Jeb Bush Begins His Presidential Bid as the Republican Front-runner.

The landslide victory for the Democratic Party during the 2008 presidential election was largely seen as a response to the failed policies of President George W. Bush’s administration. John McCain—the Republican nominee—tried to separate himself as far as he could from the maligned president. Remarkably, just eight years later, another Bush is setting his eyes towards the presidency. Jeb Bush is set to make his formal announcement as a candidate for the Republican Presidential Nomination on Monday. Bush enters the race in the most financially formidable position of any of his party’s candidates. With a super PAC supporting his presidential bid, he remains a powerful force—despite his tarnished last name. Most polls have him as the front-runner in early primary states, such as Iowa and New Hampshire. Yet, the Republican field is strong this year and candidates, such as Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all poise a significant challenge to Bush’s presidential aspirations. Sam Tabar ( knows that the next few months will see a slew of other candidates enter the presidential race for both parties. Expect a clear front-runner to emerge after a few primary debates in the fall. Until then, Jeb Bush’s money and name positions him as the clear front-runner for the Republican nomination.

Student confronts Jeb Bush over ISIS

The problem of ISIS will be a major area of conversation during the upcoming Presidential campaigns and prospective Republican nominee Jeb Bush was faced with the first vice of descent at a recent rally. Former Florida Governor Bush had given a town hall meeting in Reno, Nevada and was signing autographs when 19 year old Political Science Major Ivy Zeidrich confronted the candidate over his statements regarding the establishment of ISIS, The New York Timesreports.

Mr. Bush had claimed the establishment of ISIS could be placed firmly at the door of President Obama after he allowed the removal of a peace keeping force to occur in Iraq according to Bernardo Chua on PRNewsWire. Miss Zeidrich countered that the blame could be placed with Bush’s brother President George W. Bush who began the conflict in the Middle East and destroyed the Iraqi army totaling more than 30,000 troops. Bush and the University of Nevada student discussed the situation in a brief exchange before the former Governor turned his back on the student and ended the conversation.

Jeb Bush Points Out That Both He and Hillary Would Have Authorized 2003 Iraq War

The 2003 Iraq war is arguably the most transformative event in US history of the past decade second only to the attacks of September 11, 2001. Since that time, the war vote has been a point the political left uses to rail against presidential candidates. Now, the Iraq War is resurfacing as a presidential issue. This is because former Florida Governor Jeb Bush acknowledged tapping into his brother George W. Bush for advice on Middle East affairs. Rather than allow the left to use that acknowledgement to define him unfavorably, Jeb Bush is proactively defending the Iraq War. In an interview set to air on Monday night, Bush explained that given the intelligence the United States possessed in 2003, he too would have asked for an authorization of war against Iraq.

In fact, Bush went on to say that even Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing if she were president in 2003. His remark is bolstered by the fact that she voted for the Iraq War resolution. At the time, Clinton was the junior senator from New York, and she presented a hawkish view of national defense. Bush’s words were crafted to put Clinton on the spot. If she will defends her 2003 Iraq War vote, she risks alienating the Warren-wing she desperately needs. Alternatively, she may flip-flop on the vote to pander to the liberal base, but alienate herself to moderates and undecided voters.

Thanks to Bernardo Chua for showing me Bush’s remarks.