End Citizens United Champions For Reforming Campaign Finances

Launched in 2015, End Citizens United (ECU) is a political action committee that is actively working to limit the role of money in US politics. Ever since the Supreme Court judgement of 2010 in Citizens United vs. FEC, large donors, including corporations, have been able to promote their interests to the elected officials. With donations that run into millions, the donors have leveraged their status to shape policies that favor their growth and reduce their tax burden and responsibilities to their workers, such as minimum wage, health insurance etc. Since there is no transparency about the flow of money to the elected officials, there is no accountability either on the part of these elected representatives to the voters.

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End Citizens United, currently led by Tiffany Muller, aims to reverse that trend by helping elect senators and representatives who reject large donors and support campaign reform. The organization is running a campaign called Big Money 20 where names of powerful incumbents in office, receiving large donations from special interest groups, are shared along with details on how these Congress members have voted for bills that help their donors at the cost of hurting their constituents. The list includes notable politicians, such as Speaker Paul Ryan, senators Ted Cruz and Dean Heller, representatives from California, New Jersey, Iowa, Pennsylvania and a host of other states. The $35 million campaign hopes to create energy among voters that will oust these Republicans and instead elect Democratic candidates committed to reforming the system.

President Tiffany Muller has a long history of empowering mainstream Americans and representing their voices in policy-making. Since taking her current role, she has been trying to turn End Citizens United into a national organization. ECU has now more than three million members, all of them small-dollar donors who are hoping to see a change in the way the electoral system works. Tiffany and her team at ECU are channeling the energy and enthusiasm of these voters into a grassroots movement. In the latest FEC reports, 16 candidates endorsed by ECU have out raised their incumbent Republican opponents. Several of these Democratic challengers are fighting against politicians on the Big Money 20 list: Beto O’Rourke against Ted Cruz, Elissa Slotkin against Mike Bishop, Andy Kim against Tom MacArthur, Anthony Brindisi against Claudia Tenney, and Gina Ortiz Jones against Will Hurd.

George Soros Stands Firm On Financial Support Of Pro-Democracy Efforts

Researching who among the wealthy honored their giving pledges, Forbes Magazine recently released a list of the top 50 philanthropists in 2016. Number three on that list of 50 is George Soros, is the premier role model for what has become known as Active Philanthropy. He has donated his wealth for over three decades to large-scale pro-democracy endeavors around the world. George Soros’ commitment to this worldwide targeted funding comes from childhood experiences that shaped his life philosophy.

Childhood Spent Under Nazi & Russian Occupation

Soros was born and raised in a Jewish family that survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. It is this experience that formed his deep and abiding belief in open society. “In my definition”, he writes, “an open society is an imperfect society that holds itself open to improvement.” The alternative is a closed society, expressed by religious fundamentalism or political dogma, that sees itself as always right and never wrong. Alternative ideas in a closed society are rejected and silenced. George Soros believes humanity is better off in an open society that welcomes alternative ideas and embraces change.

Fostering Democratic Societies Through Open Society Foundations

To that end, Soros has donated more than $32 billion over his lifetime to create the Open Society Foundations. The Open Society Foundation became a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries. He began his philanthropy in 1979 by giving scholarships to black South Africans under apartheid, created Central European University, and later expanded to support projects in Africa, Latin America, United States, and Asia. His philanthropy, in all these countries, supported efforts to create and maintain more accountable, transparent, and democratic societies. In 2017 George Soros pledged $18 billion of his wealth to Open Society Foundations. In doing so, OSF became the largest foundation in the world second only to Gates Foundation. The $18 billion will secure the continuance of Soros’ life’s work of growing and maintaining democratic societies.

Standing Firm for Free Societies Despite Detractors

Giving large sums to influence societal change has garnered detractors. Those who are uneasy about the pro-immigration stand of George Soros and his liberal politics have frequently criticized and attacked his philanthropy. In 2017 the Hungarian government attempted to pass legislation to close the Soros-funded Central European University and launched a year long campaign denouncing him and his pro-immigration advocacy. In the United States, he has been attacked for his funding of gay rights, legalization of marijuana and liberal political campaigns. Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president who led America through its greatest internal challenge to its democratic ideals, said: “Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Like Lincoln, Soros has planted his feet firmly in an abiding belief in open free societies and made it his life’s work to protect and grow the seeds of democracy and free speech throughout the world.

