George Soros Stands Firm On Financial Support Of Pro-Democracy Efforts

Researching who among the wealthy honored their giving pledges, Forbes Magazine recently released a list of the top 50 philanthropists in 2016. Number three on that list of 50 is George Soros, is the premier role model for what has become known as Active Philanthropy. He has donated his wealth for over three decades to large-scale pro-democracy endeavors around the world. George Soros’ commitment to this worldwide targeted funding comes from childhood experiences that shaped his life philosophy.

Childhood Spent Under Nazi & Russian Occupation

Soros was born and raised in a Jewish family that survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. It is this experience that formed his deep and abiding belief in open society. “In my definition”, he writes, “an open society is an imperfect society that holds itself open to improvement.” The alternative is a closed society, expressed by religious fundamentalism or political dogma, that sees itself as always right and never wrong. Alternative ideas in a closed society are rejected and silenced. George Soros believes humanity is better off in an open society that welcomes alternative ideas and embraces change.

Fostering Democratic Societies Through Open Society Foundations

To that end, Soros has donated more than $32 billion over his lifetime to create the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundation became a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries. He began his philanthropy in 1979 by giving scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid, created Central European University, and later expanded to support projects in Africa, Latin America, United States, and Asia. His philanthropy, in all these countries, supported efforts to create and maintain more accountable, transparent, and democratic societies. In 2017 George Soros pledged $18 billion of his wealth to Open Society Foundations. In doing so, OSF became the largest foundation in the world second only to Gates Foundation. The $18 billion will secure the continuance of Soros’ life’s work of growing and maintaining democratic societies.

Standing Firm for Free Societies Despite Detractors

Giving large sums to influence societal change has garnered detractors. Those who are uneasy about the pro-immigration stand of George Soros and his liberal politics have frequently criticized and attacked his philanthropy. In 2017 the Hungarian government attempted to pass legislation to close the Soros-funded Central European University and launched a year long campaign denouncing him and his pro-immigration advocacy. In the United States, he has been attacked for his funding of gay rights, legalization of marijuana and liberal political campaigns. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president who led America through its greatest internal challenge to its democratic ideals, said: “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Like Lincoln, Soros has planted his feet firmly in an abiding belief in open free societies and made it his life’s work to protect and grow the seeds of democracy and free speech throughout the world.

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George Soros Weathers Conservative Ire, Donates Fortune to Charity.

There has been a renewed push by the right wing of America’s political system to demonize anyone who engages in philanthropy to an extreme degree. Ostensibly, this demonization only occurs when progressives put their money where their ideals are and this has become particularly true in reference to billionaire investor, George Soros. George Soros has been one of the biggest members of resistance group that has risen up in response to the election of Donald Trump. This position as put Soros in the crosshairs of the mega-conservative media giants fueled by the Koch Brothers and Rupert Murdoch. Soros recently made headlines for his donation of nearly $18 billion to his philanthropy, the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has been unrepentant in terms of his progressive views and he has been a subtle irritant to members of the right for at least the past thirty years. Soros came over to America from England, having emigrated across Europe when the Nazi’s occupied his home country of Hungary. Soros is the American Dream personified as he arrived in New York by boat before starting his own company and becoming a billionaire. Soros has spent the majority of his time and fortune as an activist and advocate for progressive ideals which include the focus on social justice, freedom of expression, transparent government, and limited aggression and involvement in otherwise peaceful nations. Soros first landed on the conservative radar after becoming a vocal antagonist to George W. Bush’s march to war in Iraq and he has since solidified himself as the ultimate conservative boogeyman.

George Soros opened up the Open Society Foundations back in the ’70s with the sole goal of spreading progressive values around the world through humanist philanthropic efforts. Soros and his team at the OSF helped to support Africans struggling through Apartheid. His team also was active in the march for marriage equality in America and they even mobilized emergency response teams in the recent Ebola epidemic. Needless to say, the Open Society Foundation has made a name for itself as one of the most prominent and helpful charities to ever exist. Still, that hasn’t spared Soros from the collective ire of conservatives around the country.

When conservatives control the largest media publications in the country, they can create enemies out of thin air. George Soros has become the easiest target and he has been blamed for a wide range of conspiracy theories that would even make Darth Vader blush. Despite the persecution that he has endured from the violent rhetoric of those on the right, Soros continues to push for his core ideals.

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George Soros Pledges $500 Million To Help Refugees

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has recently pledged to donate $500 million dollars to help refugees and migrants. According to a report, the money will be earmarked to help businesses that are owned by migrants and refugees.

Soros stated that he will be investing in “startups, established companies, social impact initiatives, and businesses” founded by migrants and refugees. While his focus will be on refugees that are entering Europe, he will also be looking to invest money in good causes all over the world.

George Soors’ charitable donations are much needed currently. According to the United Nations, over 65 million people have been displaced due to war and persecution in 2015 alone. As war and terrorism rages in many parts of the world, many citizens will flee their countries in an effort to stay alive.

Soros has stated that these contributions will be considered as “investments” instead of grants on He has set it this way in order to prove that the private sector can play a role in helping migrants and refugees. He fully expects that these companies will turn a profit and that money will be able to help more refugees in the future.

George Soros has a unique perspective on the plight of refugees as he was one himself. He was born in Hungary in 1930 and grew up under Nazi occupation. As a teenager, he fled Communist rule and wound up as e refugee in London. There he went to the London School of Economic and later started his professional career on In 1993 he founded the Open Society Foundations, a charitable organization dedicated to fighting for human rights all over the world.

As one of the world’s most prolific philanthropists, George Soros has given away more than $12 billion in his lifetime. He has supported organization around the globe, fostering open governments, human rights, and social justice on Investopedia. This recent pledge to help refugees is just another in a long line of philanthropic contributions that has defined Soros’ life.

Dick DeVos’ West Michigan Aviation Academy: You’re Going to Love This School

The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public charter school established by the billionaire and former President of Amway Corporation Dick DeVos. The tuition-free institution was established following encouragement from DeVos wife, Betsy DeVos. Following Dick and Betsy’s enthusiasm for education and aviation, they both established a school in the fall of 2010 locating it on the grounds of the Gerald R Ford International Airport.


History of West Michigan Aviation Academy


West Michigan was instituted in the fall of 2010 when 80 freshmen were admitted into a 25,000 square feet renovated office space that functioned as the first school edifice on the airport grounds. The school didn’t last for long before expansion plans were drafted.


After a period of 2 years, the school had acquired over 240 freshmen, juniors and sophomores in a brand new home measuring 42,500 square feet building comprising classes and offices. This new environment enabled not only growth and expansion in space but also curriculum, aviation programs and students life. This new building also provided WMAA a capacity to educate 500 students.


By the beginning of 2013-2014 year, West Michigan Aviation Academy was looking to increase their enrolment to a maximum of 400 students. Their first group of students graduated in 2014.


The mission of the company is to offer rigorous academic programs, through an aviation focus, preparing them for potential opportunities including career success, college achievements and engaged citizenship.


About Dick DeVos


The husband of Betsy DeVos, former chairman of the Republican Party in Michigan, son of Amway Corporation and founder of Richard DeVos. DeVos is significantly involved in matters of education, particularly the privatization of public schools. He has used his family’s fortune and name to establish a national network of federal groups, and political action committees that endorse the political arm of the school voucher movement.


Dick DeVos begin his career working for his dad’s company, Amway Corporation in 1974. Ten years later, he was appointed vice president to oversee the operations of the company in more than 20 countries.