Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Successful App Continued To Help People

Even though Whitney Wolfe Herd had wanted to make a difference for other people, there were times when she didn’t know how she was going to do it. She often questioned whether she was making right choice by not working for other people and that’s what made it easy for her to do things right. She didn’t want to be hired help and, instead, wanted to be the boss. She was sure it would be important for her to try and make things easier while she was doing her best. She was also sure there would be things that would allow her to make all the right options no matter what she needed.

Even though Whitney Wolfe Herd had struggled with some of the things the industry had done with online dating and other issues, she knew it would go back to the hard work she put into these things and the abilities she had when it came to the options she had created. For Whitney Wolfe Herd, this was a big part of the company and a big part of what they were doing as a company as long as they were putting new options out there for women.

Looking at these things gave Whitney Wolfe Herd the motivation she needed to keep doing a good job and keep showing people how things would get better. It was her way of providing positive reasoning in different situations. For Whitney Wolfe Herd to do this, she had to make sure there would be things that would help her through the most difficult parts of her career. It was her way of providing people with things they would need to make online dating better than it had ever been. Thanks to Whitney Wolfe Herd, there were so many people who were able to connect.

With Bumble, people could realize they were doing things right. There were also other opportunities people had when they were doing things right. It all made sense to Whitney Wolfe Herd and gave her the chance to try new things. Everything that happened with the dating scene could be attributed to the apps and the online dating world. People could regularly see how things were going to work and how they were going to be able to do their best. It helped them with all the issues they were dealing with on their own and in the dating world.

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George Soros Uses Experience for Campaigns

Since George Soros first started out with the experiences that he had, he knew that he was going to be able to help people out with their issues. He chose the political field so that he could make a difference and he felt that this was the right way to reach as many people as possible. The money that he made was the answer that he had for the things that would become difficult during different political campaigns. Since George Soros knew what he was doing, he also knew how to help people and how to show them what they would be able to do no matter what. The Politico article that was published shows the information about how he used to not be as prominent but he is now rising again to come up and help people with the issues that they might be having for their own lives. Learn more on discoverthenetworks.org about George Soros.

In Ferguson, where there were a lot of political issues and protests, George Soros wanted to show people that they could be the ones who would make a difference. He decided that he was going to fund them and help them with the problems that they were having. He didn’t want to see civil unrest but he believed that people were not being treated in the way that they should. He just wanted to see that everyone was treated fairly so that they could have comfortable lives and not have to worry about the issues that came from losing their rights.

After he took a break from the political pioneering that he was doing, George Soros knew that he was going to try and make things better for people. He wanted to show them that they could try different things in their own lives. He knew that helping Clinton would be the best way to continue supporting the liberal opportunities that he was fond of. It was something that he knew a lot about and something that he was comfortable with helping people out. He tried to make sure that things would get better for everyone who was having a positive experience.

Even after the campaign, George Soros has a lot of money. He is planning on investing the money so that he can make even more of it. There have been many different ways that George Soros has made money but investing is one of the best ways that he can do things. The ideas that George Soros has with the experiences that he has in the money field are the things that have made him successful. It has helped him to improve the money and improve the lives of the people who live in the United States so they can have a normal life. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros Market Read and Political Donations

In the run up to the Brexit vote on 23rd June 2016, successful hedge fund billionaire George Soros warned of a Black Friday and that is exactly what happened in the aftermath. According a Forbes report published on June 28, 2016 the passage of the Brexit vote triggered unimaginable sell-off in the global markets. The UK pound fell to its lowest level in 30-years while leading European banks bore the biggest brunt in stock trading. Soros built a reputation as a legendary trader, when he made $1 billion in the 90’s when he famously bet against the British pound. The latest positions to earn him impress include $100 million bet against Deutsche Bank and large defensive holding in SPDR Gold Trust ETF and Barrick Gold.