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End Citizens United Made Sure They Were Promoting Different Needs

There are many needs that people have in the current political climate. One of the biggest needs is the fact that they are doing what they can to make sure citizens have the right to donate money without having to compete with big corporations. Because of the issues that have come as a result of the Citizens United bill, the organization has worked to create a committee that will work for people who want to see change. There are many differences in between the company and the people who are a part of the company, but that just means they have to do what they can to make things better on their own.

For those who have worked with End Citizens United, they can clearly see how there can be a positive change in the industry. For the company to realize this, they had to make sure they knew what it would take to get to that point. It was also important for them to show people they could bring more attention to the issues that were at hand if they had the ability to make sure they could do more in the world of politics. Corporations should not be allowed to spend millions of dollars while the average American can only spend a few hundred on the campaigns they are trying to support. End Citizens United recognizes this is wrong and they want to bring change so that it can be something that will be right for everyone who is a member of the community.

While End Citizens United is going to continue helping people realize their potential, they know there are different things they can do to make things better for them. In addition to the things they have to offer, End Citizens United is going to show people they can do more and they can have more opportunities for success in the future. As long as End Citizens United is doing what they can to make things better, they are going to have to try their best to give back to the community and help them in different ways.

For End Citizens United, this means they have to continue to be a positive committee. As a political action committee, it is their job to make sure they are doing things the right way. They want to show people they can try new things and they can get more from the opportunities they have. The political action committee has made moves to end Citizens United because they want people to feel like they have a voice. If they are competing with those who have billions of dollars to spend, they won’t have any type of voice with the different politics.

Contact End Citizens United: actionnetwork.org/groups/end-citizens-united

Little you probably didn’t know about End Citizens United and its support for the Johnson amendment

America is among the few countries known for their strict but straightforward rules of governance. Politics is one of the sectors that have always been put in check because it means the state’s stability. However, in the recent past, most of the political laws have in one way been undermined or forgotten. Historically, since the U.S came into existence, the church is a nonprofit organization and has always been separated from the state.

Currently, owing to the political unrest, the separation is at stake. Various members of the Congress are on the move to tear down the Johnson Amendment. We all understand that without the amendment, nonprofit organizations will now have the power to be involved in politics directly. Bearing in mind the negative side of the move, End Citizens United is working day and night to ensure that the Johnson Amendment remains intact.

Although the Johnson Amendment has been in existence for decades, many citizens became aware of it during the last election. President Trump was one of the aspirants who made annulling the amendment his top campaign promises. To many, revising the bill didn’t sound like a big deal. However, for the few wealthy individuals, the move would mean joy to their game strategies as they would be allowed to donate unlimited cash to churches and receive it later during the campaigns.

End Citizens United understands the risk factor that comes with stripping down the amendment off its powers. The organization fears that the church money may find its way into campaigns which means disaster. For example, in 2015, the religious group recorded a total of $119 billion concerning donations and what followed the following year was an expensive election. Approximately, the recent polls recorded around $6.5 billion becoming the most expensive election in history.

The Johnson Amendment has been in play since 1950 and was proposed by Lyndon B. Johnson, then Texas’ Senator. The senator felt that religious organizations had an unfair advantage due to their tax-free status hence the law would work efficiently to separate them from the state. To the eyes of a majority, the law is more of a punishment than a preventive measure. In the recent past, the same churches have put their noses in the political business, and very few have faced the full force of the law.

According to Pew Research Center, majority of Americans are uncomfortable with the cheeky bill to strip the Johnson amendment its powers. However, a notable number of individuals are confusingly supporting the move. Even though the churches are backing up the bill, some churches are against it and have joined End Citizens United in the complicated fight to protect the amendment.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United is among the few organizations in place and with the power to keep the government in check. Over and over again, the team has generated millions of dollars to fund the democratic candidates. Although the group has been in the game for less than a decade, it has defined its fundamental objective which is fighting for the rights of the people. As a preparation for the 2018 election, the organization is targeting to raise more than $35 million to support the democratic movement. Also, recently, the campaign unveiled a list of endorsed politicians for the next elections.

