Rand Paul Wants The Government To Get Out Of The Marriage Business

Brad Reifler tells us that Rand Paul recently said the founding fathers went to their local courthouse to marry not to Washington D.C., so the government and the Supreme Court should stay out of the marriage issue. Paul said marriage is a contract between two people, and the Supreme Court is picky when it comes to granting equal contract rights. He said contracts regarding wages were not treated the same way by the court or government. He said the government is stepping on religious liberties by lifting the ban on same-sex marriages, and that is wrong.

Rand believes that the Supreme Court is changing the definition of marriage. Paul also believes that the government’s intent is only to tax marriage, regulate it, and redefine it.

States like Alabama want to get out of the marriage business. Some lawmakers in Alabama are calling marriage a contract between two people. Rand agrees with that, and he thinks that should be the direction for all states. Paul believes the states should make marriage decisions as long as the states protect the right of all citizens.