder, principal and Co Chief Executive Officer Wesley Edens and also the co founder and principal Randal Nardone. Each of these three individuals brings their unique skills and knowledge to the firm. Under their leadership, Fortress Investment Group has been able to firmly establish itself as a leading global asset management and investment company.

There are a number of assets under management with the firm. It currently manages over $40 billion worth of assets. The asset classes that it manages include credit hedge funds, credit private equity securities, permanent capital vehicles and also private equity securities. All of these asset classes are available for both individual investors and institutions to take advantage of when looking to invest their capital. Fortress investment group will oversee these assets and ensure that clients get their desired returns on a consistent basis by providing advice and frequent evaluations.

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