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Ending Dark Money in Politics-End Citizen United

Republican leaders are busy and steady stripping way some of the campaign finance law on the books as the public is busy is largely focusing on the United States President Trump’s investigations on Russia. In 2010 the Supreme Court in the United States of America decided to give corporations as well as unions the same rights given to the people and now the Citizen United decision was now an issue if the Supreme Court will allow other groups among the churches and other non-profit organizations to be exempted from paying taxes. If the Court will allow the bill to pass President Trump and his team has the way. Read more on Wikipedia to know more.

The United States President has already signed an executive which will see the Johnson Amendment being weakened. The Johnsons Amendments, directly and indirectly, prohibits churches to participate in political campaigns as well as the support of a specific political candidate. On the other side, the house is doing their best to destroy the amendments. The Johnsons Amendment is strongly being protected by the End United Citizen and on August 30, 2017, the civil group issued a press release which stated their stand and opposing the administration of their attempt to weaken and strip away the Johnson Amendment. The Johnson’s Amendment was introduced to the former United States Senator Lyndon Johnson. According to the President of End Citizen United Tiffany Muller, if the bill to strip the amendment it will mean that churches will be turned to tools of secret campaign spending. The group continues to argue that if the bill is passed the churches wouldn’t funnel the tax-free money to political groups and candidates and the politicians who donate to the churches receive tax deductions as well.

End Citizen United is a political action committee based in the United States which was created on March 1st, 2015. The Political Action Committee was funded by grassroots political donors. The group was established to encounter the decision of Citizen United and the campaign finance system. The primary aim of the group is to show candidates, the press, voters as well as officials that the grassroots are fighting back the boldness of the billionaires in the United States who are trying to buy out the elections. The group was founded with a strong mission of ending dark money in politics and fixes the political system by electing campaign finance champions, raising the issue in the national conversation, using grassroots members to demonstrate the political power and passing state ballot measures.

End Citizen United has a strong financial power in the grassroots. The group trusts in transparency when it comes stop political spending and what they preach is what they practice. The organization is more than happy to be funded by their supporters in the grassroots. Visit:http://endcitizensunited.org/?source=rtiads_gs_ecu_h


How Russia Meddling In The Presidential Election Is Being Ignored By Republicans

That a Russian company with ties to the Kremlin was able to influence the 2016 Presidential election has been conclusively proven. The company influenced the campaign in many ways, one of which was to buy online ads. This is illegal already but they were able to do so anyway as the law was not being sufficiently enforced. Many of the issues surrounding this election are now being looked into by Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was tasked by the Department of Justice to discover exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, there have yet to be any signs in Washington D.C. that the Republican-led Congress and Senate are taking the Russian meddling seriously. They have sought to sabotage campaign finance laws for many years both nationally and locally. It’s the doing of these far right-wing politicians and their allies that organizations and wealthy individuals can now spend as much as they desire on campaigns which has resulted in a rigged political system where those with the deepest pockets are the only ones that are listened to.

It has been shown that one Russian troll farm was able to buy $100,000 in ads that were shown on Facebook. There could have been even more money that Russians purchased to support the election of Donald Trump but nobody knows how much. Facebook turned a blind eye to this spending and to date law enforcement agencies aren’t doing anything at all to stop foreign powers from meddling in American elections.

There are a number of bills that Democrats have written to plug the leaks in the system and stop Russia from continuing this behavior. So far, though, Republicans haven’t acted on any of them and show no signs of doing so. One of these, the DISCLOSE Act, would set in place a requirement that all private and public organizations individuals disclose all of their political spending, including that done in secrecy. So far no action to pass the bill has been taken.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is dedicated to restoring financial limits on what any one organization or person can spend on a political election. To this end they endorse and support candidates who have pledged to support campaign finance reform. The ultimate goal is to restore power to the people in deciding who is elected to office and what the priorities are.