Soros also scored with his huge put options against the S&P 500 Index. On his Deutsche Bank bet, filings released by the Bundesanzieger, the German regulatory authority indicate that Soros Fund Management shorted the Deutsche Bank shares to the tune of 0.51% or about 7 million from June 24, 2016. The position closed as leading European stocks took in the Brexit shock. Aside from Soros, the other prominent hedge funds that joined in the frenzy by betting against German listed companies include Blue Ridge Capital and Polygon Global Partners. In the UK, data released by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) indicate that most of the companies shorted by hedge funds were in the financial, property and retail sectors.

The companies include Aberdeen Asset Management, Intu Properties and WM Morrison Supermarkets. In spite of the torrid events leading to the Brexit vote and thereafter, Soros remains one of the biggest supporters of the European Union and economic integration. In the US, he is one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party. In an excerpt published in Politico on July 2016, Soros made headlines by committing to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid along with that of other candidates seeking elective position through the Democratic Party. Soros offered over $25 million to support the party and various causes.

The decision follows a lull in Soros campaign funding following the record breaking $27 million that he offered to support John Kerry’s unsuccessful bid to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004. The other efforts funded by Soros in the last election cycle include $5 million to support Immigrant Voter’s Win, a SuperPAC that targets to bring Latino voters to the polls and $5 million to fight vote stifling efforts by conservatives. George Soros strongly cares about civil rights and the empowerment immigrant and minority communities. The organizations he supports in this line of thinking, according to Wikipedia include; Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International Ireland and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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What You Need to Know About Hiring a Lawyer in Brazil

Traveling or working abroad can come with its own set of risks and unexpected problems that sometimes requires the need to hire a lawyer. Brazil is a country that is well known as a popular vacation spot for fun, sun and relaxation. Whether on vacation or on business in Brazil there may come a time when hiring a lawyer may become necessary. Laws in Brazil are different than laws in the U.S. and other countries, and understanding Brazil’s unique and sometimes unusual laws requires the services and knowledge of a lawyer licensed, affiliated, and registered with the Brazilian Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, also known as the OAB. The OAB is to Brazil, what the American Bar is to the United States. Hiring a good lawyer in Brazil, requires the same diligence and research.

If you’re involved in a real estate deal in Brazil, then you wouldn’t want a lawyer who specializes in criminal law. You need a lawyer who has experience and specializes in the area of law where you need assistance. By using a few common sense methods, you can locate and hire a trustworthy and reputable lawyer in Brazil.

An important thing to know about hiring a lawyer in Brazil, is knowing where to look. A good place to start is online. An internet search can provide good background information on any lawyer you may be considering to hire. Also, check out the lawyer’s websites and perform an internet search on the lawyer or law firms name.

Checking with the OAB to see if the lawyer is in good standing is good second step to take. If he has no problems with his license like suspensions, revocations or pending matters that could result in the loss of his license, then you can continue with a meeting to discuss your situation. A good reference from a friend or relative goes a long way in Brazil, ask if they can provide any information on any lawyer you are considering to hire.

Experience is an important factor to consider when hiring a lawyer. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, is a practicing lawyer in Brazil that has years of experience in practicing law and has served as a defense attorney for many nationally known cases.

Ricardo Tosta specializes and has experience in corporate law including, bankruptcies, credit recoveries, reorganization, acquisition law, election law, and all other types civil and commercial law. Tosto is also a member of the International Bar Association and a noted legal writer. Ricardo Tosto is considered to be a pioneer by the Brazilian legal community for his many contributions to the legal system in Brazil.

Effective Online reputation management

Online reputation management draws from two basic principles, that of drawing online reputations of a client’s brand through social media and the experience obtained by clients. Reputation management begins by ascertaining the experience that customers receive from a brand or person. The meaning of this is that if their feedback is good then the person might attract more clients from the experience of the few. The basic principle in this is the creation of a story about the brand or person then telling the story through marketing strategies where the feedback they give creates a person’s reputation. The three elements that make up the principle in this concept help in communicating about the brand, which gives an overview of the person.

