GOP’s Dilemma on Obamacare – What Would Become Its Replacement

It is without question the GOP loathes Obamacare. The plan is seen as an abuse of the Constitution’s Interstate Commerce Clause by compelling Americans to buy a product (health care) for the express purpose of subjecting them to regulations. Still, the Supreme Court failed to rule on the nature of the interstate commerce clause instead declaring the health care law as being a set of taxes; Congress already has the right to tax its citizens. That hasn’t stopped the GOP from multiple attempts to repeal the law in part of total.

Notwithstanding, the issue taking greater prominence as of late is what would Republicans replace Obamacare with if they could successfully repeal it. Thus far, the party hasn’t offered up a plausible solution. This is mainly because of ideology. The GOP believes in limited government and promotes private sector solutions. If the highly bureaucratic health care program were to be replaced, it would leave a void which would have to be filled. Neither the House nor Senate has been able to pass a replacement solution.

In a matter of a few short weeks, the Supreme Court will announce their ruling on King vs. Burwell. This case centers on whether the IRS was bound to apply the explicit intent of the Affordable Care Act which only stipulated that state-run health care exchanges could receive premium subsidies. Obamacare Architect James Gruber was video recorded stating the purpose in the requirement was to compel states to run their own exchanges. However, 75% of states refused to create their own exchanges. This prompted the IRS to extend the subsidies to people regardless of the exchange used to purchase the insurance. Critics charge the law must be abided even if the law results in unintended consequences. If the high court rules against the Obama administration, the health care law will suffer a possible death blow. Daniel Amen understands the way in which this will squarely put the onus on the GOP to arrive at a solution.