In advance of the upcoming 2018 elections, End Citizens United has endorsed a number of candidates running for office across the United States. Among these is Randy Bryce of Wisconsin who is running against Paul Ryan, the Republican Speaker of the House. Randy Bryce has embraced campaign finance reform while Paul Ryan has stymied every effort at overhauling our broken system.

To know more visit @: www.alreporter.com/2017/09/28/end-citizens-united-endorses-doug-jones-senate/

Dispelling Some Myths About End Citizens United

There are several advocacy groups that have been fighting for years to overturn the Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court. But things really heated up in March 2015 when a new group came up on this scene. It is the End Citizens United PAC. It has a goal of overturning the controversial decision of the Supreme Court by getting more and more Democrats elected to the Congress.

This PAC launched itself with a highly aggressive strategy. It has been founded by three persons who are the former specialists for online fundraising and have worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. They are running Mothership Strategies now which is a consulting firm. This indicates that they have a mindset that is focused on high-volume fundraising along with list-building. Now they are using this mindset for a cause that had been drawing just a few non-profits till now.

http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/05/james-bopp-citizens-united/ James Bopp, The Bopp Effect, End Citizens United, Learn More

End Citizens United has a simple methodology to work. It sends out email solicitations and asks people to donate and become a founding member. In this way, the PAC is making efforts to stop the Republicans from using the campaign finance laws to their advantage. They say that effort is required to restore the Democracy, and this would start with a minimum contribution of $5.

This strategy of End Citizens United has been highly successful. They were able to raise $4 million last year. Most of this has come from small donations that have been collected online. Besides, their average contribution is $12 which shows the amount of trust and faith they have been able to garner.

The founders of End Citizens United are Greg Berlin, Jake Lipsett and Charles Starnes. All of them feel that huge amounts of political cash have been unleashed by Citizens United. Due to this, the Democratic Party agenda is facing a lot of problems. This is why End Citizens United is trying to elect Democrats who would be able to change that.

There are several ways to raise money in the political fundraising world. One of them is the buying of extensive lists of email addresses. These are now showered with requests for money. Once a list is exhausted, it is time to go on to the next one. This shows that nonprofits can build institutional relationships with their supporters through various actions.

Next is the organizing of protests and such other events, besides circulating petitions that would advocate pro or against the legislation. Thus the priority is the engagement at grass root level over the solicitation of money.

But money is also needed. People are donating to End Citizens United as they like the concept. Now this PAC has just taken off.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

The significance of ‘Citizens United’ decision

By now the majority of people are aware that the US Supreme Court made some changes on how money can be utilized during elections and by whom. Here is what transpired and how important it is to you as a US Citizen.


According to the Citizen United ruling released in 2010, the high court allowed various organizations and unions to spend as much as they need to convince voters to elect candidates of their choice. Note that the court ruling did not affect contribution. However, it is still against the law for firms and labor union to provide funds to candidates for federal office. The high court suggested that since these funds were not used to fund the campaigns. For this reason, the funds did not increase the rate of corruption.


Since the decision was based on spending, much has been written concerning the eight-figure contributions from individuals like casino magnet and Sheldon Adelson. To understand the logic behind it, you need to look at another court case. The Citizen United case was used as a precedent when the court ruled that restrictions on donations to the organizations that make independent expenditure was are unconstitutional.


Note that this resulted in the foundation of Super PACs that acts as shadow political parties. The PACs accepts unlimited contributions from tycoons, unions, and corporation. The Supreme Court kept restriction on disclosure in place, and the PACs must report on who their financiers are frequently. Note that it is not possible to implement the same rules on social welfare organization and other non-profits such as business leagues.


These organizations can play the same roles as super PACs given that they don’t take election exercises as they main activity. However, unlike the super PACs, nonprofit organizations are not required to report who finances them.


The Citizen United resolution was unexpectedly offered the sensitivity concerning the corporate and union funds being utilized to effect a federal election. In 1907, the Congress banned the organization from financing federal campaigns. In 1971, the Congress changed their mind and passed the Federal Election Campaign Act. The Campaign Act required a comprehensive report on campaign donations and expenditures.



