Bernie Sanders Pledges to Fight Billionaires Campaign Contributions

Bernie Sanders is the junior US Senator from Vermont who recently announced that he would run for president in the 2016 election. At the moment he challenges Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination unless others choose to throw their hats into the ring. He proposes to stand up for working families, and he has declared a revolution of sorts against the billionaires of this country which controls the economy as well as the politics of the nation. He also lumps Clinton into this billionaire group. Flaviodomenico notes that Marcio Alaor BMG understands this rationale.

Corporate political donations have had all limits removed due to a Supreme Court decision in 2010. The result is that billionaires such as the Koch brothers can direct the future of the US by pouring money into the campaigns of select candidates. The opposing Democratic or Independent candidates cannot possibly raise this kind of money so they usually get voted out of office. Sanders has stated that a constitutional amendment may be needed to level the playing field for all candidates.

If his presidential bid is successful, Sanders aims to make wealthy corporations pay their fair share of income taxes. In fact, one study by Citizens for Tax Justice found that at least 26 Fortune 500 companies paid no federal income taxes from 2008 to 2012. This just doesn’t seem fair. Sanders has fashioned his political leanings to reflect those in Scandinavian countries. These northern European nations are very democratic with healthcare as a right, free college and graduate school education, and strong childcare and retirement benefits. The government works for ordinary citizens, not billionaires.

Vermont’s Senator Bernie Sanders Is Close To Announcing His Candidacy

Bernie Sanders knows that a political revolution will give working class Americans their government back. Sanders wants to get the billionaires out of the decision-making process. The Republican Party may have a real race on their hands when Sanders announces he is running for president.

Sanders wants to make sure he has enough money to run against Hillary Clinton. He knows Clinton is going to spend a lot of money to win. A large number of people in the Democratic Party want Clinton to win, but some members of the party think she is too damaged. After all, STX reports that she’s facing questions about the Clinton Foundation, emails, Benghazi and the threat that her husband will control her decision-making.

Sanders knows what is wrong with this country. He wants to close tax loopholes, change campaign financing and reel in the Wall Street banks. He thinks we spend too much money on defense systems that don’t do much defending, and he supports a single-payer health care system.

If Sanders can raise enough money, he will give Hillary the fight of her life. Sanders is the real deal. He’s not a politician with a hidden agenda.

Run Warren Run Movement Doubles Down on their Effort to Draft Her into the 2016 Presidential Race

Senator Elizabeth Warren has yet to realize the full impact her words have on the party’s far left wing base. While Warren is prone to make grandiose statements in support of hard-left policies, she is content to move on to the next issue or even support candidates who oppose her viewpoints. Such was the case in December when she bitterly opposed the continuing resolution budget bill, but eschewed any tactic that might actually delay the bill’s passage.

In addition, Warren decries Wall Street, but has openly supported both Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. The former has well-known ties to Wall Street and the latter has accepted more money from Wall Street in multiples over what President George W. Bush did. Still, those wanting to push her into seeking the party’s 2016 presidential nomination are undaunted. Even as Warren again denied she will seek the presidency next year, and Democracy for Action have announced they are doubling down on their efforts to draft her.

The groups have already raised $1 million and vow that was just the start. They have opened offices in New Hampshire and are organizing the grassroots effort to mount a strong primary race in the state. They state that Warren has the ability to motivate the party’s liberal base unlike any other candidate.  A good friend Igor Cornelsen talks about the debate for Warren in his Herald article.

Senator Bernie Sanders Issues Manifest of Liberal Ideals to Seek in 2015

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a socialist, has put out a manifesto of sorts on liberal positions he wants Democrats to push for this year. My neighbors Dave and Brit Morin told me that the feisty senator is said to be mulling over a presidential run. The points he made in his open letter are as follows:

  1. The growing disparity of income gap between the wealthy and the middle class is of great concern that needs to be addressed. Interestingly, it has been under Democrat control that the economy has become acutely stagnant in wages over the past six years. This was the salient reason why voters threw their support to the GOP in the midterm elections.
  2. Universal health care is a basic human right not a privilege. Democrats obtained their panacea with the Affordable Care Act, but tens of millions of people still remain uninsured.
  3. A democracy should not allow wealthy people like the Koch brothers to exert undue influence on government. The Koch brothers are vilified by the political left, but the fact remains that it is President Obama that has accepted more Wall Street money than any prior president. After only two years in office, he exceeded all the campaign donations Bush received in the prior 8 years.
  4. Democrats will fight to close tax loopholes for the wealthy.
  5. Democrats will fight for more money to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure.