Market America: The Multi-Brand Product And Internet Marketing Company

Market America is a successful multi-brand product and internet marketing company in the United States. The company was started in 1992 by JR and Loren Ridinger. The company’s headquarters are in North Carolina. The company employs an impressive 650 people.

The company sells a variety of brands and products under those brands. Some examples are household items, diet supplements, beauty products, flowers, coffee, apparel, oral care products, jewelry, auto items, websites, and water purification systems. They will likely only continue to grow the amount of products that they sell. The company sells retail products under the domain name This domain was acquired by JR and Loren Ridinger from the Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The company first started out in North Carolina and sold products across America. They have grown since then and sell products now from a few other countries. Market America products are sold now in Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia. The company can deliver products worldwide. Once it became an international capable company, they chose to move their domain from to for it’s more internationally friendly name.

The company works with various unfranchise owners who have their own websites from the Market America brand that they pay a monthly fee to maintain. The unfranchise owners make a commission on what they sell from their websites. They are also expected to recruit more unfranchise owners for the Market America company.

JR Ridinger was once the top Amway distributor. His wife Loren Ridinger is a beauty and fashion expert, who mainly helms the beauty and jewelry products sold by the company. Together they make a good team and have created a strong company.

Next time you need some of the various retail products that Market America distributes you can check out the myriad of products that they sell. Check out to see the various options for auto, beauty, dietary supplements, water purifiers, jewelry, coffee, flowers, and website options available from the company.

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