The Doe Deer Magic in the Makeup Industry

People that have never heard of Doe Deere may wonder how she has penetrated what has appeared to be an impenetrable area of cosmetics. She has hit a high point by giving teenagers a voice in the makeup industry, and she is rising in popularity as a result of this. She is gaining a lot of ground as one of the most popular producers of makeup because she is the rebel among the gentle giants in the makeup industry. She is the one that teenagers can recognize, and this is what will propel her to new heights.

When people talk about Cover Girl they have seen models, but most people just couldn’t recognize the president if the Cover Girl president appeared in the commercials. People recognize the Mary Kay name, but few could recognize the leaders that push Mary Kay out to the consumers these days. These companies are powerhouse players, but the Chief Executive Officers are rather disconnected from the brand. This may have worked for decades upon decades, but social media is changing all of that. In the makeup industry there is a change because social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are affecting the way that people do business.

People know who started Facebook. They know about the lives of celebrities because this is how celebrities advertise. They market through tweets and Facebook posts. Doe Deere on pinterest recognized this and flipped the makeup industry into something new by connecting herself with her brand. Now people know who wears and promotes the makeup. They feel a personal connection, and this is what allows the brand to thrive and move ahead of the crowd.

I know that there are a lot of brands out there, but there has never been a time where there was such a movement to capture the attention of teens. Lime Crime could officially be declared makeup for teenagers. They are going to be the ones that this brand reaches because of the way that it has been marketed. This isn’t the brand that is going to pop up on television station in commercials across the world. It isn’t going to be some makeup line that takes out full page ads in Good Housekeeping and Vogue magazine. It doesn’t have to. Doe Deere has already found her voice and her alternative method of marketing. It is working for her so there is no need to rock the boat on this.

The makeup industry is slow to change, but Doe Deere has put the corporate executives in an awkward position. These companies can change or become stagnant from a lack of growth. These really are the only options that are available because there is such a strong presence from Doe Deere. She is not the big name that she hopes to be, but a change is certainly unfolding. I have been able to see how the industry has changed over the years. Consumers know that there are teenagers that are buying makeup and changing the cosmetics industry.