Growing Your Wealth With the Experts

A lot of folks want to have a lot of money. But, sadly, most individuals scrimp by on huge amounts of debt and barely make their mortgage payments. They scratch their heads at the easy success that the elite have. This article goes through the tips that the world’s most successful individuals use to grow their portfolios.

  1. Suffering– 9 times out of 10, being wealthy is not a magical thing that happens to a lazy bum on the street. Most wealth comes to those who work hard for it. The ancient Jewish King Solomon once observed that loving pleasure is a quick path to poverty.

2. Generosity– Many poor folk scoff at this idea. What? I give money to get money? It is true, however, that generosity and wealth are connected. If you choose to be generous with the little you have now, it is likely that you will gain more of it in the future.

3. Be Peculiar– Whether it is Bill Gates speeding happily down the interstate in his new foreign cars after Microsoft’s rapid growth, or Warren Buffett having no cell phone, billionaires share something in common. They have peculiar habits that the rest of us do not. Buffett has noted that you should make a list of things that your friends are afraid of doing. This could be hard work, pain, exercise, math, science, unpopularity, etc. Greedily pursuing those things opens up opportunities that the competition is missing because of pride. Also, the reverse is true. What are your friends greedily pursuing? Pleasure, material goods, money, prestige, popularity, leisure, etc. Be afraid of those things. Even if your friends laugh at you, true wealth comes to those who buy low and sell high.

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