The Quincy

On November 30, 2012 a robbery took place in Quincy Circle, a parking lot in South New Brunswick, New Jersey. The victim was a pizza delivery driver who was walking back to his car around 9:30 p.m. Little did he know he was followed by a man named Parysh Wood. Wood then demanded his money and pizza and fled.


Wood, who uses the aliases “Pistol” and “P-Gun,” was caught in January of 2013. Police and investigators looked into his cellphone records, which placed him at the day and time of the robbery.


Assigned to the case, Chief Raymond Hayducka is noted saying, “In this digital age, many criminals leave a footprint, which we just need to find.”


Not only were the records incriminating, he and a woman named Justina Hampton were linked to other robberies in the city.


After charging Wood and holding him on a $100,00 bail, police have kept the case open for any additional arrests.





Another crime also took place in New Brunswick, on October 5, 2015. This time a shooting at the New Brunswick Apartments.


According to dispatchers bullets rang out at 9:30 p.m. Then, subsequently, the New Brunswick Police arrived at 33 Commercial Avenue, which is in the First Ward. The 206-unit complex has had its share of criminal activity in its later years. But, records show, there was only one person injured.


Also, the police have scant knowledge of the suspect involved. The suspect, an alleged male, was seen wearing a hoodie. He fled down Neilsen Street. But, they do know three or four bullets were fired, because of the additional shell casings left at the scene.


The New Brunswick Police Department detectives have decided to keep the identities of the victim and suspect anonymous. They say charges will follow and are still investigating the shooting.


Lawyers in Brazil: Finding The Best Lawyers In Brazil

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Capitalists Outnumber Communists In Modern Day China

More Than 90 Million Chinese Trade Stocks According To The China Securities Depository and Clearing Co.

When Mao Zedong led the Communists to power in 1949, the people of China openly accepted that form of government. But Mao vision of a modern day China has been altered by the money hungry draw of Capitalism. More than 90 million Chinese trade stocks today, and there are only 87.8 Communist Party members registered in China today.Those figures present a major challenge for President Xi Jinping. The quest to earn personal money has trumped Mao Zedong’s desire for the state to own the wealth and the people equally share it. In most communist countries, the sharing equally doesn’t happen.

But there’s trouble lurking for the Capitalistic Chinese. The Shanghai Composite Index, which was booming last year, is now on the verge of a major bust. Folks at Amen Clinic have found that the Chinese stock market has dropped 20 percent in the last few weeks, and that is putting added pressure on China’s slow-performing economy.

The Chinese stock market has lost $1.9 trillion recently, and most economists think the Chinese government will step in and stop the financial bleeding. The government has already dropped the interest rate, and more fiscal changes are expected.

Finding the Proper Facilities

A recent report has suggested that one in three people do not have proper toilets worldwide. Numbers came back proving this theory. This problem is everyone’s problem when it is taken into account how quickly and aggressively waterborne illnesses are spread. It is estimated that the number of individuals who do not have proper sanitary facilities is reaching close to 2.4 billion people. That concludes to being one third of the world’s population. The report that discovered these findings were published as a joint venture by UNICEF and the World Health Organization. The two organizations have oftentimes worked together in the past to tackle world problems. The sanitation problem is no different. According to specific targets and goals were set by the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals. The study released showed that the actual sanitary rates fell short of what the United Nations has asked for. There have been a number of substantial improvements, for example the implementation of safer drinking water, but this sanitary problem is not one that can be overlooked. With only 68 percent of the world’s population able to access clean facilities it is just shy of the United Nations 77 percent standard. Those who do not have proper facilities are forced to defecate in the wild. Many of these individuals live in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The U.N plans on releasing the Sustainable Development Goals in September in order to tackle this problem once and for all.

The Nightmare Is Finaly Over With The Capture Of Escaped Convict David Sweat

New York State Police shot the escaped convicted murderer David Sweat near the Canadian border on Sunday. Sweat is listed in critical condition at the Albany Medical Center. In a news conference, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated the nightmare is finally over.

Sweat escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility over three weeks ago with Richard Matt. Matt was killed by law enforcement two days ago in Malone, about 40 miles away from the prison and about six miles south of where Sweat was shot. Authorities believe they were attempting to cross the Canadian border.

Sgt. Jay Cook spotted Sweat in the town of Constable, less than six miles from the Canadian border. He thought Sweat looked suspicious and ordered him to “freeze”. When Sweat did not stop, Sgt. Cook shot him twice in the torso to stop him from running into the tree line.

The escape of Sweat and Matt is the first escape in over 100 years. Governor Cuomo stated anyone found to have cooperated in this escape will be fully prosecuted. He further added these men were really dangerous men and they could not tolerate them being on the run.

