US Senators Propose Mandatory Reporting of Police Killings

Two Senators are considering legislation for mandatory reporting of killings by law enforcement. Currently, there isn’t a comprehensive record, or any statistics that offer insight into these tragic incidents.

Senators Barbara Boxer and Cory Booker are proposing a plan that would provide more transparency and accountability, and the full extent of homicides.

The plan would require any extenuating details, like if the person killed had a weapon, and the race of the victim(s).

‚ÄúThere are far too many individuals, both from the public and law enforcement community, that are killed, and there are no reliable statistics,” said Barbara Boxer.

Law enforcement agencies are encouraged to submit data on their justifiable homicides, yet the program is voluntary, and heavily criticized reports Stephen Murray CCMP Capital.

Under the Boxer-Booker legislation, all details of homicides would become mandatory, and ensure lawmakers received the necessary data required to make “the best decisions and administer reform measures.”