A Review Of Sujit Choudhry’s Interview

Comparative law involves studies of different legal systems examples of some existing legal regimes in the entire world are Hindu law, Civil law, Chinese law and socialist law. Of recent, the importance of comparative law has gained the public popularity and attraction due to democratization, internationalism and economic globalization. Erudite scholars have managed to develop different branches of comparative law which include commercial law, administrative law, constitutional law and criminal law all in comparative law. Further division involves Micro or Macro comparative legal analysis which also involves critical comparisons broad-ranging studies of various nations.

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Comparative law contributes to a healthy relationship between distinct legal systems. The law aids in providing mutual understanding, and most importantly it helps to reduce misinterpretation and prejudice in the constitution. In this modern age, the law provides the best platform intellectual sharing of legislation which only exists in different countries. Adding on the same token, it aids in bringing in a good relationship of diverse legal systems. Through this theoretical study of law reformers and comparative law, the legislators have the best environment to practice. The comparative law helps in improving the foreign policies through having good international relations. Check on law.nyu.edu for more.  Also, this branch of law plays a vital role in other institutions like the United Nations to examine treaty obligations in distinct countries.

Mr. Sujit Choudhry is a respected professional and an expert in the field of comparative constitutional law and has a strong international repute. Sujit Choudhry served as the Dean at the esteemed University of California where he is also a Professor of Law currently. Useful link on indiawest.com

In his previous career paths, he has also operated as a law professor at the University of New York. Then at he worked as School chair at the University of Toronto. He is an erudite scholar and alumnus from institutions of higher learning with high repute which include Harvard Law School. Oxford University and the University of Toronto. Refer to fundacity.com for related reading.

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