The Importance of Online Reputation Management


Business 2 Community just published an article that explains just how important online reputation management has become for businesses today. Gone are the days when a business could simply soothe an upset customer with a courtesy phone call. Given the fact that practically the entire world is online everyday, a negative review posted online by a customer can have far reaching consequences. According to HelpScout, at least 24 percent of U.S. consumers have posted some sort of review online about services or goods they purchased. This means that consumers are more willing than ever to share the good and the bad about their experiences with different companies. Even more telling, studies show that about 86 percent of online customers are influenced by negative reviews online. Combined with the global impact of a negative review, these statistics alone are enough to impart the necessity for diligent online reputation management for any business. In addition to policing for negative reviews, proactive and effective online reputation management strategies involve creating positive impressions for potential customers with specific brands.

It is important that business owners understand the impact that a business’ online reputation has on its bottom line and that internet reputation repair is too involved of a task to manage on their own. This is where The Search Fixers provide an invaluable service to business owners across all industries. Part of the core strategy of The Search Fixers in managing their clients’ online reputations is fixing negative search results so that any negative comments or reviews about the business are buried far back in search results where potential customers will probably not bother to look. There are situations where The Search Fixers will have to take a more intense approach to fix bad reviews and work directly to shape the general perception about a company.

In addition to being a complicated process, to fix negative search results is extremely time consuming. This is another reason why The Search Fixers is a superior choice for online reputation management over a business trying to manage online search results themselves. Even though a business owner is probably under extreme stress and time pressure to deal with a negative incident with a customer, a call to The Search Fixers will allow the business owner to focus on other revenue generating activities. The Search Fixers frequently offers discounts to new customers interested in seeing how their online reputation can be improved.

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Sergio Cortes Impersonates The Pop King Michael Jackson

Sergio Cortes is a Spain citizen who has the love for artistic development. He was born in Barcelona on 30th July 1971. Cortes grew up practicing Michael Jackson dancing moves songs. Cortes managed to get very close to Michael Jackson as compared to other Jackson impersonators. His passion for music and being a die-hard fan of Michael Jackson made him organize a show at Vicente Calderon in honor of Michael Jackson.
Recently, Sergio had an interview with the social media platforms. His walking style, his voice, and his dressing style made him lucky to impersonating the king of pop. Impersonating Michael Jackson is his career, and he has achieved so much with that. He has gained fame in the entertainment industry.
Cortes stated his diverse talents in artistic development were natural as compared to others who undergo surgery while impersonating the king of pop. Cortes posted that artistic developments like singing, acting and composing songs does not apply to everyone.
Cortes reported that he has always been very much privileged to possess character traits that look similar like those of Michael Jackson. His character that resembles those of the pop king makes him attract an enormous number of fans in his live performances.
His talents were developed by his mother who used to buy him Jackson’s tapes to develop his skills. Cortes used to perform and entertain his family when he was a young boy. He is recognized as the greater and the successful impersonator of the American pop king, Michael Jackson, who died in 2009. He used to impress his family with his talents as he could sing and make the same dancing moves as Jackson.
Cortes started paying attention to Michael Jackson due to his great number of fans and amazing performances on the television. Michael Jackson moves attracted Cortes attention to join the entertainment industry. The way Jackson associated with his fans and social media platforms attracted Cortes the most.
Sergio Cortes hit the limelight when he was invited to a photo taking session having dressed like Michael Jackson. The session motivated him and his career to impersonate the pop king accelerated. After this event, he went on receiving more invitations from different countries to act like Michael. Jackson would be very impressed if he was alive and witness Cortes performances.

His perfect impersonation has earned him a large number of fans in all social media platforms. Cortes admitted that he was very upset after the death of Michael Jackson. This interview was published through
You can also follow Cortes on Twitter and Facebook.
In conclusion, Cortes has achieved so much in his artistic development. His love for Michael Jackson songs has earned him great fame and many fans.