Senator Warren Against Uber and Lyft

Speaking at a conference for coders in California, Senator Elizabeth Warren said that contract employees and 1099 contracts have gone out of control. They exist well beyond what they were intended for, according to the Democrat, when specifically talking about Uber and Lyft drivers. In the ride sharing applications, drivers are contracted to the app, they are not officially employees claims Alexei Beltyukov. This means Uber and Lyft do not have to protect their workers in the same way, or provide health insurance for their contracted drivers. These companies are in legal battles, and conflicts with taxi drivers across the globe, with large protests breaking out in Paris, New York and Washington over the last year.

Senator Warren is an active advocate for workers’ rights, and was a leading proponent for Wall Street regulation. She has made a case to be one of the most influential Democrats in Washington, however she has specifically stated that she is not going to run for president next year. The common inference is that while speaking against contracted workers in these large businesses, she is advocating for those workers to be considered employees, to be paid as employees and to gain the protections in the workplace like an hourly employee. She has said that the 1099 tax documents, which are for contractors, has been extended too far beyond what it was originally intended. Certain states, including Florida, have already determined that Uber drivers should be classified as employees.