Jason Halpern and His Unique Property Renovation Techniques by Keeping the Heritage Value Get Accolades

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern, the Founder and Principal of JMH Development, is known for developing properties in historically important areas and renovating properties by preserving the heritage value. While he is reworking on buildings, he tries to retain the valuable parts of the building as much as he can. Interestingly, he is from a family with more than 50 years of experience in high-quality real estate development and management of many properties in New York. Jason is credited with some major property developments and preservation projects in the past. It includes South Beach Starwood Hotel, Three Hundred Collins, 184 Kent, The Townhouses of Cobble Hill, LIC Hilton Hotels, 70 Henry, and more.

The 184 Kent was a renovation project of a century-old waterfront warehouse in

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

New York into a 340 unit luxury rental apartments. Originally constructed in 1913, it was once the largest grocer in the country. The development by Halpern gave a clear focus to the historical integrity of the building, and due to that, it is currently registered with the National Register of Historic Places. The building also provides a 20,000 square feet courtyard along with a state-of-the-art gym. The South Beach Starwood Hotel in Miami was another major renovation work which originally was the historic motel Ankara. Halpern constructed an eight-story tower and converted it into a world-class beachside hotel. The hotel won the Americas Lodging Investment Summit 2015 Award under the category of Select Service Development of the Year.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

The other development projects also show the characteristics of Halpern including unique designs and style, world-class amenities, and more. Jason is also very particular about his charitable initiatives, and his development firm made an exclusive contract with a global water charity called “water” in 2015. With the partnership, for each contract the JMH Development wins, the firm would donate $20,000 to provide clean and safe water to Nepalese and Ethiopian locals. Halpern also invested in the Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The trauma center is facilitated to conduct complex emergency neurosurgery, open-heart surgery, and orthopedic surgery. It can also perform the fixing of severed limbs and take care of people with life-threatening internal injuries, burn victims, and pregnant women and children.

Real estate market in NYC gets uncertain

The New York City real estate market has been increasing skyward for the past seven years and many real estate participants and observers have long been predicting that this trend is going to come to an end. An article in the New York Daily News has a list of their predictions for 2016 which include the long awaited tightening of home prices in New York City.

There are many tailwinds that are making the NYC market challenging for sellers and many of these factors have been treated out in a 4th quarter report by local real estate company Town Residential.

Town Residential has many qualified professionals who have intimate experience in the Local NYC market. This experience allows them to provide a higher quality service to their customers and help to provide them both with an better understanding of the real estate market as well as where to obtain the best value for their property.

The projected downturn in prices for homes in NYC comes as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates which raises the cost of a mortgage. This has an inverse effect on home prices and this pressure will begin to be felt by homeowners. Also hitting home prices is weakened demand from overseas and particularly in China where the market is in turmoil. These factors will weigh negatively on the real estate market in NYC and reduce demand and prices, though the pain won’t be evenly spread through the city. Certain areas will mostly escape the downturn.

The end result of this will be that apartments will take longer to close and buyers and sellers to come together. Certain types of apartments Such as new development units and prime locations. Sellers will have to stay abreast of the market conditions or will risk having their unit sit on the market unsold. That is where a high quality real estate agency like Town Residential can come in and guide you in the right direction. Their data models are significantly more precise than mere crystal ball predictions and are based on real and high quality data and analysis.