The experiences that clients share about a person’s brand include whether the person delivered on time, customer response, their service exceeded expectations and the mode of service delivery. Based on the experiences, clients can choose to recommend the brand to other clients or not, which is what people rely on. In order for online reputation management to be successful, a person must first have a website, be very active on social media sites, and have blogs that act as public relation avenues. Further, this management concept also requires a person to have business directory listings, develop social profiles and have and an online talent portal. The ultimate vehicle that helps in effective online reputation management is the use of the internet with the aim of achieving competitive advantage.

In the field of online reputation management, Darius M. Fisher is a guru and is currently the head of Status Labs. Through his able team, Darius prides himself in being capable of managing online crises after damage has occurred or preventing a client’s reputation from possible ruin. Status Labs, through Darius’ guidance focuses on maintaining a person’s image online especially for business executives, celebrities, and politicians. Status Labs has its headquarters in Austin, but also has operational offices in Sao Paulo and New York. Darius and his team strive to repair the digital presence of their clients that include changing of a person’s Google search results and creating new content for them.

Most of the clients that Darius and his company serve become victims of bad press for failing to prepare for such an eventuality. Well-fed social media profiles, worthy personal websites, and press releases that focus on communicating the achievements of an individual help in damage control for a public figure’s reputation after the occurrence of an event that is likely to ruin their career. Darius advises people to listen to what people are saying about them and their image in order for them to be successful at managing their online reputation and digital presence.

Lawyers in Brazil: Finding The Best Lawyers In Brazil

Fining a lawyer in Brazil is not a difficult task. You can see dozens of billboards, television ads, and online ads everyday for lawyers in Brazil and other places. However, finding a lawyer who is qualified and competent to negotiate a resolution or take your case to trial, requires some work on your part. You might find a list of lawyers to select from, but who will be the best one for your case, and how will you go about it choosing?

Move fast to find a good lawyer. You shouldn’t waste time because there are time limitations on legal issues. If you are facing a serious problem or if you have been sued then you will need to rely on a good lawyer to get you out of the situation. A good lawyer will work to protect your rights, preserve evidence, and provide effective representation.

When you consult with a law firm, it’s important that you know who will be handling your case. Many law firms have a team of legal professionals, including legal assistance, experienced and inexperienced lawyers as well. Find out which of the professionals in the lawyer’s office will work on or handle your case if you choose this lawyer and what the person’s experience level is.

Lawyers generally employ assistants to help them handle some tasks in the office. Ask what fees they charge and their billing schedule and method. You also want to know what percentage of work do these other professionals do and what percentage of work will they do on your case. Also ask your lawyer how much time he or she will be dedicating to your case.

When you are involved in legal action, it is important that you feel comfortable with the lawyer and his or her office staff. You want to pick a law firm or lawyer with the best professionals for your situation. To learn more about your potential lawyer and his or her practice, you can use a variety of online resources that provide a review of lawyers in Brazil.

You can also visit the lawyer’s office and browse around. Usually, lawyers provide a great deal of information on their websites and blog and this can be a smart way to find out more about a lawyer prior to setting up a consultation with the lawyer.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian litigation lawyer, specializing in business and corporate law. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has represented some of the nation’s high profile individuals and companies, including large corporations. Who’s Who Legal has nominated Ricardo Tosto as one of the best Commercial Litigation lawyers in Brazilian. His law practice is among the best in Brazil.

The Best Way To Manage A Hedge Fund As A Financial Executive

Investment banks are one of the essential financial institutions to high-profile investors. Their managers, on the other hand, are among the dominant personalities one can ever come across. Among the investment vehicles that exist, hedge funds are the riskiest and dangerous due to their volatile nature. Hedge fund managers are regular people just like managers of other financial vehicles such as pension funds and mutual funds; they have some few traits that set them aside from the rest. For an outsider, the responsibilities of a hedge fund manager are somewhat dull. His roles entail initiating investments, controlling them and when profits are attained, allocate the required numbers among associate investors.

