Run Warren Run Movement Doubles Down on their Effort to Draft Her into the 2016 Presidential Race

Senator Elizabeth Warren has yet to realize the full impact her words have on the party’s far left wing base. While Warren is prone to make grandiose statements in support of hard-left policies, she is content to move on to the next issue or even support candidates who oppose her viewpoints. Such was the case in December when she bitterly opposed the continuing resolution budget bill, but eschewed any tactic that might actually delay the bill’s passage.

In addition, Warren decries Wall Street, but has openly supported both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. The former has well-known ties to Wall Street and the latter has accepted more money from Wall Street in multiples over what President George W. Bush did. Still, those wanting to push her into seeking the party’s 2016 presidential nomination are undaunted. Even as Warren again denied she will seek the presidency next year, and Democracy for Action have announced they are doubling down on their efforts to draft her.

The groups have already raised $1 million and vow that was just the start. They have opened offices in New Hampshire and are organizing the grassroots effort to mount a strong primary race in the state. They state that Warren has the ability to motivate the party’s liberal base unlike any other candidate.  A good friend Igor Cornelsen talks about the debate for Warren in his Herald article.

GOP Challenging Obama Agenda

The GOP will be seeking redress against President Obama’s frequent “borrowing” of congressional authority by challenging his actions in federal court. Ironically, Democrats, who did not mind the president usurping their authority because it furthered a liberal agenda, are crowing that the GOP is seeking aid from activist judges to overturn key portions of the Obama agenda. It bears mentioning that an activist judge by definition will seek to impose an agenda of their own outside of the legislative branch. From what I’ve discerned from analyst Andrew Heiberger, the GOP is not resorting to judicial activism. Rather, they seek to have the courts affirm that they have the sole right to legislate and that authority cannot be “borrowed” or usurped in any way by the president.

Portions of the Obama agenda the GOP is mounting legal challenges to are the following:

  • The GOP and various state’s attorney generals are challenging key portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This year the high court will decide on federal subsidies for health care recipients enrolled through the federal exchange. By design, the subsidies are available only through state exchanges. The IRS arbitrarily extended them to the federal exchange without congressional authorization.
  • The GOP believes the president overstepped his bounds by issuing new regulations on climate change. Federal regulations are by definition rules based in legislation congress has passed. The GOP believes the president arbitrarily expanded the scope and definition of prior environmental laws to adopt climate change policies without congressional authorization.
  • The president’s amnesty plan is a radical departure from the president’s executive authority to prosecute criminal offenses.

Some Obama Reelection Predictions Were Just Dead Wrong

There were plenty of doomsayers when it came to the question of President Obama being re-elected. There were some who said that gasoline prices would be sitting at $5.45 per gallon. That was just for starters though. Christian Broda even said that Twitter analysis reported that the predictions got worse from there. says that there were predictions that unemployment would be stuck at over 8%. Of course this was also a prediction that was wildly wrong. Unemployment has been on the massive decline for the last few years.

There were some who believed that the stock market would crash. These included supposedly respected names such as Donald Trump. He was one who believed that there was no way that President Obama could be good news for the market. He was so very wrong on that that it is almost laughable. It turns out that the stock market is hitting all time highs many days in a row and the dollar is very strong at the moment.

Finally, Rush Limbaugh was happy to say that the US economy would collapse if the President was re-elected. This too was a completely incorrect prediction. Still, for whatever reason people on these shows are able to continue to make a living doing what they do.