George Soros Market Read and Political Donations

In the run up to the Brexit vote on 23rd June 2016, successful hedge fund billionaire George Soros warned of a Black Friday and that is exactly what happened in the aftermath. According a Forbes report published on June 28, 2016 the passage of the Brexit vote triggered unimaginable sell-off in the global markets. The UK pound fell to its lowest level in 30-years while leading European banks bore the biggest brunt in stock trading. Soros built a reputation as a legendary trader, when he made $1 billion in the 90’s when he famously bet against the British pound. The latest positions to earn him impress include $100 million bet against Deutsche Bank and large defensive holding in SPDR Gold Trust ETF and Barrick Gold.

Soros also scored with his huge put options against the S&P 500 Index. On his Deutsche Bank bet, filings released by the Bundesanzieger, the German regulatory authority indicate that Soros Fund Management shorted the Deutsche Bank shares to the tune of 0.51% or about 7 million from June 24, 2016. The position closed as leading European stocks took in the Brexit shock. Aside from Soros, the other prominent hedge funds that joined in the frenzy by betting against German listed companies include Blue Ridge Capital and Polygon Global Partners. In the UK, data released by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) indicate that most of the companies shorted by hedge funds were in the financial, property and retail sectors.

The companies include Aberdeen Asset Management, Intu Properties and WM Morrison Supermarkets. In spite of the torrid events leading to the Brexit vote and thereafter, Soros remains one of the biggest supporters of the European Union and economic integration. In the US, he is one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party. In an excerpt published in Politico on July 2016, Soros made headlines by committing to support Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid along with that of other candidates seeking elective position through the Democratic Party. Soros offered over $25 million to support the party and various causes.

The decision follows a lull in Soros campaign funding following the record breaking $27 million that he offered to support John Kerry’s unsuccessful bid to defeat George W. Bush in the 2004. The other efforts funded by Soros in the last election cycle include $5 million to support Immigrant Voter’s Win, a SuperPAC that targets to bring Latino voters to the polls and $5 million to fight vote stifling efforts by conservatives. George Soros strongly cares about civil rights and the empowerment immigrant and minority communities. The organizations he supports in this line of thinking, according to Wikipedia include; Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International Ireland and the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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End Citizens United, a Political Action Committee (PAC), is a group that was started in March 1st, 2015. Its main aim is to fight the Citizen United group by funding democratic candidates running in Senate and competitive houses. The group which is funded by grassroots donors feels that it is the high time to bring to a stop the billionaires who are trying to buy the elections and stop the corrupt political system. The group believes that this way, it will enhance building of a broad coalition that will pressure law makers into taking the required measures. They have three main aims: The first one is to elect pro-reform candidates; the second one is to ensure that the money in politics is made a national priority, and the final one is to demonstrate their political power concerning money in politics by using grassroots membership.

It had therefore started a petition demanding the congress to enforce the legislation, and had received over 325,000 signatures from supporters by August 2015. They have hopes of receiving more signatures as a result of partnering with “Ready for Hillary” and also intend to rent their email list out to reach other potential liberal supporters. They had also raised 2 million dollars by this time, with their aim being to raise that figure to 25 million dollars or 30 million dollars.

The group intends to channel the money raised to Democratic candidates vying for Senate and Competitive house. This money will be used in initiatives such as television advertisements, polling and direct mailers which will give them an upper hand during their campaign. They also named eleven Democrat candidates whom they endorsed, one of them being Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado. Their reason for supporting democrats is because they are leading in the fight against the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision and have also suffered immensely as a result of the dark money in politics. The group’s financial information is available on Open Secrets.

One of the group founders says that End Citizens United derives its unique qualities from the fact that it fills the gap present by addressing political issues and ensuring election of people who will bring change to existing laws. Campaign finance experts however feel that the group’s main objective of bringing constitutional amendment is quite a hurdle. These doubts are brought out by the fact that for one to achieve a constitutional amendment there must be consent from two-thirds of the Senate and the House and an additional approval by three-fourths of states. End United Citizens have made their Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings available to the public for the purpose of promoting democracy in the country and intend to continue doing so. Visit their page on Facebook.