There is more to this that a notable financial executive can help most people understand what actually happens beyond people’s perspectives. Ken Griffin, the founder and CEO of Citadel LLC knows what managing a hedge fund entails. For almost two decades now, Griffin has been in the hedge fund industry making turns that have earned him enormous success over the years. In 1989, Griffin graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelors degree in economics with two hedge funds under his management worth more than $1 million. He started off with a $265,000 fund capitalized from friends and family, and he operated from his dorm with a computer, fax machine, telephone and a satellite link. He commenced by specializing in convertible bond arbitrage. He later started another hedge fund while still in the University. His inspiration came from a Forbes magazine article that he read during his freshman year.

After graduating, Griffins mentor Frank C. Meyer, an investor and founder of Glenwood Capital LLC offered Griffin with $1 million to invest. Ken Griffin’s passion for the industry and self-discipline earned him more returns that even surpassed Meyer’s expectations; a 70 percent return on the investment was achieved as per The New York Times. As a goal oriented individual, Griffin did not stop at that and he founded Citadel with $4.6 million which has grown large and manifold as one of the biggest and most successful hedge funds in the world. His skills in managing hedge funds have drawn much attention since his fund is one of the three percent of hedge funds that are extant for the last twenty years. Since most hedge funds including prominent ones collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis, Citadel LLC has become one of the most preferred by investors due to its stability and influential financial executives.

Griffin has shared his skills in various boards and offers insights in demanding situations. He is an associate on the Committee on Capital Markets Regulation as well as serving on the G100, a composition of 100 CEOs that meet regularly to deliberate on the global economy. Kenneth Griffin is also an active philanthropist who has been on the upfront to support diverse causes. He has donated an estimated $500 million comprising tens of millions to institutions in Chicago. He is also a great art collector with a trove of the best art from contemporary artists.

The Continuing Progressions of Women In Business

When it comes to opportunities for women in business , the opposite sex often times finds itself in a quandary. Even in today’s more progressive times, women like Susan McGalla are still afforded less opportunities for business advancement than men. Over the years, the male/female employment dynamics have changed drastically, but when statistics are scrutinized, women still earn less than men in the workplace and women are afforded far less opportunities.

Although the climate has changed dramatically in the last 10 to 15 years, women still find themselves struggling to achieve the same level of success as their male counterparts. Oftentimes women have just as much experience in their chosen profession, but still get passed over for promotions. Recent surveys have shown that the landscape is bleak for women starting companies, as well. According to the numbers, less than 1% of new startup businesses are run by women.

Compensation is also an area of concern. Women receive 25% less pay for doing the same job according to some studies. In other words, for every one dollar that a man makes, a woman is fortunate to receive $.75 on that dollar. Since the disclosure of salaries are strongly dissuaded by most businesses, women aren’t even aware of the disparity in salaries.

But there are women who are breaking through the glass ceiling and making a name for themselves in the business world. A few women are making tremendous strides in their occupation and ascending the corporate ladder to become major influencers in their fields of endeavor.

Susan McGalla is an example of a woman making it in the business world. She began her career working for Joseph Horne Company in various marketing and management positions. She then took her experience to American Eagle Outfitters, where she excelled in various assignments until eventually she became the president of the company in 2007. She continued her career at Wet Seal, where she took the reins of CEO in 2011. She currently uses her talents as a part of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization as their Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

It takes a certain amount of tenacity to break past the barriers and ascend to higher levels of management, especially in organizations that are set in their ways. Unfortunately, this mindset occurs in companies more than people would like to believe. But individuals like McGalla are showing that with hard work and tenacity, women can get to the top of their profession.

There is a long way for women to go to reach the levels of recognition that their male equals receive in business. But individuals like McGalla show that reaching that recognition level can be attained. Women everywhere can take note of the achievements of women like McGalla, and take the example as a positive sign that workplace equality is becoming more the norm as business progresses to greater possibilities.

