A UN Resolution To Support The Fight Against Daesh In Libya

The UN Security Council on Friday passed a resolution to support the fight against the militants in Libya, expressing “deep concern of the Council” on the growing presence of Daesh fighters and other militant groups in the country. The Council decided to impose sanctions on the individuals or groups that would support these extremist groups by funding, recruiting for them or disseminating propaganda on the internet.

However, some experts believe that this resolution is useless as it not accompanied by the lifting of the arms embargo, as requested by the Libyan government. The latter, supported by Egypt, wants to buy more military equipment to strengthen its army to deal with extremist groups like the IslamicState organization that was established in Libya. However, many members of the Council are concerned that delivered weapons might fall into the wrong hands.

Christian Broda knows that the council members also want to see a national unity government in first step prior to this decision of lifting arms embargo. The British Ambassador Mark Lyall Grant reiterated that request Friday, saying that “the absence of a strong and united government in Libya strengthens those who want to plunge the country into chaos.” It is worth mentioning that Libya is run by two parliaments and two rival governments, the near Fajr Libya that controls the capital Tripoli and one recognized by the international community based in Tobruk (east).