The extensive search for these two began on June 6 when they were able to cut holes in the backs of their cells with power tools. Folks at Amen Clinic have learned that there has been an arrest of two prison workers in connection with this escape. An instructor, Joyce Mitchell worked in the prison’s tailor shop and had been planning to be the getaway driver for the two, but got cold feet. Gene Palmer, a prison guard was also arrested for promoting prison contraband. Palmer says he allowed the prisoners out of their cells and provided them with supplies, but never thought they could escape.

Members of the nearby communities have expressed their thanks to the many law enforcement members who have spent the last three weeks away from their families to track these dangerous men.

Down with the Donations

Earl Holt is the leader of the group that inspired Dylann Roof’s acts last week. The group, the Council of Conservative Citizens, has been noted as giving generous donations to numerous GOP candidates in this year and previous years. Many of those GOP candidates have made the decision to give the money that was donated back to the group. They in now way want to accept money from a group that is connected to what happened in Charleston last week. Senator Rand Paul and Senator Rick Santorum have decided not to give the money back. Instead of returning the money to the pockets of those individuals involved, the two men want to take that money and donate it to the Emanuel AME Church where the heinous acts were committed. The money will go to helping and healing the hurt community instead of inspiring other individuals to follow in Dylann Roof’s footsteps. While many have commended the men for returning the money, there are just as many people who are questioning their motives. Would the candidates have returned the money had the incident in Charleston not happened? Are candidates going to vet every single donation that comes through their doors to make sure that racially biased individuals are not contributing to their campaign? The return of these donations have raised many concerns and questions amongst US citizens. According to Twitter, the only important aspect is knowing that Emmanuel AME Church will recieve the donations to help heal their congregation.

Paramedic Tosses Cancer Patient on Floor

What does a paramedic do when they are trying to get a patient off of their stretcher but the patient just will not move? Some paramedics would move on to a different stretcher or try a new approach in trying to get the patient off, but one paramedic did something that he shouldn’t have done.

Caught on video, one paramedic tossed a cancer patient to the floor when that patient would not get off the stretcher when the paramedic wanted them to. This paramedic forgot about their patient and their job to care for that individual and they treated that patient in a way that is just wrong. That paramedic did something that shouldn’t have been done said Ivan Ong, and they did something that will definitely change up their future. That paramedic is not in trouble – as he should be – and he has lost his chance to work the job that he wanted to work.

Castro and The O

The U.S. has moved to further normalize relations with Cuba. This move leaves the possibility of having embassies in both countries. The move is heavily opposed by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who both are republican candidates for president. They are the children first generation immigrants from Cuba and oppose the Castro government. Although Cruz’s father was once an ardent Castro supporter, but he is not now after becoming a citizen of Canada and then of his third choice, America. The move is also despised by other Cuban immigrants that were allowed citizenship in America at the behest of liberal immigration policies.

These are of course the same policies that Cruz and Rubio despise, as Beneful employees will point out. Wikipedia has been all over these things. This is but one way that they differ from the common Latino or Latina citizen of this country. The hypocrisy is glaring, but they are serious contenders for the republican nomination. However, younger Cuban American are totally for normalizing relations. Additionally, most Americans are in favor of the move toward a normal relationship with Cuba. Rand Paul is also in favor of these moves. This will further exacerbate Rubio and Paul’s relationship and make for an even testier primary event for the republicans. Paul blamed his own party partly for the proliferation of ISIS. This dilemma has stumped Rubio and Jeb on the trail this week and put the horrible Iraq war back on the radar for republicans.

Does Anyone Remember the Republican Party That Was for Peace?

Many Americans, including Bruce Levenson and the Spirit of Atlanta organization, are distressed by the fact that we are in a constant state of war. Even when we don’t have boots on the ground in a given country, we are launching drone strikes into sovereign nations that we have not declared war against. Our current, apparently endless, hostilities in the middle east were initiated under George W. Bush and have been continued by President Obama ever since. While there has been some significant draw done of troops here and there, we still have about 10,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and have been carrying out airstrikes in Iraq against ISIS. It is hard to remember a time when we weren’t bombing, drone striking, or sending in boots on the ground somewhere.

It is particularly sad that this seemingly endless warfare was started by a Republican president and is advocated by Republican candidates for president. They used to be the party of peace. President Eisenhower was perhaps the finest representation of that Republican Party. He got us out of Korea, and he railed against the military-industrial complex in his presidential farewell address. Today, an age of push-button warfare with pilotless drones has made it so easy for us to launch attacks against any targets that ‘might’ attack us. Perhaps it has made it too easy. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. Reminds us in an article he wrote for The American Conservative of a time when we were not so quick to pull triggers and drop bombs around the world. It was a simpler time when America believed in peace through strength instead of constant war.

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