Services Provided At Highland Capital Management As Envisioned By James Dondero

The essence of any business is to make profits. With the growth of the investment industry, there has been an increase in the demand for investment services and products. Highlands Capital Management is an investment manager. Its function incorporates management of accounts as pooled investment vehicle. Besides managing accounts, the entity provides investment services to insurance companies, foundations, investment corporations and individuals with a high net worth. Over the years, Highland Capital Management has been involved in managing structured investment vehicles, hedge funds, mutual funds and structured investment vehicles. The leadership of the company emphasizes on the use of research driven and value based approaches in making the best possible decisions in investment matters.
Highland Capital Management is known for offering multiple equity strategies that are geared towards achieving equity-like returns that have low risks. Through its balanced and disciplined approach towards investments, the corporation has managed to generate strong and consistent outcomes in different market environments. Its alternative equity strategies are anchored on risk management and preservation of capital. The macroeconomic data and the existing risk buckets determine how the portfolio manager will make capital allocations.
Since inception in 1993, the corporation has pioneered the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). The firm has been on the forefront of designing and developing innovative products and services aimed at providing credit solutions to the diverse client portfolio. The investment firm has been involved in seeking to achieve great returns from real estate debts and equity. In order to provide better services to its real estate clients around the globe, Highland Capital Management has been creating innovative financing options that meet the needs of their consumers. The corporation functions through different subsidiaries with the view of ensuring that its services reach most consumers in the market besides allowing such subsidiaries to specialize in one area of service provision.
James Dondero is credited with co-founding Highland Capital Management. Currently, he serves as the president of the investment firm. His position at the firm has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the corporation. He is responsible for making determinations and ensuring that the strategic investment and operational excellence are achieved. The University of Virginia graduate boasts of experience spanning three decades. His vast experience has seen him chair different boards like the MGM Studios and the American Banknote Corporation. At the Protective Life’s GIC, Dondero served as the chief investment officer. Between 1989 and 1993, Dondero played a key role in growing the business concept of GIC from a written plan to having an asset base of $2 billion.
The accounting and finance graduate has been quite involved in areas of mortgage backed securities, leveraged bank loans, derivatives, emerging markets, common and preferred stocks. Dondero serves as the chairman of NexBank, CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare’s board of directors.

James Dondero: The Financial Investment Guru

Globalization in the economy calls for a dire need of experts that can assist individuals, organizations and governments in raising financial capital. There are several ways to attain this and the most popular one in the contemporary world is by underwriting or hiring a client’s agent to issue securities. Investment banks do exactly this. Unlike commercial banks who receive deposits and offer loans at an interest, investment banks primarily assist companies in a number of activities.

Investment banks assist corporations in mergers and acquisitions, retail and commercial banking as well as sales, trading and equity research. They help companies, governments and investors buy securities, control financial assets, trade securities and offer financial advice.

Investment bankers don’t deal with investors directly but rather provide advice to corporations and government in the capital market. They undertake all the activities that reside in investment banking. They merge those that have surplus funds and those that have deficit funds while creating market to distribute capital and manage prices in such financial transactions. The success of such institutions is determined by the move and decisions they make. When capital markets perform well, investment bankers are likely to do well because they can raise more revenues from various operations they engage in.

All these roles require an expert in the field who is well equipped with relevant knowledge on finance services, mergers and acquisitions. Adept skills are essential since financial matters are very sensitive and crucial to all institutions. Among the pioneers and prominent figures in Collateralized Loan Obligation(CLO) is James Dondero, the Dallas-based investment banker. He has over 30 years of incomparable experience in aligning capital markets financing for his clients.

With more than three decades in credit markets, Mr. Dondero has earned several awards to acknowledge the distinguished contribution to the credit market such as Morningstar’s #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation all being in 2014 among others.

As part of his obligations, Mr. Dondero has helped lubricate the wheels of the capital market by raising capital in the most rationally efficient manner. Since the industry is dynamic and characterized by flux and transformation, James Dondero has been versatile in his leadership techniques. He has always been competent and ahead of the convoluted financial intermediaries to get on track with the squalls of innovative financial instruments.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia majoring in accounting and finance. He is an approved Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and holds the patent to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.